Corflute Signs

Corflute Sign at Construction siteReal estate signs, life-size cutouts of people, fixed parking lot signs, shop door signs – wow, there are a lot of uses for corflute signs.

Affordable corflute signs printing services

Got an event coming up? Running a special? Custom corflute signs are cheap, so you can increase your visibility at a fraction of the normal price.

The best thing about corflute signs are how well they stand up to the sun. They don’t bleach easily, and are weather resistant. But if you’re going to use a corflute sign in windy conditions, remember to give it the necessary support.

Corflute is also easily bendable, so if you’re looking for a “toblerone” (three-sided) sign to place wherever you wish (within reasonable bounds!), just fold your corflute sheet in two places and you’ve got one!

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Why choose corflute sign printing for your business?

  • Versatile
  • Attractive
  • Portable
  • Sized for you
  • Custom options

Corflute Signs are versatile

Corflute signs, as explained above, can be used for a wide variety of affordable signage. Generally regarded as temporary signage, with the right support, Corflute can last a long time. Corflute signs are often seen as part of political advertising during election time and are widely used by real estate agents to promote housing stock.

High quality corflute signs are attractive

The distinct pattern caused by the production process of Corflute makes these signs stand out well. Being plastic, they allow for bright, colourful printing. If you’re looking for a smooth sign, however, consider trying a metal  sign.

Corflute signs can be portable

A piece of round bar and two cable ties is all you need to make your printed corflute sign highly portable. Stick in the ground where required and when done, just pull out it and move it to a new location.

Corflute sign sizes  and custom printing

Corflute sheets are big, which allows a wide range of fully customisable sizes. Get in touch to find out if we’ve got your perfect fit. Kwik Kopy can also print a custom sized corflute sign. Call Kwik Kopy to speak about your signage project.

Need corflute sign design help? Let our designers help you

Need a design for your corflute sign? We can create beautiful, colourful and eye-grabbing designs from scratch or help you with an existing design file.

Whether you need a design for just one sign or a full corporate branding package, our highly talented design team is standing by to tackle your signage project.

Choose Kwik Kopy as your corflute sign printer

To find out exactly how affordable corflute signs can be, get in touch. We’ll help you out with a free quote, allowing you to take your promotions to the next level. Whatever you need, we’re here for your corflute printing needs.

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