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Print tips, ideas and advice from Kwik Kopy Printing, the leading business printers in Australia. From business signage, to printed stationery examples, finishing advice and marketing material creative – we have print covered.

Going Green

Going Green with Environmental Printing


These days, environmental sustainability is an integral part …
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Social responsibility

Paper Facts: Five facts you didn’t know about paper


Paper has historically gotten a bad rap in society and the conversation around printing has usually been one-sided. We want to change that!

Organisation using sticky notes

Keeping Organised with Sticky Notes


The humble sticky note has many uses, including helping you keep organised.

Banners and signs

Does your store have the right business signs?


A business is only as good as its branding. And branding is only as good as its visibility. That’s where fantastic business signs become essential.

Corporate stationery

Tips for Updating Your Corporate Stationery


The type of stationery you use says a lot about your business and if you want to project a professional image then your letterhead design needs to convey this too.

Paper finishes

The Difference Between Uncoated, Gloss & Matte Paper Finishes


The look, texture and feel of the paper stock used in all your print jobs is called the finish. As paper surfaces all feel different

Design and printing guide to download

A Design and Printing Guide for the rest of us


Our Guide to Design & Printing will help …
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Xmas Season, buying online

How to Make the Most Of Your Holiday Sales


There is a lot you can do to improve your sales and stay top of mind with your customers this holiday season.

Embossing vs Debossing in Printing

The Difference between Embossing and Debossing


To emboss, or deboss – that is the question. They are both techniques used to imprint impressed or depressed images onto paper which can add that extra something

Benefits of online print management

The Benefits Of Online Print Management


In the hectic world of small business, it …
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Branded stationery pack

How to Choose the Right Printing Service for your Business


Check out our guide to help you get a professional printing service that is the right fit to meet the needs of your business.

5 Print Finishes

Top 5 Print Finishes For Your Business Documents


There is a range of finishing services available to take your print project from boring and lacklustre to a piece that is engaging and effectively communicates your message. This blog will highlight the top 5 print finishes available from Kwik Kopy to take your printed project to the next level.

Large format printing press

Should You Outsource Your Business Printing?


All businesses having printing needs and if you want to create the best impression for your small business then it’s important to have quality print materials. Outsourcing your business printing delivers a number of business benefits and can save you valuable time and money. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of leaving your business printing to the professionals.

Printing effective training manuals

Creating Effective Training Manuals


A good training manual is going to engage its audience and a great training manual will ensure that people can recall information long after their training session is over. Here is a checklist to help you create effective training manuals for your business.

Laser cut brochure

Create Cut-Through with Die-Cutting


Die-cutting involves cutting shapes or designs out of the paper using a die. High speed lasers can cut, etch and score materials with huge precision, making die-cutting perfect for adding a creative, eye-catching finish to your business marketing materials.

Annual reports design

Get Creative with Your Annual Reports


Gone are the days when annual reports were dull and boring. These days you get to see anything and everything.

Variable data printing

Create Engagement with Variable Data Printing


Variable data printing lets you change aspects of your design to make it more relatable to each of your target market.

Print advertising benefits

Benefits of Print Advertising


In a tech-saturated world, you could be forgiven for thinking print advertising was a thing of the past – but nothing could be further from the truth.

Innovative print ads

5 Awesome Innovative Print Advertising


Print advertising continues to be a powerful way to get your business noticed and is highly effective in getting your message across if you create a concept that will stick in people’s minds.

Business printing

What is Business Printing?


Business printing is about lending a professional touch to almost any printed item your business might require, but it’s not just restricted to paper-based printing.

Transparent printing

Is Transparency Printing Dead?


We all have fond memories of our teachers …
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Designing your letterhead

Things to Consider When Designing Your Letterhead


Designing a successful printed letterhead means getting all …
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Digital vs Offset

Digital vs. Offset Printing


Offset and digital are both great printing options …
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Choosing paper stock

Choosing The Right Paper Stock


Choosing the right paper stock for your print …
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4 Valuable Print Marketing Tools in a Digital World


Print has been around for a thousand years …
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Stack of printed magazines

Why Print Media Should Be Part of Your Marketing Mix


In a world where an online presence is …
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Letters in Direct mail

Is Direct Mail Still Relevant In A Digital World?


In a marketing landscape dominated by digital, it …
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Awesome Letterhead Designs


A printed letterhead topped with your company’s …
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The Importance of White Space in Design


When it comes to effective design, the saying …
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Printing Finishes – Your Beginner’s Guide


Choosing the right finish for your print job …
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How to Choose the Right Paper Stock For Print


Choosing the right paper stock for print in …
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Printing Terms Every Designer Should Know


If this is your first foray into printing …
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Printing 101 – Printer Marks and Registration Bars


At Kwik Kopy we live and breathe printing …
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What is Online Print Management?


Online Print Management (also known as web2print), is …
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Personalised Stationery


Personalised business stationery is an elegant and professional …
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Understanding Bleed – How to Make the Most of Your Printing


Have you ever created a beautiful design and …
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Inkjet or Laser – Which Printer is Right for Your Business?


Deciding which type of printer is the right …
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Direct Mail Options for Small Businesses


Direct mail marketing can be a great tool …
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Variable Data Packaging


In recent years there has been an increase …
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Print Promotions are Alive and Kicking!


Catalogues and flyers as well as personalised direct …
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What Your Letterhead Says About You


These days it’s not unusual as business …
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3D Printing – What, How and What’s Next?


3D printing offers a lot of potential for business owners and entrepreneurs, promising a more cost effective method of manufacturing. For consumers, manufacturing a much needed end user product using a 3D printer may in fact be much quicker than having to order it from overseas.

How to design packaging for your business


Branded packaging for your mail and distribution channels …
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Bar Coding and Distribution for Your Business Mail


Bar coding and distribution services can reduce costs

Top tips for successful print management


When you’re running a business, managing your …
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5 tips for a profitable direct mail campaign


In today’s largely digital world, a physical …
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Top tips for that special finishing touch to your print job


Finishing services are all about putting the final …
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When is it time to refresh your logo?


A well designed logo should serve you for …
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Logo designs that create a lasting impression


As a representation of your business and the …
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What to consider when choosing promotional products for your business


Promotional products can be a great way to …
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Direct mail

Is Variable Printing For You And Your Business


Outsourced printing can help you take control of the printing processes, saving you time and money.

Inhouse printing

The true cost of printing


Variable printing is a form of digital printing which allows you to customise and personalise your printed material from one unit to the next.


Invest for success with high quality training material


When it comes to training new staff, it …
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Catalogue printing

Best practices for catalogue printing

To showcase your company’s products in the …
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Stock up on stationery


For many businesses, the best time to update …
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Training Material

Refine your business manuals for the year ahead

Businesses evolve. How much growth or changes have …
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Outsourcing works

5 reasons to outsource your printing and copying


No matter how big or small, all businesses …
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Finishing services

Making the most of finishing services


With most things in life, less is quite …
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Understanding bleed and crop-marks


Just as a graphic designer needs the special …
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Zenith Web2Print

Zenith in action: Kwik Kopy Kawana Waters


Zenith is a custom-built web2print solution designed …
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Digital Printing

Digital printing: An overview

Since the evolution of digital printing, reproducing images …
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Colour printing guidelines

Colour printing guidelines


When you bring your colour digital artwork to …
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Why outsourcing works

Why outsourcing works

If no one in your company had to …
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Blind to folding?

Folding is an often overlooked consideration when it …
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Training Materials

Get back to basics: Training material

Preserve the past, celebrate the present and sustain …
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Artwork checklist

Supplying artwork files

Setting up a file for print can be …
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Paper stock

Paper stock choices

A range of paper stocks is available to …
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Fast Turnaround Printing

Fast turnaround printing

Balancing a fast turnaround with a high quality …
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Snail Mail

Slow and steady: The art of snail mail

In this digital world of emails and text …
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How to avoid printing errors:

Kwik Kopy Proofing …
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