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Kwik Kopy Environmental Statement

Environmental Printing StatementKwik Kopy, printing and the environment

At Kwik Kopy, we realise that large businesses have a significant impact on environmental sustainability. Be it through the way we conduct our business, engage with our workforce or advise our customers, we have the opportunity to both influence and implement behavioural change.

We see environmental sustainability as an integral part of our business strategy, a tough and challenging issue that requires ongoing review and development. We believe that the argument for change is both morally and commercially compelling.

Kwik Kopy Environmental Program

While actions are far more robust than policies, we will remain committed to continually developing and implementing programs to:

  • Promote and enforce legal compliance within our organisation
  • Audit our current practices and behaviours
  • Recycle our waste and safely dispose of chemicals used within the print process
  • Reduce our water consumption and manage our waste responsibly
  • Measure and reduce our energy consumption
  • Convert to accredited renewable energy suppliers
  • Manage our supply chain to minimise their environmental impact
  • Offer carbon offset to our customers and franchisees
  • Train, incentivise and reward our workforce to help them implement change
  • Develop best practice buying advice for our customers

The Environment and the Printing Industry

Kwik Kopy is committed to a sustainable future. We work with Sustainable Green Print (SGP), an independent industry certification program and encourage franchisee participation*. The certification is run by the Visual Media Association and is based on the ISO14001 framework. It focuses on compliance with key environmental laws and the management of environmental risks. Level one addresses cleaner production practices, waste management, compliance, recycling, storage and handling.

*All Kwik Kopy centres are SGP certified.

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About Kwik Kopy

At Kwik Kopy, we’re here to help Australian entrepreneurs and businesses make their mark on the world. For us, it’s about going above and beyond for our customers, communities, franchisees and the planet – it’s what’s we do and it’s what we love. Your ambition is our ambition. We make possible.

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