Floor Decals

Covid Floor Signage stickersWhether you own a small shop or an industrial plant, there’s floor signage for you.

Advertise a product or ensure the safety of your employees with floor signage

Adhesive floor signage is ideal for leading customers to certain featured products. Lead a customer towards a sale, draw them in from outside with the classic footstep stickers or simply beautify your store.

But they also have a far more serious use – providing a safe workplace. Industrial floor signage has become an integral part of workplace safety. From direction to eye wash stations, warnings about required protective equipment in certain areas to first aid markers.

Warehouse floor signs can be used to demarcate certain areas for special purposes, mark off restricted areas or, as with industrial floor signs, provide safety instructions.

Floor signage in shopping centre areaWhatever your need, floor signage is the way to go.

Why adhesive floor signs?

  • Durable
  • Eye-catching
  • Different sizes
  • Custom options

Durable floor signage materials

These floor signs last a long time. They’re built to withstand the wear and tear of thousands of feet passing over them on a daily basis. An essential part of your business signage arsenal.

Eye-catching designs

Vibrant colours ensure these safety signs can’t be missed. This is a crucial factor in making sure employees see and adhere to the safety rules and that customers see your latest promo. Check out the NSW Safework website for more guidelines on workplace safety or search for your local state advocacy group.

Different Sizes

Different floor graphic sizes are available – but in safety, the bigger the better. Warehouses can benefit from larger floor signs too, where safety is paramount.

Custom floor signage options

Apart from the standard safety floor signage, you can have your own design printed onto your floor signage. It all depends on your specific needs.

Need a Design for your safety signs?

If you don’t want a standard design, and don’t have a design of your own, we can design a custom floor sign for your business.

Our expert graphic design teams have years of experience and are excellent at what they do. They’ll create a stunning design for you in no time.

Get a quote on floor signs & safety signs

Find out just how affordable your floor signage can be at Kwik Kopy. Stop by your nearest Centre and make your workplace safe, advertise your store or get your warehouse in order – for a lower price than you’d expect.

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