Loyalty Card Printing

Loyalty card printingKwik Kopy offers various loyalty card printing services, including design and production of coffee cards and service cards. Contact us to create custom loyalty cards to bolster customer loyalty for your store.

Loyalty Card Printing and Design

Increasing customer retention has never been easier. At Kwik Kopy, we create fun and unique paper-based loyalty cards that will help engage your customers and encourage them to make more purchases. Not sure how to style your own loyalty card? Get in touch with us and we’ll create a printed piece that fits your business perfectly.

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What Are Loyalty Cards?

Loyalty cards are a great way to drive sales and increase customer engagement. It encourages your customers to buy more of your product and service, and in return they get something from you, like a free offer or special discount. This exchange helps create a pleasant customer experience and the reward value makes them feel like their business matters.

We produce and designs loyalty cards that are made from durable paper stock. These pocket-friendly cards come in all shapes and sizes, and are custom-made to really sell your brand. 

Popular Loyalty Programs

  • Coffee loyalty cards
  • Hairdressing loyalty cards
  • Beauty services loyalty program cards
  • Massage services cards
  • Cafe and eatery loyalty cards
  • Kids playland loyalty cards

Loyalty Card PrintingWhy Are Loyalty Cards Important

Loyalty cards keep customers coming back for more. Because you are gamifying their purchasing experience, they are more likely to come back to you for business to earn their reward. It encourages your customers to consistently buy your product and service, knowing full well that there are freebies or special offers waiting for them. Because of the clear incentives presented by loyalty cards, they are considered by some businesses as more effective than loyalty program cards because the customers know how many purchases they have to make to reach the incentive.

Loyalty cards are predominantly used by businesses such as coffee shops, food trucks and beauty salons. The best part is that these rewards are completely flexible and scalable. You can provide a free product or a friendly discount to customers who frequent your business – it’s up to you to decide what the rewards should be.

It’s a great way to tell customers “you matter” and that you value their patronage. Through these cards, you can build long-lasting relationship with clients as a way of thanking them for choosing you over everyone else.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Loyalty cards aren’t just a shtick. Plenty of stats show that repeat customers provide the best stream of revenue for businesses. The best part? Anything from small-scale businesses to large enterprises can incorporate loyalty cards into their operation. Here’s why:

Common Uses For Paper Reward Cards & Loyalty Cards

There are many ways to market your reward cards. At the end of the day, your goal is to build rapport and encourage loyalty from your clients. Here are some of the most effective ways to use them:

Getting A Free Item: After reaching a certain amount of hole punches, stamps or stickers, the customer gets a free item. The key is to make it worth their while and to ensure that the reward is relevant to your customer base.

Getting A Discount: A little math has to be involved. Determine the discount that would be satisfactory to your customer after factoring in how much they’ve spent trying to earn this discount.

Getting A Free Service: Who doesn’t like freebies? As with free items, ensure that the free service is actually worth their time, effort, and repeat business.

Levelling Up Your Customer: Although uncommon, “levelling up” your customer is one of the best ways to keep them engaged. After reaching a certain amount of purchases or points, you upgrade their shopping experience to a certain tier, giving them access to exclusive offers and promos.

Designing Your Reward Card

At Kwik Kopy, we can help you design paper reward and loyalty cards that will excite your customers and entice them to keep coming back for more. Here are the most important elements when it comes to designing your card:

  1. Size: Ideally use a size that will comfortably fit someone’s wallet. The standard business card size makes sense (and your design can double as a business card stationery item).
  2. Shape: In terms of shape, it’s always safe to go for a rectangular shape. You can fit in more information and design elements this way. However if you want an interesting shape that fits with your branding, talk to our designers today.
  3. Colour: Our Kwik Kopy designers aim to create loyalty cards that will make a visual impact on your customer. Whatever branding you might have, the key is to select its best colours and incorporate those in your loyalty card.
  4. Material: At Kwik Kopy, we print our loyalty cards on thick paper stock or card stock so businesses can reach more customers and get more results without spending a lot.

Looking For A Loyalty Card Printer and Designer? Look No Further.

Whether you have a design brewing or no idea where to start, we’re happy to brainstorm loyalty card ideas with you. Give us a call to get a quote or visit your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre for more help.

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