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Website design servicesMake a powerful online impression for your business

Effective Website Design Is More Than Just Looking Good

A good website design should work hard for your business.  At Kwik Kopy, we make sure your website design presents your company in the best light, attracts the right kind of visitor and converts them into paying customers.

Our websites are designed to grow with your business and create an online presence for your brand that delivers results.

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Google Friendly Website Design

If you want to compete online you’ll need a Google-friendly website that has the power to adapt and evolve with your business needs.  A Kwik Kopy website design will build your brand, boost your web rankings, inspire credibility and make it easy to do business online. Need help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or perhaps a SEM campaign in Adwords or Bing to support your online presence? Kwik Kopy can help!

Ecommerce Shop Website Design

Our website design experts will work with you to deliver a great looking website that gives your customers ease of use and everything they need within a few easy clicks. Don’t frustrate your potential customers by making it hard to buy from you. Our eCommerce Payment gateway makes it simple and secure for customers to complete their purchase.

Mobile Friendly, Responsive Design

A strong mobile-friendly web presence has become increasingly important for small business. It is a great to tool to stay ahead of the competition, make you more accessible to the mobile masses and have your customer base regularly interact with your brand. Our developers understand that your customer expect responsive designs, so your website looks great (and performs perfectly) nomatter the device.

Kwik Kopy Designs Websites will:

  • Build your brand
  • Boost your web rankings
  • Lift your profile, and
  • Make it easy to sell online

Website Design Case Study: Worklinks

AJ Hightower from Kwik Kopy Geebung designed and developed a webite for Worklinks that would support their growing business. “The real advantage of working with Kwik Kopy was reliability and tasks being completed on time. Lots of friendly advice was also provided about add-on features that could be applied to the website”.

Check out their website: horizonscollege.qld.edu.au

Our Web Design Process

Planning your Website

The website planning process is the very first step where we answer the two fundamental questions:

  1. What do you want from your website?
  2. What do your customers need from your website?

The planning phase is critical, from the very beginning we will have a thorough understanding your customers so the website is shaped around meeting their needs. This includes your business needs, objectives, target market, consumer research and more.

Website CMS: Our Recommended Platforms and CMS

Today there are dozens, if not hundreds of platforms to choose from. At Kwik Kopy we look at your goals and objectives recommend the platform that best suits the kind of web presence you’re looking to achieve.

All website platforms are not created equally. Once we’ve worked through the website planning process and have a better idea of your needs, we will walk you through the pros and cons of each platform.

It’s important that you have all the information so you can make an informed decision about the platform that best suits your business. The platform is the technology your website is built on and in most cases if you choose to switch platforms in the future, the structure of your website is not transferable.

After choosing your platform we will look at the website design and creative.

To help guide you through this decision we’ve put together this eBook “What platform for my website and other IT stuff”.

Web Design: Help Your Customers Connect

Users often scan through the content of a website and leave within 10 – 20 seconds, but websites with a clear value proposition and fresh content can engage users for longer. At Kwik Kopy we think of design as how a website looks and more importantly how a website works. To design something really well you have to understand the goals, objectives and literally tell users what you need them to do with clear call to actions.

Website Content: Content is King

You can have a fabulous website design but without content, search engines like Google, won’t know what your website is all about.

Search Engines are content hungry, looking for keywords and search terms throughout your website content to let them know what is you do and display this in search results. That’s not to say you just pack in paragraphs of search terms that don’t make sense!

The bottom line is you need to make sure your content makes sense and is relevant and useful to your website visitors. There are different types of content too. From here we look at website marketing strategy.

Website Marketing

Gone are the days that you can just build a website and on the day it’s LIVE, the phones will start ringing. You need to promote it via website marketing (both online and offline) and create content that is compelling and encourages visitors to return.

Whether you print a flyer, run a newsletter signup competition off the back of your business card, or write an eBook on the five biggest issues affecting your industry, these are all tactics to drive traffic and interest in your website content. We have designers and copywriters to help you put together your digital marketing strategy. Call our team today.

What about social media?

If your company doesn’t have a professional, well designed social media presence then your brand could suffer. Kwik Kopy can help you establish your business in the social media space. Our digital designers can custom design professional banners, social media pages or organise professional photography for instagram businesses. Direct visitors to your products online with Kwik Kopy.

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At Kwik Kopy, we’re here to help Australian entrepreneurs and businesses make their mark on the world. For us, it’s about going above and beyond for our customers, communities, franchisees and the planet – it’s what’s we do and it’s what we love. Your ambition is our ambition. We make possible.

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