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woman leaning on shop front counter

3 Ways to Promote Your Business in the New Year


A new year also means your business needs new marketing ideas, take note of these 3 tips to promote your business.

business card finishes featured

5 Finishes That Will Make Your Business Card Stand Out


Incorporating different types of print finishes can ensure your business card stands out from the competition.

Xmas Season, buying online

How to Make the Most Of Your Holiday Sales


There is a lot you can do to improve your sales and stay top of mind with your customers this holiday season.

printed card vs ecards

Christmas eCards vs. Printed Cards


Christmas is a great time to show your customers that you value their business by sending them a card. Read our tips to help you decide whether printed cards or eCards are best for your business.

Harvey Nicholls Publicis Singapore Quality Street Christmas Advert

10 Christmas Adverts Guaranteed to Inspire You


Christmas is the perfect time to get creative with your business marketing. We’ve done the hard work for you and found our favourite Christmas ads to get you inspired.

open and hours signage on shop front glass window

Signage – 6 types every business needs | Kwik Kopy


Your business signage should draw attention and convey information about your business. With the right signage, you can enhance your in-store experience and gain more customers.

stacked catalogues on desk next to coffee cup

5 Keys to Successful Catalogue Marketing


With so much attention on online marketing sometimes we overlook effective offline methods which are just as important. Here are our 5 best catalogue marketing practices.

girl looking at letter besides mailboxes

How Unaddressed Mail Can Benefit Your Business


Generic unaddressed mail allows you to get your message across to a wide range of audiences, which help build and strengthen your brand. We share our 5 top reasons how unaddressed mail can start benefiting your business today.

black business card with metallic gold ink

Print Finishes: A Beginner’s Guide


Different print finishes can make all the difference when conveying brand message and ensuring you stay memorable in peoples minds. Get started by reading our guide to print finishes and inspire your next print job.


3 Things to Consider When Rebranding Your Logo Design


Logos are the first introduction people have of your company so it’s important they stay up to date and continue to represent your brand and message as times change.

Social media marketing

The Benefits of Integrating Online and Offline Marketing


To achieve the best results for your business, it requires a balance between both online and offline marketing campaigns and collateral.

Ikea marketing campaign bus stop

The Benefits of Posters and Signage


Large format advertising commands attention and is the perfect way to make your customers and prospects take notice of your business. With today’s amazing printing technology we can product eye-catching material with so many creative mediums to choose from – you have the perfect way to generate a buzz around your brand and make your products and services a real talking point.

Direct mail marketing feature

5 Ways Direct Mail Campaigns Help Your Business


Direct Mail is an effective and economical way to reach out to customers and potential prospects. Especially in the world of digital something tangible can go a long way in benefiting your business.

PR trends

6 PR Trends that Will Boost Your Business


There are so many ways Public Relations (PR) can help your business tell its story and engage your target audience. Following these 6 PR trends is a great way to get you started.

Choosing the right font

How to pick the right font


Different fonts imply different impressions. So when it comes to your business it is important to choose a font well suited for the message of your brand.

Candle design marketing campaign

3 Bizarre Marketing Campaigns that Actually Worked


It can be hard for small business marketing campaigns to stand out in today’s competitive market, which is why sometimes businesses need to think outside the box.

Typography web-design trend featured

2017 hottest web design trends to look out for


A great web design is a sure way capture the attention of consumers. If you’re uncertain where to start we’re here to help you with these 5 helpful web design trends that you can start using to improve the look of your website.

Facebook printed books

Creating new connections with print: Print Case Study


Facebook and other tech companies know that print communications are an essential part of the marketing mix. Add an aspect of personalisation into your print marketing, and you’re likely to see even better engagement with your customers. We look at two case studies from Facebook and Myer.

Writing a marketing brief

5 Simple Steps to Writing a Killer Marketing Brief


No business is complete without a proper marketing brief in place. An effective marketing brief can help businesses deliver their marketing campaigns and collaterals on time and on budget.
We broke it down into 5 simple steps, how you can write a killer marketing brief today.

With compliments staionery idea

What Are With Compliments Slips And Do You Still Need Them?


When was the last time you received a …
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Logo examples: Premier League and WWF

Best Logo Trends for 2017


Every business needs a good logo that can help capture audience attention and inform people of what their brand stands for. We’ve rounded up the hottest logo trends set to be big this year.

Video marketing strategy featured

Exciting 2017 Marketing Trends Your Business


Incorporating the latest marketing trends helps your business reach consumers in the most effective ways and keeps you ahead of the competition. Heres 3 marketing trends set to be big this year.

Flip print direct mail

7 Innovative Marketing Pieces Guaranteed to Inspire You


A good marketing campaign will teach people about a companies brand and its products and services. But with so many campaigns out there already, to really stand out from the competition you also need to tie in creativity to really capture peoples attention.

Business strategy customer service featured

5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Increase Customer Loyalty


Adding a personal touch is a cost effective way to show customers you care and value them. By doing so you can do wonders for increasing your customer loyalty, acquisition and retention. We run through 5 easy ways how you can connect with your customers to achieve increased customer loyalty today.

Gifts for your clients

6 Useful Promotional Gifts Your Clients Will Love You For


Well thought out gift ideas can really make lasting impressions on your clients to help remind people of your brand and show customers your appreciation. If you’re in need of ideas for your next client gifts, especially with Christmas just around the corner, let us inspire you with these 6 ideas.

Promotional product range

4 Best Promotional Product Trends You Need to Know


Promotional Products have enormous benefits to your business, from strengthening your customer relationships to helping create and shape your brand image. We’ve picked our 4 favourite promotional product trends which you can start incorporating into your marketing strategy.

Seasonal marketing tips

Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Posts With These 3 Easy Steps


Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website which can increase your customer following, grow your brand, teach and engage audiences about your products and services. Blog titles are often an overlooked part of delivering traffic. Read our article which teaches you how you can enhance your Blog Titles to boost your business.

Christmas seasonal marketing campaign

5 Valuable Seasonal Marketing Tips – and why it matters to your Business Success


Seasonal marketing gives businesses the perfect opportunity to …
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Branded promotional product range

5 reasons to include seasonal promotional products this Christmas


Seasonal Promotional Products Get Your Brand Noticed
Seasonal …
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Kwik Kopy Christmas cards 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Forget Christmas Cards

The festive season is about spreading some cheer and a Christmas card is a chance to show clients just how much you value their business and thank them for their loyalty – not to mention the fact it’s a great way to promote your brand. But don’t just limit yourself to sending Christmas cards to customers alone, as you can also send them to your suppliers and prospects too.

Glass business signage

What business signage do I need?


Business signage can not only fit within the …
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Creating a repeat customer

How to Create a Repeat Customer


If you want customers to continue walking through …
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Customer acquisition to your store

Simple Tips to Get More Customers into your Store


If you want to attract more customers through …
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Branded vehicle marketing

Branded Vehicles as a Marketing Tool


If you’re looking for a cost-effective …
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Print marketing for online

Why Print Marketing Is Vital For Online Success


These days almost all businesses have a strong …
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Guide to improving local search ranking

Basic Guide to Local SEO


Optimising for Local SEO may sound daunting but …
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Marketing Strategy in 2016

Marketing for 2016


It’s important to have a marketing plan …
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Large format canvas print

What is Canvas Printing and Why Should Your Business Be Using It?


Custom printed canvas offers an affordable, eye-catching way to boost business appeal and help your brand create an impact. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of canvas printing for your business.

How to optimise website to turn visitors into customers

Simple ways to turn visitors into customers


If you’re a small business that has spent time and money on a great web design that’s Google friendly and attracting the right people, the next logical step is to convert your site visitors into paying customers. Here’s how…

Reviews for search engine optimisation

How to Use Customer Reviews to Boost SEO and Conversions


Did you know… almost two thirds of your potential customers will read an online review before deciding to make a purchase from you? With these types of figures proving just how much user reviews can help drive your sales it’s important to understand just how and why you can use customer reviews to boost your SEO and conversions.

How to build brand awareness

How to Build Brand Awareness


Once you know exactly who you want your business to appeal to, then there are a few tricks and tips that help you continue to build customer loyalty and brand awareness. Let’s take a closer look…

Get smart with content marketing

Get smart with content marketing


While traditional marketing is still powerful in the …
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brand building email signature

The Most Useful Branding Tool is Also the Least Utilised


Email is something we take for granted every day, but what if we were to tell you that this frequently used communication tool could also be one of the most useful branding tools you can use for your business. You see your email signature provides the perfect opportunity to raise brand awareness but more often than not businesses forget to make the most of its value. Here are some tips to help you put your email signature to work for your brand.

Tell your brand story

Powerful Branding Strategies for Businesses Big and Small


Brand building is an important part of your company’s overall success no matter if your business is big or small. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more powerful branding strategies that have been known to work.

Business card printing

How to create a great business card


Here are some tips to ensure your business cards accurately reflect your brand and help you stand out from the competition.

Creative brochure design

5 Steps to Take your Printed Brochures to the Next Level


Get more engagement out of your printed brochures with our 5 easy steps!

Printed colour brochures

The Basics of Creating Brochures for your Business


Let’s take a closer look at some of the basics to getting your printed brochure just right.

Colour print cut out brochure

The Impact of Printed Booklets


A well-designed booklet as part of your marketing strategy can give you a positive ROI if you get it right. Here are some ideas to help you get creative.

Creative Wall posters

Guidelines for Creating an Effective Poster


Even in an age where we focus on targeting online audiences, printed posters continue to be a great addition to the marketing mix. Here a few tips to getting it right.

Large format printed posters for marketing and brand awareness

Why Printed Posters Should Be Part of your Marketing Mix


Printed posters are a great way to gain attention for your business. Let’s take a closer look at why you should market your brand with posters.

Social media engagement

Ways to Increase Customer Engagement Using Social Media


Here are some ways to help give customer engagement a boost when using social media.

Share tweet like

How to Build an Effective Social Media Publishing Schedule


A social media presence is a must for any business. Here are a few tips to help make publishing on social media as easy as possible.

Email marketing top tips

5 Tips to Get Higher Email Open Rates on Mobile


Did you know that it takes someone just 3 seconds to decide whether to read or ignore your email? Check out our top 5 tips for higher email open rates.

Apps to save you time

5 Top Social Media Marketing Apps to Save You Time


We’ve compiled a list of apps that we think can save you time and help make your social media marketing efforts more efficient.

Using social proof

How to Use Social Proof on your Website


Using social proof on your business website is a great way to help build up your target market’s trust in your product or service.

Using print to connect with customers

Reconnecting With Valued Customers With Kwik Kopy


While we all try and avoid it, losing touch with customers over time is common in a busy business environment. Whether it’s through lack of communication, innovation or simply an oversight, losing valuable customer relationships can be a costly process. This blog will highlight the Top 3 tips for reconnecting with your customers who, over time, may have fallen out of touch.

Choosing double or single sided business card

Single or Double-sided Business Cards?


Your business card is one of the most important and effective marketing tools you can have if you get your design and printing just right. One of the dilemmas facing business owners is whether to print information on just one side of the business card or to use both sides. Here are some points to consider so that the option you choose for your business card makes a great first impression.

Updating your marketing material

3 Tips for Updating Your Marketing Material


If you’re heading into the new financial year with the same marketing materials you’ve been using for a while then now could be a good time to consider a change.

Use postcards in your marketing

Do You Still Use Postcards?


In a world of all things digital, it can be easy to forget about the tried and tested print marketing options that get great results for businesses time and time again. Postcards can be used to promote any marketing idea or campaign and as you don’t require an envelope or packaging, the recipient can immediately see your offer and your business gets to make an immediate impression.
Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of using postcards and why they continue to be one of the most cost-effective forms of targeted marketing out there.

Personalised notepad branding

Benefits of Personalised Notepads


Personalised notepads are an effective way to keep your brand top of mind with customers and prospects. Here are some of the top benefits of investing in personalised notepads for your business.

Using printed materials for instore event success

How To Use Printed Material To Make Your In-Store Event A Success


There’s much more to events than decorations & catering. Using printed material effectively can go a long way to making your next event a business success!

Laser cut brochure

Create Cut-Through with Die-Cutting


Die-cutting involves cutting shapes or designs out of the paper using a die. High speed lasers can cut, etch and score materials with huge precision, making die-cutting perfect for adding a creative, eye-catching finish to your business marketing materials.

Postcards for promoting business

How To Use Postcards To Promote Your Business


When you think of postcards what do you think of? Holidays? Travelling? Long-distance friends or family? Or do you think of work…?

Direct marketing benefits

Make the Most of Direct Marketing


Direct marketing is all about promoting your products and services to customers and prospects by making direct contact with them.

Annual reports design

Get Creative with Your Annual Reports


Gone are the days when annual reports were dull and boring. These days you get to see anything and everything.

When to use promotional products in marketing

When to Use Promotional Products in Your Marketing


Promotional products give you the chance to be creative and provide you with extended brand exposure in your marketing.

Promotional materials outdoors

Out-Of-The-Box Promotional Material Ideas


Promotional material can help your business stand out from the crowd. This blog will give you interesting ideas and help you start thinking out of the box.

Variable data printing

Create Engagement with Variable Data Printing


Variable data printing lets you change aspects of your design to make it more relatable to each of your target market.

Print advertising benefits

Benefits of Print Advertising


In a tech-saturated world, you could be forgiven for thinking print advertising was a thing of the past – but nothing could be further from the truth.

How to create engaging infographics

6 Tips for Creating Engaging Infographics


If you want to increase the chances of your infographics enjoying online success then they need to include the following elements.

Business stationery

How Business Stationery Impacts your Marketing


If you want your brand to be recognised by clients, prospects, suppliers and other contacts then customised business stationery can make a difference.

Creative business card finishes

Creative Business Card Designs


A great business card can be a powerful marketing tool and if you include an innovative design then it can really become a talking point.

Branding basics

The Basics of Effective Branding


Branding is important to every business as it not only differentiates you from the competition but it also lets your customers and target market know

Innovative print ads

5 Awesome Innovative Print Advertising


Print advertising continues to be a powerful way to get your business noticed and is highly effective in getting your message across if you create a concept that will stick in people’s minds.

Exceed customer expectations

Top 5 Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations


Exceeding customer expectations is a great way to build brand loyalty and repeat business. But it’s not about telling people how great you are…

Business printing

What is Business Printing?


Business printing is about lending a professional touch to almost any printed item your business might require, but it’s not just restricted to paper-based printing.

Amazing marketing collateral

Tips for Designing Amazing Marketing Collateral


If you want to build brand loyalty and repeat customers then you can’t go past great marketing collateral to raise the profile of your business.

Designing your packaging

Things to Consider When Designing Your Packaging


Great product packaging can capture your audience and do amazing things for brand awareness. But it’s a tricky area and there are some important things to consider…

Professional letterhead

How to Create Professional Letterhead


Creating a professional letterhead is a great way to further your corporate branding. Use our tips to get started!

Linkedin to grow

6 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Franchise Business


Social Media can be a great tool for business development and LinkedIn is no exception.

Design a brochure

How to Design a Brochure


There are lots of great design templates out there, but the truth is that a great brochure design starts way before you add anything to a template.

Easter marketing ideas

Creative Easter Marketing Ideas


The holidays are a great way to connect with your customers – and Easter is no exception. Not sure where to start? Check out our marketing ideas!

Business style guide tips

Business Style Guide Tips


If you’re committed to creating a consistent brand message then you need to have a style guide – it’s as simple as that! Learn what to include in this blog.

Branding basics

Branding Basics – What To Consider When Branding Your Business


Branding is the cornerstone of any business. And by business we mean multi-national multi-billion dollar organisations right through to early start-ups running out of an upstairs bedroom.

Printed catalogue

Marketing Your Business With A Printed Catalogue


Sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in the glare of the computer screen that we can forget to consider the tried and true (offline!) methods of business advertising.

Effective marketing campaigns

How To Create An Effective Marketing Campaign


With so many options to market your business, it’s easy to see why it’s overwhelming. Use these tips to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Awesome video content

5 Tips For Creating Awesome Video Content


Any small business can create quality video content that will engage the audience and help you reach customers and prospects – you just need to know how.

Effective email marketing

Tips For Effective Email Marketing


An effective email marketing campaign helps you nurture your existing contacts to grow your business as well as increase your database of prospects.

Having a blog on your website

The Advantage of Having a Blog on your Website


Having a blog on your business website is a smart move if you want to engage people in your brand. Read more about why your business website needs a blog.

Lighbox design

Lightbox Designs To Light Up Any Space


Like moths to a lamp, light box advertising has been known to attract a customer’s eye more effectively than other forms of advertising mediums.

Copywriting made simple

Tips to Simplify your Copywriting


Albert Einstein once said that if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough – and that thought certainly applies today when it comes to your copywriting.

Social media influencers banner

Most Influential Brands on Social Media in 2014


Social media is an important part of everyday life for your customers and prospects, so it’s important that you successfully connect and share experiences with them online.

Rebranding ideas

Tips for Rebranding


Your brand acts as the ambassador of your …
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Graphic design can work

How Graphic Design Can Work For Your Business


If you want to bring your ideas to …
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Footy fixture cards

Kick Off 2015 with Footy Fixture Cards


Australians love their ‘footy’ and eagerly await the …
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Rebrand your business

Do You Need to Rebrand Your Business?


Everything about your brand should help communicate who …
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Brand in Business Stationery

Business Stationery and your Brand


Business stationery provides a great opportunity to showcase …
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Marketing campaigns posters

Large Format Signage for Marketing Campaigns


When it comes to print jobs, size matters …
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Refresh your brand

Simple Ways to Refresh Your Brand for the New Year


2015 is upon us and you’d be …
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Creative Christmas ads

Top Creative Christmas Ads


Tis the season… to be inspired by creative …
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Business survival tips for christmas

Business Survival Tips for Christmas


Running a business can be a challenge at …
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Christmas marketing campaigns

Awesome Christmas Marketing Campaigns


This time of year provides the ideal theme …
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Facebook social media

Ideas for your Facebook Christmas Campaign


Do you like to spread a bit of …
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Social media for the holidays

Social Media Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season


Social media is a great way to reach …
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Festive eCards

Top Tips for Sending Festive eCards


‘Tis the season – for your business to send …
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Holiday marketing ideas

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


In just 3 weeks, Santa will be revving …
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Famous marketing campaigns

5 Famous Marketing Campaigns To Aspire To


Have you ever caught yourself humming a catchy …
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Effective retail signage

Tips for Creating Effective Retail Signage


If you own or operate a retail business …
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Small business marketing ideas

Small Business Marketing Ideas


As a small business, the more you are …
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Blogging voice

3 Steps for Finding Your Brand’s Blogging Voice


Nod your head if you’ve ever thought …
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Call to action

Why Your Signage Needs a Strong Call To Action


Every business wants to get their signs noticed …
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Window decal printing

5 Uses of Window Decals


A window decal is a cost-effective way …
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New Guerrilla marketing - great white shark

Why Going Viral is the New Guerrilla Marketing


Picture this. You’re walking through a shopping …
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Designing posters to catch attention

Designing Posters to Catch Attention, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA)


AIDA is an acronym for the formula commonly …
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Holiday season design

Preparing Your Marketing Strategy for the Holiday Season


Tis the season! With Christmas just around the …
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Getting logo design right

Getting Logo Design Right for Large Format


Your logo is one of the first things …
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Christmas cards

Christmas Cards – Dos and Don’ts


Sending a card can be great for business …
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Building a strong brand identity

Building a Strong Brand Identity


A brand identity defines what your business stands …
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Signage design tips - come in we're open

Point of Sale Signage Design Tips


Point of sale (POS) signage is a great …
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Formula billboard advertising

More Creative Billboard Advertising


Creative billboard advertising is an effective way to …
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Digital Signage

The Rise In Digital Signage


In an age of all things digital, it …
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Plan printing

The Difference Between Poster Printing And Plan Printing


Large format printers can achieve a wonderful high …
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Banners printing

How To Keep Your Banners At Their Best


A banner can be a powerful way to …
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Business signage - for sale sign

Cost Effective Business Signage


If you’re looking for a cost effective …
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Pull up banner design and print

Why Pull Up Banners Are Good For Business


Pull up banners are a cost effective promotional …
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Memorable business signs

How To Create Memorable Business Signs


Everyone wants their business signs to stand out …
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Why Digital Restaurant Signage Makes an Impact


When it comes to menu boards in restaurants …
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How to Create Signage That Stands Out From the Crowd


These days, with so many web-based marketing …
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Successful Expo Branding


Expo season can be the perfect time to …
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5 Big Brand Content Marketing Campaigns You Can Learn From


Low on budgeting bucks but big on business …
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Designing Your Online Brand Guideline


When creating a style guide for your business …
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4 Essential Things To Know About SEO


Customers and prospects expect to find your business …
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How To Write Great Blog Headlines


When it comes to learning how to write …
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Tips For Your Email Signature


An email signature is a great way to …
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What is ScheduGram

What is ScheduGram?


If your small business uses Instagram as part …
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Gamification of marketing

Gamification and Marketing


Gamification is the act of incorporating gaming dynamics …
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Gaining long term social media followers

How To Gain Long Term Followers On Social Media


Social media is here to stay – and if …
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Location based services and marketing

Location-Based Services and Marketing


With GPS technology becoming more and more advanced …
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Youtube marketing campaigns

Our Favourite YouTube Marketing Campaigns


Every business wants to know the secret to …
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b2b Marketing trend ideas

B2B Marketing Trends For 2015


With the new financial year well under way …
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Creating a successful business blog

Tips for Creating a Successful Business Blog


Blogs have become quite the phenomenon and there …
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Youtube playing on a screen

The Benefits of Using YouTube for Business


Finding new and effective ways to market your …
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Online news

Tips For Creating An Effective eNewsletter


As businesses search for ways to maximise the …
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Creating a social media buzz

Must Have Digital Skills For SME Marketers


It’s no secret that customers and prospects …
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Marketing Strategies for small business

4 Strategies to Make Your Small Business Marketing More Relevant


Relevancy. It’s the buzz word which keeps …
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QR codes explained for business

QR Codes Explained


QR Codes have practically unlimited uses and if …
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Growing your business - pink piggy bank

Promote Your Business Without Spending


If you think you don’t have the …
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5 star recommendations

Using Customer Recommendations to Grow Your Business


A customer recommendation can help fast track awareness..

Email and celebrity endorsements

How to Boost Your Email Click-Through Rates


In our time poor world, it can be …
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Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid

4 Small Business Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


Digital marketing can often feel overwhelming for small …
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The Evolution of Celebrity Endorsements

Using a celebrity to endorse a product in …
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Effective Social Media Campaigns


These days, social media is an essential component …
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Customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty & Brand Advocates for Small Business


Customer loyalty is the gold star in the …
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How to get sales and marketing to work together

How to Get Sales and Marketing to Work Together


Once upon a time there was a king …
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Are Printed Business Cards Still Relevant?


In an age of all things digital, you …
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How to Make the Most of Your Business Network


A large part of business success can be …
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How and Why You Should Conduct a Brand Audit


Most business owners will experience ups and downs …
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Business Marketing: White Papers


As content marketing continues to enjoy its rise …
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Word of Mouth Advertising


Creating a effective marketing strategy for your small …
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How Decals Can Help Your Business Stand Out


If you’re looking for a cost-effective …
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Are Customer Loyalty Schemes Still Worth It?


How often have you found yourself paying for …
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Product Placement


With online streaming and the ability to ‘pause …
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Easter Marketing Ideas – Hop to it!


Did you know that Australians spent $157 million …
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How to Write an Excellent Call to Action


One of the most important aspects of your …
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Google Authorship

Blog Publishing Checklist for Better SEO Results


Should I blog? How many times a week …
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6 Promotional Strategies For Small Business

If you’re serious about getting your brand …
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The Benefits of Using a Call Centre


If you’ve ever been desperate to speak …
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Database Cleansing 101


Your database is one of your most valuable …
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Running Successful Business Competitions


Competitions can be a fun way to promote …
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Customer Retention Strategies for Small Business


Finding new customers can be a time consuming …
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The Importance of Personalised Business Stationery


When you’re starting a small business, business …
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Building Your B2B Marketing Database


When it comes to B2B, your most important …
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Tips To Help You Get Started on Your Brand Strategy


There is a big misconception in the business …
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Skype style guide

Why Does my Small Business Need a Style Guide?


Have you ever wondered if you need a …
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Email Marketing – Tips to Help Your Marketing Emails Get Opened!


Your email inbox is probably like the inbox …
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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Small Business Social Media Presence


Are you lagging behind on social media? For …
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Buyer personas

How to Develop a Buyer Persona in 6 Simple Steps


We all know that selling fish to a …
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5 Benefits of Blogging For Small Business


We no longer live in a world where …
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Selecting the Right Promotional Products For Your Business


Just as the colour of your logo and …
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Incorporating Image-Centric Content into Your Marketing Strategy


These days, customers are getting hit with an …
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Make Your Mark This Footy Season


The countdown is on for the footy season …
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USB Sticks - Why They Are a Great Choice for Your Business

USB Sticks – Why They Are a Great Choice for Your Business


When it comes to promotional products, there are …
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Personalised Stationery


Personalised business stationery is an elegant and professional …
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Email Marketing Success


Email marketing is a great way to capture …
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How to Make the Most of Your Online Videos


There’s little doubt that online business marketing …
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Direct Mail Options for Small Businesses


Direct mail marketing can be a great tool …
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QR Codes for Your Business


Quick response (QR) codes were originally developed in …
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Variable Data Packaging


In recent years there has been an increase …
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Bringing Your Product Packaging to Life


As our world becomes increasingly digitalised, the role …
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How to Build a Great Design


Most of us can recognise a great design …
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Connect with your customers this Christmas season

Christmas might be just around the corner, but …
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Twitter and small business


Twitter is a social networking website, where users …
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Why Offline Marketing Still Works


An effective offline marketing campaign uses tactile marketing …
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Print Promotions are Alive and Kicking!


Catalogues and flyers as well as personalised direct …
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Personalisation is good for business

Why Personalisation is Good for Business


Variable printing, also known as variable data printing …
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How to create email marketing campaigns that work


In a world of instantaneous social media updates …
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Customer loyalty

Effective Ways to Thank Customers for their Loyalty


The silly season is upon us. Only a …
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What is large format printing?


If you’ve ever felt like your business …
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Christmas cards and calendars

Christmas Cards & Calendars


The festive season is a great time to …
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Marketing Goals vs. Marketing Objectives


Isn’t it always typical to have a …
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Setting your brand apart with great design

Setting your brand apart


You want great results for your business and …
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Winning goals for your small business

Winning goals for your small business

Sports sponsorship can be a fantastic way to …
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Is direct mail marketing still relevant?


In a word – ABSOLUTELY! In our increasingly digital …
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How to design packaging for your business


Branded packaging for your mail and distribution channels …
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Bar Coding and Distribution for Your Business Mail


Bar coding and distribution services can reduce costs

Creating Personalised Stationery for Your Business


Perfect for the budget conscious business owner, personalised business stationery is a simple way to increase brand awareness without breaking the bank.

Kwik Kopy’s ebook on making your brand bigger with large format printing


Kwik Kopy has teamed up with Smarter Business …
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Marketing your business with posters and banners


When it comes to the big stuff, it …
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Why branding is one of your most important marketing activities


Establishing brand identity is a crucial element in …
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5 ways to incorporate offline marketing for a successful business


In today’s marketplace, with so many businesses …
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How to create an effective business card


When it comes to networking tools, your business …
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Are you ready to start a small business?


When you’re starting a small business, help …
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5 tips for a profitable direct mail campaign


In today’s largely digital world, a physical …
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How to market your local business online


As a local business owner, you know how …
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Improving your business in the new financial year


It’s a new financial year, and now …
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When is it time to refresh your logo?


A well designed logo should serve you for …
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Small business branding tips that won’t break the bank


Running a small business is tough – and marketing …
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The value of style guides


A style guide is all about protecting your …
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Designing promotions on a fixed budget


The most common question that people ask when …
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Branding and your business


Creating the right brand identity for your business …
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Logo designs that create a lasting impression


As a representation of your business and the …
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Promotional merchandise – getting the most bang for your buck


The biggest driver for using branded promotions is …
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The big list of top lists


Each month there is a new top 10 …
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Logo Design that works in all places


Here’s why simple logo design is best …
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Designing Strategies for Small Business Brands


The internet is filled with competitive businesses. The …
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Why your branding identity is more than just a new logo design


The basic science of branding identity focuses on …
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Making Colours Work for your business


When it comes to choosing a colour for …
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Making typography work. What type are you?


Just as the colour you choose for your …
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The importance of good brand design


Branding is a word that’s often thrown …
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What to consider when choosing promotional products for your business


Promotional products can be a great way to …
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Style guides – learn from the big players


One of the big benefits of working with …
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Facebook for small business

3 Ways Small Business Can Use Facebook


Most business owners are challenged at the best …
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Kwik Kopy’s ebook on branding identity and logo design


Kwik Kopy has teamed up with Smarter Business …
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Easter Marketing for your Small Business


With Easter just around the corner, now is …
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5 Reasons why you need to build your business online


If you already have a website then you …
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Postcards printing

Please send a postcard!


The art of sending postcards is almost as …
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Guerilla marketing ideas

Guerilla marketing


While the concept of guerrilla marketing sounds like …
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Printing in a Digital World

Printing’s place in the digital world


With emails, iPhones and eBay ruling our lives …
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Always something there to remind me

Promotional Giveaways: Always something there to remind me

The lyrics of a 1960s Dionne Warwick hit …
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Christmas cards

Stand out from the crowd this Christmas


While there is something truly special about sending …
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Stickers for guerrilla marketing


In the marketing world, one thing is paramount …
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Printing and photocopying

5 good ideas for offline marketing


Online marketing is almost a given in this …
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Effective Promotional products

How to promote by giving back


Savvy retailers understand that customers are fickle, and …
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Successful Product Launches

5 steps for a successful product launch

If you’re planning a product launch, you …
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Benefits of a B2B Franchise

Why business stationery is still essential


The words “business stationery” lead most people to …
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Marketing Audit

Marketing audit for your business

Every business wants the same thing: for customers …
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A tutorial on Printed newsletters


Achieving constant brand visibility is often a tough …
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Christmas cards

Christmas cards with personality


Christmas cards put a smile on everyone’s …
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Corporate gifts

Kwik Kopy’s guide to Christmas corporate gift-giving


Used strategically, giving corporate gifts to clients and …
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AFL Cards

Get famous in just one footy season


Aussies love their sport, especially their footy. This …
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Calendar printing

Printing custom calendars


Printing a custom calendar to promote your business …
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Survival of the fittest

Survivial of the fittest business cards


Handing out your business card is the absolute …
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Email marketing

Blast your sales this spending season

If you’re like one of the many …
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Promote with calendars for all-year exposure


Promoting your brand can be hard work – especially …
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Personalised Printing

Brand empowerment through notepad printing


Customised notepad printing is a proven way of …
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Trade show printing

Best in show


Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way …
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Gifts that keep on giving

Retaining loyal clients is a necessary part of …
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Getting brand cut through?

Modern life is filled with brands; whether we …
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Got a big message?

When you’re looking to achieve the wow …
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Advertising 101

Advertising 101

It may be a cliche but it’s …
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5 reasons why you need a website

Like it or not, the 21st century is …
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Promoting Small Business

Promoting small business

The best promotion is, and always has been …
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