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Design ideas, graphic design tips and creative advice from Kwik Kopy Printing. View our design blog for the latest trends in colour and fonts, the power of rebranding, logos and business card design.

10 Of The Best Australian Logos


An effective logo can change the way your customers see your business. Learn some tips from the best with this list of the top 10 Australian logos.

Pop up shop

Tips And Tricks On Styling A Pop Up Shop


A pop up shop is a temporary physical store set up in a high-traffic location. Unlike traditional stores, pop-up shops exist indefinitely; some of them entice customers with a 24-hour existence while others set up shop for months before moving to another location.

Promoting businesses online

The art of branding your business


Branding your business effectively has never been more important for businesses of all sizes. With more competition than ever, investing in professional and memorable branding differentiates your business in the eyes of consumers and drives real results.

Skype style guide

Why Does my Small Business Need a Style Guide?


Have you ever wondered if you need a …
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Branding for business

Business Branding 101: how to define your business


Building a brand starts early. As soon as the ball starts rolling with your business idea, it’s time to think about branding

black business card with metallic gold ink

Print Finishes: A Beginner’s Guide


Different print finishes can make all the difference when conveying brand message and ensuring you stay memorable in peoples minds. Get started by reading our guide to print finishes and inspire your next print job.


3 Things to Consider When Rebranding Your Logo Design


Logos are the first introduction people have of your company so it’s important they stay up to date and continue to represent your brand and message as times change.

Tech startups

What is Online Video Production?


Online video is a great way to showcase your brand, products and services as well as connect with existing and potential customers. 

Design matter to business

6 Reasons Why Good Graphic Design Matters


From your website to your business brochures, good design has the power to influence how your customers see you and help shape your brand.

seasonal marketing Halloween

Halloween Inspired Print Designs


Halloween is fast approaching and it offers a great theme to create fun and memorable campaign or event for your customers and prospects. From invitations and cards through to posters, flyers and banners – check out these Halloween-inspired print marketing ideas.

How to design a logo

Essential Ingredients for a Logo that Sticks


Get your logo design just right and it will instantly let people know exactly what your brand is all about. Let’s take a look at some of the key ingredients to help make your logo a success.

Feature logos

Guide to Designing a Logo for Business Cards


A logo should create a strong first impression, as well as create strong brand identity and recognition. Here are our top 5 tips for logo design.

Creative brochure design

5 Steps to Take your Printed Brochures to the Next Level


Get more engagement out of your printed brochures with our 5 easy steps!

Printed colour brochures

The Basics of Creating Brochures for your Business


Let’s take a closer look at some of the basics to getting your printed brochure just right.

Colour print cut out brochure

The Impact of Printed Booklets For Business


A well-designed booklet as part of your marketing strategy can give you a positive ROI if you get it right. Here are some ideas to help you get creative.

Graphic Design tips

Graphic Design Tips #4 – Consider Your Audience


This is the fourth article in our graphic design series. This blog explains the importance of knowing your audience and how this will affect your design.

Designing marketing collateral

Designing Marketing Collateral


Wondering how to make your marketing collateral work for you? This blog highlights important design tips to consider.

Branding basics

The Basics of Effective Branding For Business


Branding is important to every business as it not only differentiates you from the competition but it also lets your customers and target market know

Graphic design trends

Graphic Design Tips – #3 Keeping Up With Trends


Keeping up with current graphic design trends is crucial in today’s world. Here are the latest styles and how they can be best used.

Designing flyers

Mistakes to avoid when designing flyers


If you’re a small business looking to attract customers from your local area, flyers can be a great option. They’re a versatile product to include in your marketing mix.

Understanding graphic design

Graphic Design Tips #2 – Understanding The Medium


It almost seems with every new day comes a new channel of communication. For businesses, finding a way to go with the flow rather than staying stagnant is a constant challenge.

Simplify graphic design

Graphic Design Tips #1 – Simplify!


It is incredibly ironic that achieving simplicity can be one of the hardest principles of design to master, or at least achieving it successfully. Don’t let your message get lost in the graphic design process.

Design a brochure

How to Design a Brochure


There are lots of great design templates out there, but the truth is that a great brochure design starts way before you add anything to a template.

Annual report design tips

Top 5 Annual Report Design Tips


Gone are the days where your annual report was a boring document that you produce just because you have to. Consider our tips when designing your annual report.

Corporate design elements

Elements of Good Corporate Design


The prospect of creating your corporate identity can be overwhelming for any business. You need to think beyond just your business logo or letterhead template.

Creative a good design brief

How To Create A Good Design Brief


To help make sure you and your designer are on the same page, here are a few essential elements to include in your design brief.

Colour Theory

Colour Theory 101


If you want to know more about creating business graphics or just really into design, then it’s vital to understand a little bit about colour theory.

Typography in web design

The Importance of Typography in Web Design


In today’s modern world of web design, typography is holding its own. We examine why it continues to have such an important role when it comes to web design.

Logo redesigns

Top Logo Redesigns of 2014


A well designed logo should work for a long time for your business – that is as long as it’s relevant. Take a look at our picks for some of the top logo redesigns of last year.

Typography mistakes

Typography Mistakes to Avoid


Typography is extremely important when it comes to the design of your marketing collateral (both print and online). As well as being important for establishing your brand and identity, it can also help make information more interesting

Design trends banner

2015 Design Trends


Design is constantly evolving and if you want to stay ahead of the game when it comes to your branding, marketing materials or website then it’s important to take a look at some of the design trends around.

Rebranding ideas

Tips for Rebranding


Your brand acts as the ambassador of your …
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Graphic design can work

How Graphic Design Ideas Can Work For Your Business


If you want to bring your ideas to …
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Google colour schemes

Famous Logo Colour Schemes


Choosing to use bright colours in your logo …
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Colour theory

Understanding Colour Theory


Colour theory is all about how colour works …
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Marsala colour of the year

2015 Pantone Colour of the Year: Marsala


There’s nothing like an explosion of colour …
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Principles of design

The Principles of Design


Great design has an important role to play …
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Principles of balance

Principles of Design: Balance


It’s important to understand the principles of …
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Typography Dos and Don'ts

Typography DOs and DON’Ts


In today’s world, typography has become quite …
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Window Display Inspiration


If you’re looking for some inspiration then …
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Things You Need To Know About Stock Imagery


Stock images can be seen everywhere both in …
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RGB vs. CMYK vs. PMS


RGB, CMYK and PMS are acronyms you see …
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The Most Used Fonts Used By Professionals in Design


If you’ve ever wondered how your graphic …
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David Mach Skull

The Artists Behind the Worlds Best Intricate Matchstick Art


There is definitely no shortage of artistic talent …
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Animal Planet

5 Great Examples of How Logo Redesigns Went Wrong


We have seen all the very best in …
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How to make your graphic design portfolio stand out

How to make your Graphic Design Portfolio Stand Out


You’ve spent 3 years studying and designing …
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The incredible edible art you need to see


If you’re a lover of modern art …
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Trademarking a logo

How to Trademark a Logo in Australia


How many businesses could you identify solely based …
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How to Build a Great Design


Most of us can recognise a great design …
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Keeping Up With Designers


Designers are an elusive bunch aren’t they …
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The art of minimalism

The Art of Minimalism

We’ve all heard the concept that less …
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Colour and your Business Identity


Colour plays an important part in creating your …
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Top 10 Most Iconic Brand Logos


Creating logos with longevity requires ongoing refinements to ensure their relevance in a modern age. Let’s take a look back at the evolution of the top ten most iconic logos.

Paper Art from Around the Globe


Paper art is multidimensional, flexible and intricate. We’re not just talking about origami or high school paper planes here… but marvelling at the cutting, carving folding and sculpting of paper to create incredible 3D paper sculptures. Check out 5 of the most astounding works of paper art from incredible artists around the globe.

Top 5 Iconic Brand Logos


What do McDonalds and Coca-Cola have in …
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The big list of top lists


Each month there is a new top 10 …
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Why your branding identity is more than just a new logo design


The basic science of branding identity focuses on …
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Making Colours Work for your business


When it comes to choosing a colour for …
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Making typography work. What type are you?


Just as the colour you choose for your …
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The importance of good brand design


Branding is a word that’s often thrown …
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Style guides – learn from the big players


One of the big benefits of working with …
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Kwik Kopy’s ebook on branding identity and logo design


Kwik Kopy has teamed up with Smarter Business …
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Web design trends for 2013


Web design is a constantly evolving space.  Ever …
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Design tips for business success

4 Design tips for Business Success


So you’re thinking of designing a brand …
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Graphic design online

Importance of good web graphic design


Graphic design is an overarching part of good …
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Start the year strong!

Start the year strong with bold branding


If your figures didn’t quite cut it …
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Design for Business Growth

Design for business growth


Everything that has your company name on it …
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The perfect logo design


From a marketing point of view, your logo …
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Inspired designs


Everything that has your company name on it …
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Colour Swatches

Colour your world

Able to alter a mood, stimulate hunger, invoke …
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Graphic Design styles

Design: Old school versus new

When it comes to graphic design, some companies …
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Typography is the selection and arrangement of typefaces …
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Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching

Saddle stitching refers to a binding process where …
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FAQ Printing

Fit for print: Image formats

Using the right image format will help you …
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