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Lightbox poster sign by the roadLightboxes light up your business’ next top marketing campaign

Shine a light on your business with lightbox signs

Advertising a business is more difficult today than it has ever been. With billboards and signs on every major street and highway, and digital marketing exploding, getting your brand in front of your customers is becoming a bigger and bigger headache. But one technique continues to impress, and that’s well-designed lightbox signage.

Illuminated signs give your potential customers the chance to see your business in a new light. With several distinct advantages, lightboxes are one of the hallmark success stories when it comes to outdoor marketing, and you would be hard-pressed to find a traditional marketing technique more reliable than well-designed light box signs.

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Why lightboxes work for your business

A lightbox is the difference between a plain old sign and a sign that acts as a focal point. The brightness attracts us and burns itself in our memory in a way that a regular sign could never do. 

A Community Attraction

A well-made lightbox sign can become a staple of a community, especially when done properly (check out Pinterest for some serious lightbox inspiration or talk to our sales staff to see some great real-life examples).

Thinking green? You can opt for composite materials and LED bulbs and show your community that you are a green-focused business that cares about the environment. 

Day or Night, whatever the Weather

Whereas other signs will vanish on a gloomy or rainy day, a lightbox will stay just as effective, regardless of the weather. This means that your business’ name is guaranteed to stay visible at any time of the year, and at any time of the day. Don’t let those midnight drivers speed past your sign without seeing your company logo; choose the lightbox sign to get 24/7 visibility.

The elements of great illuminated light box signage

  • Brand Recognition: Your customers will never get lost again. Everyone in your area will know your company’s name and logo, and what your team can offer or provide.
  • Save Energy: A lightbox sign can be made with energy-saving materials. This can save you a tonne from your marketing budget, allowing you to invest in other areas of your business.
  • Update Your Design: The great thing about a lightbox is that it’s a permanent installment with all the flexibility of a temporary one. You don’t need to purchase a new lightbox every time you want to change your design. Talk to our team about updating your lightbox easily and cost-effectively.
  • Easy Installment: The lightbox is simple, quick, and easy to install. Every part of a lightbox is lightweight, making it easy for our team to install and move around. Maintenance is a breeze, too, so keeping your signage looking brand new should take very little work.
  • Reliable: You would expect a lightbox to need regular maintenance, but that isn’t the case at all. The average life expectancy of a LED lightbox is 50,000 hours, or just over 2000 days.
  • Your sign, your size: Whatever size or function you need for your retail signage, we can provide it. 

Partner With Us For Your Lightbox Signage Today

Investing in a lightbox for your business doesn’t have to be a major decision; it’s a necessary one. With lightweight materials, easy installation, and a quick way to update your design, a lightbox has virtually no downsides and is an investment that can benefit you for decades to come.

Change Up Your Marketing and Messaging With LightBoxes 

Backlit posters are designed to be used with lightbox equipment and allow you regularly swap your marketing messages with ease. Lightbox posters are printed on semi transparent materials, allowing for the light to shine through the artwork, grabbing attention from your customers both day and night. Perfect for advertising displays, marketing, POS and even directional and wayfinding signage, lightboxes are a modern way to appeal to both indoor and outdoor customers.

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