Business Card sizes

Business Card Sizes

Choose between a standard Business Card size or a custom business card size for your organisation.

Specialty business cards

Specialty Business Cards

Think Square, Vertical or Mini Business Cards, Magnets, Appointment Cards or Plastic Business Cards.

Business card finishes

Business Card Finishes

Business card finishes make all the difference: Premium, Economy, Matt, Gloss, Embossed or Foiled.

Business Card design

Business Card Design

Create a business card design that captures the spirit of your business.

Loyalty card printing

Loyalty Card Printing

Loyalty card printing services, including design and production of coffee cards and service cards.

Business stationery and business cards

Business Stationery

From business card to rubber stamps – ensure your logo leaves an impression with business stationery.

Creative business cards

Creative Business Card Ideas

View business card printing options that will showcase your business in a captivating way.

Double sided business cards

Single Or Double-Sided Cards?

A double-sided business card allows you to use the back to maximise your message.

Great business card designs

Create A Great Business Card

Some tips to ensure your business cards accurately reflect your brand and help you stand out.

Business Card Printing In Custom Shapes & Sizes

A printed business card can be one of your hardest-working employees. At Kwik Kopy, our expert designers tailor business cards for the best design, shape and card finish to suit your needs. Want a business card that keeps working for you long after the office closes? Talk to Kwik Kopy about business card printing.

Business Card sizes

Business Cards: Still Relevant.

Review the stats.

If you don’t believe us, just look at the numbers. There’s a reason why business cards are still used by the top businesses in the most profitable industries in the world, despite the rise of the digital age. And that reason is that they work.

What information should you include on a business card?

At a minimum, we recommend each business card should contain the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Business Name & Branding
  • Job title
  • Email
  • Phone (Office and/or mobile)
  • Website URL
  • Optional extras; Services listing, social media sites, fax numbers and physical address details.

What makes a good business card design?

While clearly presenting your contact information forms the heart of your business card, there are otherwise no strict rules in creating your card. We start off with a blank card and do what we can to represent your business while ensuring a fantastic printed piece at the end of the process. Are you looking for something sweet, elegant, and minimalist, or something more vibrant, colourful, and proud?

Whatever design or style you want in your business handshake, we can help you capture it. We offer every customisation and special finish possible, including:

Research shows that 88% of business cards are tossed out within a week, so at Kwik Kopy we recommend spending time and effort on design to keep yours in that other 12%. Bring us your full design or come by and give us a feel for your business. Either way, we’ll make the business card you can be proud to hand out.

Common paper stock for card printing

We can design business cards to reflect your brand and make it clear what you do. Looking for a card with a unique paper stock? We can design and print on custom paper stocks so your cards really stand out.

We offer a wide variety of business card paper stock options. These include:

  • 300gsm gloss paper
  • 300gsm linen paper
  • 300gsm 100% recycled paper
  • 300gsm premium satin paper
  • 250gsm uncoated paper

professionally designed business cards: Economy Business CardsSingle sided or double sided business cards?

While single-sided business cards might be more cost-effective, double-sided business card printing allows you to include more essential service information on the entire card. This better use of space means your important information won’t be crowded and your logo will have room to shine.

Kwik Kopy offers a huge selection of business card printing and design options, including:

  • Single-sided Print Designs
  • Double-Sided Cards
  • Special Paper Stock
  • Special Finishes Cards
  • Folded Business Cards
  • Die-cut Shapes

Looking for a business card printer? Speak to Kwik Kopy.

Check out our speciality business card printing services and see what other business stationery options we offer. Then give Kwik Kopy a call to get a business card quote or visit your nearest Centre for more help.

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