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Our Kwik Kopy franchising blog covers everything you need to know about buying a franchise business in Australia. Franchisee Tips, advice, legislation, testimonials from business owners and more.

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How to maintain good relationship with your franchisor

The Keys To Successful Franchisee/Franchisor Relationship


When all parties of a Franchise partnership do their part, it can lead to a fruitful and long-lasting relationship. Here are tips for a successful Franchisor/Franchisee relationship.

Due diligence questions to existing franchisees

Franchise Research, Talk To Franchisees

When reviewing a franchise business, the franchisor will provide you with plenty of information. But to get more insight into an organisation, it’s a good idea to speak to existing franchisees.

Why A Franchisee Can Fail: 404 sign

5 Reasons Why A Franchisee Can Fail

Becoming a franchisee is a great way to get all the benefits of business ownership without many of the risks involved with starting out on your own. However franchise failure can happen, here is why.

Franchising Disclosure Documentation Review

Read Between The Lines Of A Franchise Disclosure Document

Like any legal document, a Disclosure Document can be quite daunting. So before you begin, let us guide you through some important areas to help you understand the franchise system better.

The ultimate Due Diligence checklist when buying a business

Buying a franchise business? Download the Ultimate Due Diligence Checklist


Are you considering buying a franchise business? If so, our ultimate Due Diligence Checklist is a must have. Let us guide you through all areas you should assess prior to investing in any business.

Change your 9 to 5 boring career for your own business with a Kwik Kopy Franchise

Five signs that working 9 to 5 is not your destiny and you should probably consider a Franchise


Does it feel like you are no longer striving in your 9 to 5 job? Every Sunday night you get that sinking feeling that the working week is just around the corner and you dread it.

Will your franchise be profitable

Will your Franchise Business Be Profitable?


Before you take the big leap and spend your hard-earned cash it’s important to conduct a proper Due Diligence. We’ve put together a checklist of some the most important things to look at to help you decide if your investment will be a success.

Are you ready to quit your job?

7 Things To Consider Before Buying A Franchise

Leaving behind the security of a 9 to 5 job to become your own boss is no small feat and you need to be sure it’s the right move for you. But the chance to put all that time and effort into running your own business can offer great rewards.


Advantages of Buying a Franchise vs. Buying a Business

Starting your own business is a big step and for many a dream come true. But once you’ve made the decision to become a business owner you need to decide if you should invest in a franchise business or a more traditional business model.

Kwik Kopy Franchise Finance Bank Loan

A Guide to Getting a Bank Loan to purchase a Business


The purpose of this article is to assist you to prepare your Finance Application so that you maximise the chance that your loan application will be approved.

Franchisees and the federal budget

How the Federal Budget Will Help Franchisees


The announcement of the federal budget is always an interesting time for everyone in Australia. What’s included in the budget – or not included in it – has the potential to significantly impact our lives, especially for small business owners.

Tax time

The ultimate EOFY checklist for small businesses


Here we go. Tax Time 2016!
You don …
Read More

Franchise Convention

National Franchise Convention 2016 – See You There!


The National Franchise Convention is coming up in October 2016 and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be in attendance.

Franchising terms

Your Handy Franchise Dictionary


It doesn’t take much to learn ‘franchise-ese’ and once you know the language you’ll feel more prepared to tackle the business world.

Franchising expo 2016

Australian Franchising Expo 2016


If you’re thinking about investing in a franchise, currently work within the franchise industry or are passionate about the Australian business landscape then the Franchising Expo is for you.

Mum business owners

4 Reasons Mums Should Own a Franchise


If you’re a mum with dreams of being a business owner as well as a mother, then owning a franchise can be a great business choice.

Opening a regional business

5 Tips for Opening a Franchise in a Regional Town


Regional franchises are a great way to break into franchising. Learn about the benefits of a regional or country based business.

Franchise quiz Icon

Franchise Quiz – Do you Have What it Takes?


Think you are cut out for franchising or owning your own business? Take our franchise quiz to see if you are ready!

Managing risk for franchise

Risky Business – Why Franchising is a Better Choice


Owning a business can be risky. Buying into a franchise instead of starting a whole new business can mitigate that risk, and here’s why.

Searching for Franchise Opportunity

How to Find a Great Franchise Opportunity

Often one of the biggest challenges to becoming your own boss is finding the right opportunity to invest in. Here are 4 great places to find a top franchise opportunity.

Buying a business early in life

The Pros & Cons of Starting a Business in Your 20s


In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of 20-somethings across Australia who are turning their backs on traditional forms of employment and making their own way in the business world.

Franchise Business Growth

5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Franchise

The growth stage of the business can be hard work, but there are few things in life more rewarding than building a successful business from scratch. Growth is easy if you follow these basic rules.

Customer service in 2016

New Year, New Customer Service Goals


Customer opinion has never been more powerful, so how can you improve your customer service, improve your reputation, and get some exposure for your brand at the same time?

Business year in review

End of Year Business Review


Now is the perfect time to take stock of 2015 and think carefully about what you’ve achieved, what you’ve learned, and how you can make 2016 wildly successful.

Startup top 5

Starting a Business: Your Essential Checklist


A successful business has a lot of moving parts, and it’s important to make sure everything is in place before you launch. Here are the top 5 things to consider before you dive in.

Franchise code of conduct

Franchising Code of Conduct for Beginners

If you’re considering buying into a franchise, then the franchising code of conduct is an important read. But what exactly is it, where can you find it and what’s it all about?

Friends in business

Don’t Start a Business With Your Friends


In theory, starting a business with your best buddy makes sense. Building upon a solid foundation is good, but in practice things rarely go smoothly.

Established business for sale

5 Tips to Improve an Established Business

Leaving the paid workforce and starting out on your own is thrilling, and in the beginning stages, everything about your business is exciting and new. What next?

Home office

5 Reasons to Reconsider a Home Based Business


Working from home can seem like a dream come true: No boss hovering over your shoulder, break times whenever you like, you even get to pick your own dress code – PJs anyone? But the realities of working from a home office are often much more complicated.

Franchising retirement

Franchising for Retirement

It probably sounds counter-intuitive, but retirement and franchising actually go perfectly together. Whether you’re looking for a great way to fund your future retirement, or you’ve found that retirement itself isn’t quite what you expected, then running a franchise might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Women in Franchise business

5 Reasons Why Women Make Great Leaders


These days there are more women in leadership roles than ever before, according to the ABS women are starting small businesses at twice the rate of men, and in Australia alone there are almost half a million business owners who are women – and the numbers just keep rising. Not only are women starting businesses, but they’re finding great success too, and showing great leadership skills in the process. So what is it about these women that makes them great leaders?

Being the boss

Why Having a Small Business is Rewarding

Being a new business owner can be tough, there’s a steep learning curve for those entering the business world for the first time, but the great news is that with all that hard work comes great rewards.

Buying a franchise

Where to Find Franchises for Sale


So you’ve made the decision to become your own boss, and after researching all the possibilities you’ve decided that owning a franchise is the best way to go.. now what?

Regional Franchising

Buying a Rural or Regional Business

From Albury to Cairns – and beyond – we have thriving regional franchises scattered across this great country, and a host of successful regional business owners ready to share their secrets to success.

Quitting your job

How to Quit Your Job (and Start a Business)


Starting your own business is a huge goal to have and perhaps the biggest step toward reaching that goal is the moment when you – finally – quit your job. Quitting to start your own business is a momentous occasion.

Being the boss

7 Signs You Would Make a Great Boss

If you’ve ever been a member of the paid workforce then chances are, at one stage or another, you’ve encountered a really terrible boss. It’s even possible that your terrible boss is one of the reasons to decide to branch out on your own.

Surviving the 1st business year

How to Survive Your First Year in Business


Even for the most organised person, the first year of business is likely to be a rollercoaster of highs and lows. So how can you ensure that you are one of the few who survive their first year in business?

Valuing a business

How to Value a Business Before You Buy

Buying a new business is a big step, both personally and financially, and like with most business decisions there is some level of risk involved.

Greenfield franchise

Buying a Franchise Greenfield: 101


A greenfield gets you all the positives of buying in a franchise: a tested business model, training and lots of support services. The difference is you’ll be building a franchise in a brand new area.

Food Franchise fail

Beware the Food Based Franchise

Not all franchise opportunities are created equal and finding the right one can be the difference between a happy future as a franchisee and a miserable one.

Setting goals

Buying a Business Checklist – 3 things you must do


Deciding to become your own boss is a big step, and it’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement of your newest adventure that you skip over an important step or two.

Business finance

How to Finance your Business Purchase

Unless you have a sizeable savings account, or an equity partner, it’s likely that you’ll need to borrow at least some money from a bank to finance your new business.

Linkedin to grow

6 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Franchise Business


Social Media can be a great tool for business development and LinkedIn is no exception.

Books to read before buying a franchise

5 Books to Read Before Buying a Franchise Business

Being your own boss is the dream, but you need to invest some quality time in researching the business world: start with these 5 books.

Big picture business thinking

Big Picture Thinking for Your New Business


Running a business often involves worrying about a lot of small day-to-day things. Making sure the wheels are turning smoothly can sometimes be a big job, and when you’re swamped with a long list of daily to-dos it can be difficult to see the ‘big picture’.

Of course getting those daily to-do’s done is vital for the success of our business, but so too is making sure you’re making the best decisions for longterm success. So how can you make sure you’re thinking about the big picture? Here are 4 strategies to keep you on the right track.

Balance Sheet for Franchising

Understanding Your Business Balance Sheet

I’m willing to bet that while you were dreaming about becoming your own boss you were thinking more about freedom and independence than you were about cash-flow and balance sheets.

Being your own boss can be amazingly rewarding, but unless you’re a multi-millionaire with a financial team on board to do the math stuff for you, it’s important that you know how to understand a balance sheet.

Working with family

How to Work Successfully With Your Spouse


Often starting a business means ‘all hands on deck’, and sometimes that means choosing to work with your spouse. For some people that idea will sound like a dream come true, while for others it might sound like a bit of a nightmare in the making. Either way, there are some things you can do to ensure your success – both of the business and the marriage!

Leaving your job

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Quit Your Job

With the new year fast approaching, you might be one of the many Australians considering taking the plunge and tackling the dream of “being your own boss” in 2015.

Recruiting for a franchise

How to Recruit the Best People for your Franchise Business


Finding the right people to help you build a successful franchise can be tricky. Great staff are hard to find. But there are a few ways to make sure that you’re attracting the right kind of people to your franchise business, and, just as important, a few ways to make sure they stick around once you’ve found them.

Franchise Network

Creating a Network for your Franchise Business

Like anything, building a successful franchise is easier if you have a network of support. Whether it’s someone to give professional advice, or just a friend who has travelled the same road as you, your network can be invaluable.

Order Print Online icon

Franchise online ordering now available at Kwik Kopy


We are renowned for our passion for our customers and products, and for our ability to support everyone in the team – but now there is even more reason to consider Kwik Kopy for your franchise business.

Partnerships in Franchising

Your Guide to a Successful Franchise Partnership


It’s no secret that purchasing a franchise can be an excellent way to find business success. Being part of a franchise means not only that you’re selling goods or services with instant brand recognition, but you also have access to a whole range of support services and training specifically designed to help you succeed.

Franchise and business Staff

5 Ways to Get the Best from Your Franchise Staff


Some days it can be tough to get the best out of your employees. Managing people can be a challenging – and sometimes baffling – task, but there are 5 things you can do to help create an environment that will inspire greatness in your staff.

Relationship building in franchising

Building Relationships for a Successful Franchise


In a lot of ways, finding a franchise is just like dating. In the initial stages of franchise research you’ll spend a lot of time browsing online profiles. Then, when you start taking meetings, it’s a little like going on a first date. Most likely you’ll end up “dating” a few different franchises before you find the one, and decide to settle down.

Thriving business franchise

How to Build a Thriving Franchise

Starting a franchise can be an excellent, low risk way to build a successful business. But all franchise opportunities aren’t created equal, and neither are franchise Owners. Finding the perfect franchise opportunity is just the first step in your journey to success. So, once the deal is done and the papers are signed, what can you do to transform your business into the thriving franchise you know it can be?

Family Business

Want a Family Business? Purchase a Franchise!


A family run business is a great way to strengthen family bonds and spend more time with your loved ones. In fact, 70% of businesses in Australia are family owned (link fambiz.org.au). But there’s a catch, if you don’t follow a few simple rules and things go sideways at work, the stress can sometimes leech into your family life as well. So how can you ensure that things run smoothly with your family run franchise?

Franchising: Keys to Success


If you’re keen to start your own business, owning a franchise could put you on the path to success. You not only get a proven business model but an established brand in the marketplace. But to make sure you run a profitable business you need to dedicate your time to learning everything about your franchise organisation as well as employ the right people for the job.

You Don’t Need Industry Experience to Own a Franchise


Starting a business can be stressful and taking the plunge to leave the comfort of your job to go it alone takes a lot of courage. In moments of doubt, you might even find yourself thinking that you don’t have enough experience to make it on your own. But we’re here to tell you that when it comes to owning a franchise, prior experience really isn’t necessary.

Career Change

Are You Ready for a Career Change?


At one time or another most of us have wished that we could change jobs. But how can you tell the difference between a bad day and a bad job? The decision to make a change in your career isn’t an easy one, particularly if you’re deciding between staying put and embarking on your own business; a venture that can be amazingly rewarding but also quite risky.

Jump into the right Franchise

So How Can You Avoid Jumping Into a Franchise You Hate?


If you’re looking at purchasing your own franchise, then it’s safe to say that you’ve spent many hours dreaming of being your own boss. Joining a franchise system can be amazingly rewarding in a myriad of different ways, but if you choose the wrong franchise it can just as easily be a disaster.

Jumping into the first franchise opportunity that comes along, in an effort to gain freedom from your current workplace, is a recipe for disaster. Much more important than making the decision to head out on your own, is deciding which franchise option is the right fit for your unique circumstances.

Social Media

How to Use Social Media to Research Franchise Opportunities


It’s no secret that buying into a franchise is a great and low-risk way to start your own business, but finding the right franchise opportunity to suit your skill set, lifestyle and personality is easier said than done. Fortunately, thanks to social media, finding the right franchise is easier than ever before. Social media gives you unprecedented access to business information and can give you valuable insight into everything from customer feedback to staff culture, meaning you no longer have to rely solely on the ‘sales pitch’ provided by the business owner.

Dealing with the bank

Buying a Franchise: How to work with your accountant and bank


When you’re thinking of buying a franchise an accountant can help you assess the business opportunity and get you off to a good start. This article provides useful tips to consider as you work with your accountant. It also covers some things to bear in mind when you deal with your bank.

Why do you need an accountant? Buying a business is a big financial commitment and there are risks associated with it. Talking to a franchise accountant at the start will put you in a stronger position to make the most of the opportunity and manage your risk.

Minimising Risk When Starting A Small Business


Starting any new business can feel risky and …
Read More

Avoiding Pitfalls

3 Tips to avoid Common Franchising Pitfalls


Buying into a franchise can be a great alternative to starting a new business. If you choose the right franchise you can considerably increase your chances of success, but there are a few common mistakes that you should be sure to avoid.

Choosing a franchise

Finding the Right Franchise for You


While starting a franchise is often a far less risky option than starting a business on your own, it still pays to evaluate your options carefully. Entertaining a variety of franchise options during the initial research stages will allow you to get a clear picture of which opportunities are available to you, then the trick is to narrow them down until you find the best fit for your personal circumstances.

Licensing agreement

Franchise Agreements & Licensing Agreements – What’s the Difference?


Have you ever wondered about the difference between licensing a business and franchising a business? It’s a common question and while franchising and licensing do have some similarities, they also have some crucial differences that you need to understand before you can decide which direction you should take in your business career.

Spotting a stong Franchise

7 Ways to Spot a Strong Franchise Opportunity

Partnering with a successful and established business via a franchise agreement can be a wonderful opportunity, but not all franchises are created equal, and with your business future at stake, it pays to recognise the signs of a strong franchise so that you can align yourself with the best business possible.

Buying a new or existing franchise

Should You Buy a New or Existing Franchise?


A franchise can be a great introduction to small business ownership, allowing you to leverage the established brand of an already successful business. But how do you decide whether to buy a new franchise (what is known as a Greenfield in the Kwik Kopy system) or buy into an existing one? There are a unique set of opportunities and challenges to both options.

The pros and cons of a family run business


A family business, in the right circumstances, can …
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franchise types

Which Type of Franchise Business Will Suit You Best?


It’s no secret that the biggest benefit of buying into a Franchise is the opportunity to be associated with a well established, high profile brand right from the start. But not all Franchise styles work for all types of people and it pays to think carefully about which type of Franchise will best suit your style, personality and skill set.

Franchise Business Planning

How to prepare a business plan for your franchise


To help you succeed in your new business, it’s really important to have a business plan. A business plan will help you set the direction for your business, provide focus for your actions and give you something to measure your results against. We recommend you prepare your plan progressively as you investigate the franchise. You will find this provides a structured way to understand the business, clarify what will make it successful and assess the franchise opportunity. This article provides some suggestions for approaching the first three areas above. In our next article we’ll look at the fourth area, the financial aspects and working with your accountant and bank.

Top Franchise Awards

Kwik Kopy the highest ranking B2B in Top 10 list of Australian franchises


Kwik Kopy has emerged as the highest ranking B2B in the Top 10 list of Australian franchises in the survey conducted by topfranchise.com.au (an independent consumer franchise service). The leading Corporate Design and Print solutions specialist is celebrating an impressive climb to the top securing the number two spot in the latest results.

David Bell, Kwik Kopy Australia

Sign of the times


First published in Franchising Magazine, 7th May.
Article by Domini Stuart.
Print and signage are both about communication – and both have been changing fast. In print there was a major shift around five years ago when big, offset printers were replaced by digital alternatives. Suddenly, business owners had no need for a dedicated operator and, as digital machines are also much neater and cleaner, their outlets took on the look and feel of service centres rather than manufacturing plants.

Making money from franchising

Buying a franchise: How much money can I make?


When people are thinking of buying a franchise, one question they usually ask is “How much money can I make?” But, the answer is, “it depends”. It depends on how good they are at running it.

But that’s not very helpful when it comes to deciding whether to buy a franchise or not. We all need money to pay the bills, so you need to get an idea of whether you can make a decent living from the franchise you’re considering.

Kwik Kopy Franchising Package

How to choose the right franchise for you


Is it better to buy a franchise that promises riches, or be in a business that you are passionate about?

With over 1,200 franchise opportunities available in Australia, it’s difficult to find the right one for you. They range from home services to hotels, from bakeries to banks and everything in between. No wonder it seems so daunting!

There are some simple steps that will help you on your way to making the right decision. You see, it’s not about picking ‘the best’ franchise, it’s about picking the best franchise ‘for you!’

Are you suited to Franchising?

Are you suited to Franchising?


Are you suited to be a franchisee? Buying a franchise is a popular choice due to the profits enjoyed through a well-established brand name, but it is important to do some soul searching before signing the contract. Here are some of the things to consider before buying a franchise business:

Nature of the Business

A proper assessment of your business dreams, interests, hobbies and other relevant factors should be weighed properly before starting a new venture. It makes sense to invest in a franchise involved in what you love doing. In the case of Kwik Kopy, while print experience isn’t necessary, prospective franchisees should enjoy dealing with people and working in a b2b environment.

Steve Strangward, Kwik Kopy Richmond

Franchise Case Study: Steve Strangward, Kwik Kopy Richmond


The best way to succeed in a franchise is with a franchisor who offers a strong franchise model and great support. Ask Steve Strangward, owner of Kwik Kopy Richmond since 2004 and winner of the Kwik Kopy 2012 Franchise of the Year award.

Become for boss

5 Reasons why purchasing a Franchise is a smart idea


Purchasing a franchise business has become a popular option in these uncertain financial times due to the incredible benefits they offer to Franchisee.

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