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Website & digital blog, tips, advice and online recommendations for small to medium business in Australia. View Kwik Kopy’s website blog for the latest in digital trends.

Offline promotions

10 simple ways to promote your business offline


There’s no doubt that it is natural for a company to invest in its online presence, but what a small business can learn from the big brands out there is that offline promotion continues to have the potential to effectively capture the attention of your customers and prospects.

Website health check

4 ways to give your website a health check


When you’ve taken all the right steps in setting up an online presence but still struggle to see the results, you might be asking yourself – what’s the point of a website anyway?

47 Ways to promote your website booklet

eBook: 47 ways to promote your website


Website built, what next?
Gone are the days …
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How to convert visitors into customers booklet

eBook: How to convert your website visitors into customers

Having trouble with conversion?
If you are getting …
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How to drive traffic booklet

eBook: How to drive website traffic with engaging content

Content is King, it really is!
You can …
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How to make your website look good e-booklet

eBook: How to make your website look good

More than just looking good.
The web is …
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Which platform for my website ebook

eBook: Which platform for my website

Sites vary and so too does our recommended …
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5 Secrets to planning a successful website booklet

eBook: 5 Secrets to plan your website

Your Business, Your Objectives = Your Website
The website …
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Promoting businesses online

10 steps to promoting your business online


Having a website for your business is a great first step to establishing an online presence.

Tech startups

Launching a tech startup: What’s your gameplan?


Launching any kind of business is a test of character. Ultimately, entrepreneurs hope it will be rewarding – both personally and financially – and in many cases it is. But the road to market is littered with potential obstacles.

SEO search

Simple SEO tips to boost your visibility


When customers are looking for a service you offer, it’s likely they’ll head to a popular search engine to find information, products or providers.

Mobile phone

The best apps for boosting productivity


Productivity is the horizon we’re always striving for, both as individuals and businesses. With distractions and bad habits constantly clawing at us, it’s easy to slip back into the mire of inertia. We need backup.

Mobile phone

Growing your business on LinkedIn & Instagram: A beginner’s guide


In the shadow of Facebook’s reach and influence, it can be easy to overlook the benefits of alternative social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

Typography web-design trend featured

2017 hottest web design trends to look out for


A great web design is a sure way capture the attention of consumers. If you’re uncertain where to start we’re here to help you with these 5 helpful web design trends that you can start using to improve the look of your website.

Social media people

7 tips to get the most from your social media efforts


It’s a crucial way to maintain visibility and stay competitive in the current climate.

Seasonal marketing tips

Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Posts With These 3 Easy Steps


Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website which can increase your customer following, grow your brand, teach and engage audiences about your products and services. Blog titles are often an overlooked part of delivering traffic. Read our article which teaches you how you can enhance your Blog Titles to boost your business.

Web traffic

3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


The number one goal of any business website is to attract traffic in order to generate sales. So to help you maximise your online potential, we’ve put together some cost-effective tips for enticing visitors to your site.

Reviews for search engine optimisation

How to Use Customer Reviews to Boost SEO and Conversions


Did you know… almost two thirds of your potential customers will read an online review before deciding to make a purchase from you? With these types of figures proving just how much user reviews can help drive your sales it’s important to understand just how and why you can use customer reviews to boost your SEO and conversions.

Improve user experience and improve seo

Why Breadcrumbs are the Secret Ingredient for… SEO


When you hear the mention of breadcrumbs you might think we’re about to share our latest favourite recipe with you, but in fact breadcrumbs is also the term for a web and digital ingredient that can make your website more accessible and help your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts.

3 tips to improving local search ranking

The Business Owners’ Guide to Improving SEO


We have put together a short guide for SME business owners to help improve SEO and ensure ranking in local searches.

SEO explained

Basic SEO Lingo Explained


To help you optimise your website and strengthen your online presence, we’ve put together a dictionary of search engine optimisation fundamentals to help you stay on top of all the phrases, abbreviations and acronyms being used in the SEO world today.

How to build brand awareness

How to Build Brand Awareness


Once you know exactly who you want your business to appeal to, then there are a few tricks and tips that help you continue to build customer loyalty and brand awareness. Let’s take a closer look…

Online business

Your Business is Online. Now What?


You’ve decided to take the plunge and get your business online. Make sure you take these 2 vital steps to building online success for your business.

Get smart with content marketing

Get smart with content marketing


While traditional marketing is still powerful in the …
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Website optimisation tips

6 tips to optimise your website

It’s amazing how just by tweaking position …
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Response logo design

Responsive Logos: What Are They and Why Do I Need One?


These days you not only need a good looking logo, you also need to have a logo design that looks good at any size or on any device it is being viewed on.

Email marketing top tips

5 Tips to Get Higher Email Open Rates on Mobile


Did you know that it takes someone just 3 seconds to decide whether to read or ignore your email? Check out our top 5 tips for higher email open rates.

Difference between Franchising and Traditional Business

3 Ways to Monitor Competitor Website Traffic


Ever wished you could be a fly on the wall of your competition? Check out how to see what your competitors are doing to attract visitors to their websites.

Debunking website myths

3 Website Myths Busted


As the online world evolves, we find that things rapidly go out of date and what we once took for the truth is quickly replaced with something completely new.

Benefits of having a mobile app for your business

Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?


A mobile app is another way for people to engage with your business and lets you make information even more accessible to your target market.

Writing an ebook

How to Write an eBook


An eBook can help you establish brand credibility not to mention showcase your expertise in a particular field or ability to provide solutions.

Future of printing

The Future Of Printing – What You Can Look Forward To!


The future of printing is an exciting prospect as technology is going ahead leaps-and-bounds and is constantly changing almost on a daily basis. This blog will showcase some of the key areas to look for in regards to the future of printing and how it might impact you and your business.

Photoshop mistakes

The Ultimate Photoshop Mistakes


Don’t become an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons. This blog highlights the all-too-common Photoshop mistakes.

Web design trends

2015 Web Design Trends


In the fast paced world of digital, web design is constantly evolving. We take a closer look at some of the new trends likely to emerge this year.

Digital email marketing ideas

Email Marketing Ideas


When it comes to digital marketing, email can be an inexpensive, far reaching and highly trackable option. Use these 3 great email marketing ideas for your next campaign.

Having a blog on your website

The Advantage of Having a Blog on your Website


Having a blog on your business website is a smart move if you want to engage people in your brand. Read more about why your business website needs a blog.

Website maintenance banner

Maintaining Your Website after Launch


A great web design should work hard for your business and to achieve this you need to make sure your website is well maintained after launch.

Social media influencers banner

Most Influential Brands on Social Media in 2014


Social media is an important part of everyday life for your customers and prospects, so it’s important that you successfully connect and share experiences with them online.

Using contrast in web design banner

How to Use Contrast in your Web Design


When it comes to website design, contrast is one of the most important things to consider. Without contrast communicating effectively is very difficult to achieve as your visual components will be out of balance.

Design tips for website visitors

Design Tips to Get More Website Visitors


We live in a competitive online world, so if you’re a small business owner then you need to find ways of making your website appeal to your target market.

Digital clean up tips

Digital Clean Up Tips


These days it’s easy to get caught …
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Typography in web design

Typography in Web Design


Typography is a big deal when it comes …
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Website footer ideas

Tips To Design Your Website Footer


When designing your business website, the website footer …
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Microcopy for websites

4 Tips for Designing Effective Microcopy for your Website


Microcopy is all those small bits of copy …
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Landing pages for your business

How to Make Your Landing Page Work for Your Business


A landing page is the page a person …
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Web design trends

Web Design Trends for 2015


2014 was a great year for web design …
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Blogging voice

3 Steps for Finding Your Brand’s Blogging Voice


Nod your head if you’ve ever thought …
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Understanding Meta Tags

A Beginners Guide to Understanding Meta Tags


Venturing into the world of Meta Tags, there …
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Building a strong brand identity

Building a Strong Brand Identity


A brand identity defines what your business stands …
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Desktop design

Desktop, Mobile or Tablet – Where Your Focus Should Be


Your Client’s Digital Device Preference: Where do …
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Building Your Brand on Social Media


Social media offers small business one of the …
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Tips For Creating Effective CTAs


As a small business, effective calls to action …
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1999 – 2014 A Web Design Timeline


The face of the Internet as we know …
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Designing Your Online Brand Guideline


When creating a style guide for your business …
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Explained


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way for …
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How to Improve Your Online Presence with Content Creation


If you want to improve your online presence …
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SEO Mistakes to Avoid


These days, a small business owner needs to …
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How to Prepare for a Website Redesign


Your website is the face of your brand …
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The 10 Most Creative Interactive Websites


Have you ever stumbled across a creative hotspot …
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4 Essential Things To Know About SEO


Customers and prospects expect to find your business …
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Wearable Technology


2014 is the year of wearable with many …
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How To Write Great Blog Headlines


When it comes to learning how to write …
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Tips For Your Email Signature


An email signature is a great way to …
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5 Business Blogging Success Stories


Thinking about starting business blogging?
If you’re …
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Bad Blogging Habits To Avoid


Every small business wants to create blog posts …
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Using Social Media For B2B


Content marketing is a must for businesses to …
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Social media for small business

Why Social Media Is Good For (Small) Business


In Australia, almost half of businesses have a …
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What is eCommerce

What is eCommerce?


eCommerce is one of the buzz words you …
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Cloud storage services

Our Top 6 Cloud Storage Services


Cloud storage is a must for business and …
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What is ScheduGram

What is ScheduGram?


If your small business uses Instagram as part …
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Gamification of marketing

Gamification and Marketing


Gamification is the act of incorporating gaming dynamics …
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Gaining long term social media followers

How To Gain Long Term Followers On Social Media


Social media is here to stay – and if …
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Location based services and marketing

Location-Based Services and Marketing


With GPS technology becoming more and more advanced …
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Youtube marketing campaigns

Our Favourite YouTube Marketing Campaigns


Every business wants to know the secret to …
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Browsing the internet on a lounge

How to Get Your Readers to Return to Your Website


Creating a great blog as part of your …
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Creating a successful business blog

Tips for Creating a Successful Business Blog


Blogs have become quite the phenomenon and there …
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Youtube playing on a screen

The Benefits of Using YouTube for Business


Finding new and effective ways to market your …
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Audio buttons

Using Audio On Your Website


Sound may not be the first thing that …
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Great landing pages

Examples Of Great Landing Pages


Learning how to put together a great landing …
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Making a great landing page

How To Make A Great Landing Page


A landing page is the page your site …
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Pay per click icon

Pay Per Click Advertising And Small Business


Every lead counts and never more so than …
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Email signature design

How To Optimise Your Email Signature


Imagine a world where every email blast you …
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Hashtags, Twitter chalk drawing

How To Use Hashtags


Hashtags first became clickable back in 2009 and …
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Facebook round button

Outdated Facebook Trends To Avoid


Social media is a great way to engage …
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Email marketing illustration

5 Awesome Examples Of Email Marketing To Inspire Your Next Campaign


Email marketing can be an effective way to …
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Online news

Tips For Creating An Effective eNewsletter


As businesses search for ways to maximise the …
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Office buzz

Why Minimalist Web Design Works


We live in a busy online world where …
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Data Capture and filing

Top 3 Effective Data Capture Habits


Every business relies on quality prospect data in …
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Creating a buzz around your website

Create a Buzz Around Your Website


Creating a buzz around your website lets customers …
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Clickbait - 3 hooks

Clickbait – Why We All Feel The Need To Click


We’ve all been there at one time …
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Pixelworkshop website layout

5 Website Layout Examples that really work


When it comes to great website layout examples …
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Email subject lines for b2b

Email Subject Lines For B2B


B2B email marketing is alive and kicking! What …
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Content marketing

Content Marketing Jargon Every Small Business Should Know


It’s no secret that content marketing is …
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Google locations report

Google Analytics Location Reports for Small Business


Have you ever wondered, where in the world …
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Growing your business - pink piggy bank

Promote Your Business Without Spending

If you think you don’t have the …
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Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid

4 Small Business Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


Digital marketing can often feel overwhelming for small …
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Conversion Rate Optimisation


These days personalisation is the key to success …
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Generate Leads with Mobile Marketing


Just as you get your online lead generation …
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Optimise Your URLs for Search


When it comes to your URLs, Google looks …
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Keeping Content Relevant After a Website Redesign


One of the biggest challenges of a website …
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Protecting Your Website from Negative SEO


Negative SEO is a potentially serious threat that …
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How to Attract Visitors – The Don’ts and Must Dos of Website Content


Every small business hopes for a high performance …
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Email Marketing – The Difference Between Soft and Hard Bounces


When it comes to email marketing metrics, hard …
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SEO Trends and Tips to Help Your Business


Once upon a time – a website inundated with …
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How Do You Get Your Video To Go Viral?


The world of small business has changed and …
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Why Your Business Needs a CMS


According to a recent study by W3Techs*, more …
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The Dynamic Duo – Introducing LinkedIn ‘Content Marketing Score’


If you’ve ever wondered how effective your …
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Engage and Convert With Video Content


It’s no secret that video content is …
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Our Favourite Design Apps


Just as the saying goes – there’s an …
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Choosing the Right Colour Buttons for Your Website


When you start designing a business website, you …
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How to Write an Excellent Call to Action


One of the most important aspects of your …
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4 Best Practice Web Design Tips


These days it can be easy to have …
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Google Authorship

Blog Publishing Checklist for Better SEO Results


Should I blog? How many times a week …
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The Difference Between Print and Web Design


You already know that print and web design …
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Email Marketing – Tips to Help Your Marketing Emails Get Opened!


Your email inbox is probably like the inbox …
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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Small Business Social Media Presence


Are you lagging behind on social media? For …
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5 Benefits of Blogging For Small Business


We no longer live in a world where …
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Top 5 Website Design Trends for 2014


As the year progresses we decided take a …
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Google Analytics for Small Business Owners


Google Analytics is a great tool for small …
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Connecting with your customers this Valentine's Day

Connecting With Your Customers This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is here again and this …
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Website Hosting – What You Need to Watch Out For


When it comes time to setting up the …
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Win a website

Enter now to win 1 of 5 $10K websites


We already have some fantastic entries but it …
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Cloud technology for small business

Cloud Technology for Small Business


Cloud technology has become very popular among many …
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How to register a domain name

How to register a domain name


Domain names are an important link in your …
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How to Make the Most of Your Online Videos

There’s little doubt that online business marketing …
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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business


The New Year is a wonderful time to …
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New Year, New Website


As we start the New Year, you maybe …
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Three Ways to Track Your Online Reputation


With the advent of social media, ‘word of …
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Professional Websites – getting the right look and feel!


Did you know that online visitors judge a …
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Connect with your customers this Christmas season

Christmas might be just around the corner, but …
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Twitter and small business


Twitter is a social networking website, where users …
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Social Media Security – How to Protect Your Business Social Media Accounts


With online interactions becoming such a big part …
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Making your content go viral

6 tips to take your piece of the viral content pie

‘Going viral’ is all about ensuring that your …
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Is Instagram Right For Your Small Business?


With over 130 million users and a mind …
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Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile Friendly Website


With more than a billion people around the …
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How Small Business Can Benefit from the Hashtag


Even if you’re relatively new to the …
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Top 10 Tips for Effective SEO Writing


The Internet is cluttered with information, and people …
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How to create email marketing campaigns that work


In a world of instantaneous social media updates …
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Introduction to Web Analytics


Measuring and analysing digital marketing activity has evolved …
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Why Videos Are a Must for Small Business


Video has become an increasingly powerful part of …
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What is Web2Print?


Web2Print, also known as remote publishing and print …
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How to Choose a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)


In order for a business to determine how to turn its customers into assets, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy is required. A CRM strategy should be built around the customers and be adaptive to the modern marketing environment.

SEO Essentials for your Small Business Website


These days most online website traffic comes from search engines, so it pays to understand a little bit about what it takes to get your business website appearing as high as possible in the search results.

website design

4 Ways to Create a Great Website For Your Business


Your website design can have a huge impact on the overall impression of your business and can add significant value to your customer’s experience. But when it comes to websites for small business what are some of the more important elements to consider?

Four basic things customers want from your website


Even if you don’t plan to offer …
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How to market your local business online


As a local business owner, you know how …
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Is Web2Print right for your business?


Web2Print (web to print), also known as print …
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Questions to ask to build a successful website


There are a number of questions you should …
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