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Impact mail is a direct mail piece aimed at immediately catching the attention of its audience.  You don’t need to limit your campaign to a traditional rectangular shape.  Instead, you can send a mail piece in the shape of something associated with your product or brand and stand out from your competition.

Kwik Kopy is a recognised Impact Mail supplier who can work with you to produce your custom shaped direct marketing piece.

We can maximise the power of your printed Impact Mail piece by using:

Kwik Kopy can work with you to give your campaign the attention it deserves.  We can advise you on how to achieve instant and memorable brand recognition.

Impact Mail campaigns work well for product launches, events and a whole variety of marketing needs.

With an Impact Mail campaign, you have creative freedom to ensure the message stands out and achieves maximum impact with your target market.

With Impact Mail, you can:

  • Lodge bulk mailings of 300 or more articles
  • Maximise the space available for creative artwork
  • Send non-rectangular articles of virtually any shape or design
  • Use your brand or logo as the shape of the article for instant brand recognition
  • Leverage the attention-getting power of a dimensional article without hiding it in an envelope.

Impact mail printing

Studies show response rates to Impact Mail campaigns have proved higher compared to standard campaigns.  The more unique the article, the more likely customers and prospects are to retain and share it with friends and family, extending the life of the message.

Kwik Kopy works with Australia Post to create high-impact mailings that meet postal guidelines.

To find out more about how to give your message the cut-through it deserves in the marketplace, speak to a design and print expert at your local Kwik Kopy Centre.

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