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Legal copying and printing by court approved CentreLooking for legal print and court copying solutions that are approved by the Supreme Court?

Court copying, Legal Copying and Printing Services

Kwik Kopy has Supreme Court approved legal printing and court copying services.  We are a leading supplier of document processing and management services to the Australian legal profession. We provide specialised technology, online ordering and reproduction solutions to legal firms, corporations and government agencies.

We are able to offer one off print jobs through to complex long term contracts, managing all of our clients’ needs. Kwik Kopy’s services include:

Legal Document Copying Services

We offer a comprehensive range of legal document copying services and solutions ensuring that instructions are followed correctly for the preparation and production of:

  • General photocopying and exact reproduction
  • Indexing and page numbering
  • Appeal Books for all courts
  • Court Copying
Court Copying

Our legal printing and copying services are accredited by the NSW Department of Courts Administration for the purpose of uplifting subpoenaed documents from the Supreme Court of New South Wales pursuant to Practice Note SC Gen 3 for the purpose of copying documents produced (including x-rays and electronic material such as CD’s, DVD’s, audio tapes and VCR tapes). Where leave to uplift documents has not been provided, Kwik Kopy can provide an experienced and competent operator to copy the documents onsite at the Courts and return the documents to you in the format required within 24 hours of receiving a request.


Kwik Kopy carries out document scanning in compliance with the general jurisdictional guidelines on electronic document discovery and exchange. We also offer technical support when
scanning documents, to assist with all aspects and compliance of electronic document discovery and review.

Other services include:
  • Appeal Books for all Courts
  • Digital Printing
  • Plan Printing
  • Scanning to PDF
  • Binding
  • Large format printing
Supreme Court approved Kwik Kopy Centres:

Kwik Kopy Elizabeth Street (Formerly Printer’s Devil)
82 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9233 7900
Fx: (02) 9233 6648
Email: print@es.kwikkopy.com.au

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