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printed card vs ecards

Christmas eCards vs. Printed Cards


Christmas is a great time to show your customers that you value their business by sending them a card. Read our tips to help you decide whether printed cards or eCards are best for your business.

Business stationery needs

Business Stationery – What you need and why


New stationery is not just for new businesses. Here’s a list of what you need in your business stationery cupboard and why.

Benefits of online print management

The Benefits Of Online Print Management


In the hectic world of small business, it …
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Facebook printed books

Creating new connections with print: Print Case Study


Facebook and other tech companies know that print communications are an essential part of the marketing mix. Add an aspect of personalisation into your print marketing, and you’re likely to see even better engagement with your customers. We look at two case studies from Facebook and Myer.

seasonal marketing Halloween

Halloween Inspired Print Designs


Halloween is fast approaching and it offers a great theme to create fun and memorable campaign or event for your customers and prospects. From invitations and cards through to posters, flyers and banners – check out these Halloween-inspired print marketing ideas.

Branded promotional product range

5 reasons to include seasonal promotional products this Christmas


Seasonal Promotional Products Get Your Brand Noticed
Seasonal …
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Kwik Kopy Christmas cards 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Forget Christmas Cards

The festive season is about spreading some cheer and a Christmas card is a chance to show clients just how much you value their business and thank them for their loyalty – not to mention the fact it’s a great way to promote your brand. But don’t just limit yourself to sending Christmas cards to customers alone, as you can also send them to your suppliers and prospects too.

Tax time

The ultimate EOFY checklist for small businesses


Here we go. Tax Time 2016!

You don …
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Creating a repeat customer

How to Create a Repeat Customer


If you want customers to continue walking through …
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Qualities of a strong team

Qualities Needed for a Strong Team


As a small business owner, you rely on …
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Employee recruitment

How to Reduce Staff Turnover


Attracting and retaining the right people for any …
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Tips to reduce print waste

Top ways to reduce print waste in your workplace


Consider your own office and business for a moment. What aspects would you identify as producing the most waste on a day-to-day basis. There are the obvious ones like the waste paper bin or the kitchen area but what about the waste that is less obvious and costs you time and money on a daily basis?

Here are our top ways to reduce paper waste within your business and to stop chipping away at your bottom line.

2016 New Year resolutions

3 Top New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business


Whether you’re someone who makes or breaks New Year’s Resolutions, making a list of action items for the year ahead is a great way to kick-start 2016.

Are you ready to quit your job?

Your Guide to: Writing an eBook


You don’t have to write like a Pulitzer Prize winning author to write a great eBook for your business. All you need is a little know-how – which is why we’ve put together this short guide of useful hints and tips to help you get started.

Leveraging customer experience

How to Leverage Customer Experience


As a small business you are well-positioned to provide a far more personal service than any larger competitors. In fact, customer experience can be a key differentiator and become a real competitive advantage. Remember, as a small business you have speed and flexibility on your side so here are some tips to help you exceed your customers’ expectations every time.

Branded stationery pack

How to Choose the Right Printing Service for your Business


Check out our guide to help you get a professional printing service that is the right fit to meet the needs of your business.

Writing an ebook

How to Write an eBook


An eBook can help you establish brand credibility not to mention showcase your expertise in a particular field or ability to provide solutions.

Choosing double or single sided business card

Single or Double-sided Business Cards?


Your business card is one of the most important and effective marketing tools you can have if you get your design and printing just right. One of the dilemmas facing business owners is whether to print information on just one side of the business card or to use both sides. Here are some points to consider so that the option you choose for your business card makes a great first impression.

Large format printing press

Should You Outsource Your Business Printing?


All businesses having printing needs and if you want to create the best impression for your small business then it’s important to have quality print materials. Outsourcing your business printing delivers a number of business benefits and can save you valuable time and money. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of leaving your business printing to the professionals.

Future of printing

The Future Of Printing – What You Can Look Forward To!


The future of printing is an exciting prospect as technology is going ahead leaps-and-bounds and is constantly changing almost on a daily basis. This blog will showcase some of the key areas to look for in regards to the future of printing and how it might impact you and your business.

Going green with Kwik Kopy

Turning Your Office Green With Kwik Kopy


While moving away from paper altogether may be verging on impossible, making smart choices when it comes to your business’s day-to-day activities is much more achievable. This blog will outline the types of options available at Kwik Kopy for businesses that want to be friendlier to the environment from paper choices to daily routines.

Plants in the office

Increase your Office’s Productivity with Plants


Adding some plant life to your office is a great way to brighten up the workplace. But what you may not have realised until now is that it’s also really good for business. You see sprucing up the place with some much needed greenery is going to increase your team’s quality of life and their productivity.

Recycling at work

World Environment Day – Recycling at Work Tips


World Environment Day is also known as the ‘people’s day’ – when we as individuals are encouraged to do something positive for the environment. Given that most of us spend the majority of our time in the workplace, where better to focus your efforts. Check out these recycle tips to help get you started.

Business networking ideas

3 Tips For Networking Your Small Business


Business networking plays an important role in raising brand awareness and developing your small business.

Greenfield franchise

Buying a Franchise Greenfield: 101


A greenfield gets you all the positives of buying in a franchise: a tested business model, training and lots of support services. The difference is you’ll be building a franchise in a brand new area.

Food Franchise fail

Beware the Food Based Franchise

Not all franchise opportunities are created equal and finding the right one can be the difference between a happy future as a franchisee and a miserable one.

End of financial year tips

Preparing for the End of Financial Year


The end of the financial year is approaching and for a small business owner, the countdown to the 30th June often means a busy time

Setting goals

Buying a Business Checklist – 3 things you must do


Deciding to become your own boss is a big step, and it’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement of your newest adventure that you skip over an important step or two.

Business finance

How to Finance your Business Purchase

Unless you have a sizeable savings account, or an equity partner, it’s likely that you’ll need to borrow at least some money from a bank to finance your new business.

Customer loyalty

Top Ways to Reward Your Loyal Customers


With competitors only a click away it’s more important than ever to take care of your customers. The key is in delivering a great customer experience..

Exceed customer expectations

Top 5 Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations


Exceeding customer expectations is a great way to build brand loyalty and repeat business. But it’s not about telling people how great you are…

Creative business card designs

Inspiration: Creative Business Card Designs


If you want to make a great first impression – and leave a lasting impression with your customers and prospects then draw some inspiration from these innovative business card designs.

Photoshop mistakes

The Ultimate Photoshop Mistakes


Don’t become an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons. This blog highlights the all-too-common Photoshop mistakes.

Effective email marketing

Tips For Effective Email Marketing


An effective email marketing campaign helps you nurture your existing contacts to grow your business as well as increase your database of prospects.

Digital photography for print

Digital Photography For Print Explained


If you want great images for your business then a basic understanding of digital photography printing is a must.

Cavas prints

Make Your Canvas Prints Pop!


Canvas is a great medium to give your photos & prints more of a presence. In this post we provide some tips for getting the most from your canvas prints.

Colour Theory

Colour Theory 101


If you want to know more about creating business graphics or just really into design, then it’s vital to understand a little bit about colour theory.

Packaging design tips 2015

Packaging Trends for 2015


We can expect to see some wonderful packaging trends shape our world in 2015. Functionality will continue to be important but the packaging itself can also become the hero and help bring your brand

Logo redesigns

Top Logo Redesigns of 2014


A well designed logo should work for a long time for your business – that is as long as it’s relevant. Take a look at our picks for some of the top logo redesigns of last year.

Event signage ideas

Event Signage Ideas from Around the World


Standing out in front of an audience at an event means smart use of signage. When having a booth or a stage at a small expo or a global expo, signage needs to be at the forefront of your event planning.

Digital clean up tips

Digital Clean Up Tips


These days it’s easy to get caught …
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Classic Australian music poster design

Top 5 Classic Australian Music Posters of All Time


Both music and art visually express what you …
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Colour theory

Understanding Colour Theory


Colour theory is all about how colour works …
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Creative office decal printing

5 Creative Office Decal Ideas From Around The World


Is your office a showstopper? Is it a …
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Principles of design

The Principles of Design


Great design has an important role to play …
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New Year's Resolutions for small business

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business


It’s a new year and for many …
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The Silence of the lambs Movie poster

Top Classic Movie Posters of All Time


Think about a movie that you’ve being …
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Take good photos for business

10 Tips on How to Take Good Photos


Anyone can be a photographer these days. No …
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Business survival tips for christmas

Business Survival Tips for Christmas


Running a business can be a challenge at …
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Christmas marketing campaigns

Awesome Christmas Marketing Campaigns


This time of year provides the ideal theme …
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Office messages over the holiday season

Tips For Your Out Of Office Message Over The Holiday Season


Everybody is busy at this time of year …
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Print & Digital

Bridging The Gap Between Print & Digital: Innovative Ballpoint Pen


Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this …
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Secret santa mug

Secret Santa Ideas and Tips for the Office


The Christmas countdown has started and if you …
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Printing on Vinyl

The Benefits of Printing on Vinyl


The first thing you need to know about …
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Festive eCards

Top Tips for Sending Festive eCards


‘Tis the season – for your business to send …
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Business christmas parties

DOs and DON’Ts for Your Business Christmas Parties


The silly season is upon us and it …
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Famous marketing campaigns

5 Famous Marketing Campaigns To Aspire To


Have you ever caught yourself humming a catchy …
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Classic movie poster designs - the Dark Knight

Our Favourite Inspiring Classic Movie Posters


A classic movie poster is one that makes …
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Music poster design - Jimi Hendrix

Our Top 5 Favourite Gig Posters For Inspiration


Gig posters – a world where art and music …
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New Guerrilla marketing - great white shark

Why Going Viral is the New Guerrilla Marketing


Picture this. You’re walking through a shopping …
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Understanding Meta Tags

A Beginners Guide to Understanding Meta Tags


Venturing into the world of Meta Tags, there …
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Christmas cards

Christmas Cards – Dos and Don’ts


Sending a card can be great for business …
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Formula billboard advertising

More Creative Billboard Advertising


Creative billboard advertising is an effective way to …
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Desktop design

Desktop, Mobile or Tablet – Where Your Focus Should Be


Your Client’s Digital Device Preference: Where do …
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Plan printing

The Difference Between Poster Printing And Plan Printing


Large format printers can achieve a wonderful high …
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Banners printing

How To Keep Your Banners At Their Best


A banner can be a powerful way to …
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Why you need a designer

5 Reasons You Need A Professional Graphic Designer


It’s forgiveable for small businesses to want …
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Choosing paper stock

Choosing The Right Paper Stock


Choosing the right paper stock for your print …
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Creative Billboard Advertising


Billboards can be the perfect way to make …
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Trending, Trending, Gone – When is it too late to post viral content?


Viral content can create an advantage for a …
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Unbelievable Intricate Paper Art


Paper cutting is an art that dates back …
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Window Display Inspiration


If you’re looking for some inspiration then …
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What is Large Format Printing?


Large format is all about bringing to life …
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1999 – 2014 A Web Design Timeline


The face of the Internet as we know …
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Things You Need To Know About Stock Imagery


Stock images can be seen everywhere both in …
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The 5 Worst Cliché Blog Topics


There’s a point during every bloggers (shelf …
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RGB vs. CMYK vs. PMS


RGB, CMYK and PMS are acronyms you see …
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5 Business Blogging Success Stories


Thinking about starting business blogging?

If you’re …
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Social media for small business

Why Social Media Is Good For (Small) Business


In Australia, almost half of businesses have a …
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What is eCommerce

What is eCommerce?


eCommerce is one of the buzz words you …
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Cloud storage services

Our Top 6 Cloud Storage Services


Cloud storage is a must for business and …
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Order Print Online icon

Online Shop: We’re Ready When You Are


Kwik Kopy’s online shop is up and running and we’re ready to celebrate! Be one of the next 50 people who place an order at www.kwikkopy.com.au/e-commerce to win a free movie ticket.

Hashtags, Twitter chalk drawing

How To Use Hashtags


Hashtags first became clickable back in 2009 and …
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Facebook round button

Outdated Facebook Trends To Avoid


Social media is a great way to engage …
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Google my business cartoon

What is ‘Google My Business?’


If you’re a small business owner, it …
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Google hangouts, office

Google Hangouts Explained


Google Hangouts is rapidly gaining popularity as an …
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Viral videos and popcorn

Friday Fun – Top 10 Trending Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Data Capture and filing

Top 3 Effective Data Capture Habits


Every business relies on quality prospect data in …
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Clickbait video player

Friday Fun Videos – Top 10 – July 11


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Clickbait - 3 hooks

Clickbait – Why We All Feel The Need To Click


We’ve all been there at one time …
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Friday fun videos

Friday Fun – 10 Videos in Under 20 Seconds


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Customer recommendations

Top 3 Ways To Be Remembered


Whether you’re Richard Branson, Bill Gates or …
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Funny viral videos - directors chair

Top 10 Friday Funny Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Networking handshake

Networking 101


As a business owner it’s easy to …
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Happy business people

How To Be Liked In Business


There is no doubt that certain people seem …
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The Evolution of Celebrity Endorsements


Using a celebrity to endorse a product in …
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Top 10 Trending Viral Videos – June 13


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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The Most Used Fonts Used By Professionals in Design


If you’ve ever wondered how your graphic …
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Facebook Tips That Don’t Really Work


When it comes to Facebook and your small …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Trending Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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What is Inbound Marketing?


For years companies have spent time, energy and …
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Generate Leads with Mobile Marketing


Just as you get your online lead generation …
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Friday Fun May 30 – Top 10 Trending Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Proof reading checklist

Proofreading Checklist


Proofreading is essential before anything representing your brand …
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Customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty & Brand Advocates for Small Business


Customer loyalty is the gold star in the …
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A Brief History of the A Series Paper Size

A4 paper is something we’re all familiar …
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David Mach Skull

The Artists Behind the Worlds Best Intricate Matchstick Art


There is definitely no shortage of artistic talent …
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Protecting Your Website from Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a potentially serious threat that …
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How to get sales and marketing to work together

How to Get Sales and Marketing to Work Together


Once upon a time there was a king …
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Franchising: Keys to Success


If you’re keen to start your own business, owning a franchise could put you on the path to success. You not only get a proven business model but an established brand in the marketplace. But to make sure you run a profitable business you need to dedicate your time to learning everything about your franchise organisation as well as employ the right people for the job.

Friday Fun – Top 10 Trending Viral Videos May 16


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Trending Viral Videos May 9


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Trending Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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You Don’t Need Industry Experience to Own a Franchise


Starting a business can be stressful and taking the plunge to leave the comfort of your job to go it alone takes a lot of courage. In moments of doubt, you might even find yourself thinking that you don’t have enough experience to make it on your own. But we’re here to tell you that when it comes to owning a franchise, prior experience really isn’t necessary.

Top 10 Award Winning Product Packaging Designs


Product packaging – from the way it’s delivered …
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The Dynamic Duo – Introducing LinkedIn ‘Content Marketing Score’


If you’ve ever wondered how effective your …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos


It’s Friday which can only mean one …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos


It’s that time of the week when …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Footy is Back!


As proud sponsors of the Sydney Swans, we …
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Minimising Risk When Starting A Small Business


Starting any new business can feel risky and …
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Animal Planet

5 Great Examples of How Logo Redesigns Went Wrong


We have seen all the very best in …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos: Australian Style


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Buyer personas

How to Develop a Buyer Persona in 6 Simple Steps


We all know that selling fish to a …
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Top 10 Viral Videos

Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Going Green

Going Green


These days, environmental sustainability is an integral part …
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Project Management

Project Management – Tracking Projects with Microsoft Project


If you find yourself juggling a number of …
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Graphic design software

What to Look for When Selecting Graphic Design Software


In the artistic world of graphic design any …
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Friday Fun – Viral Videos


It’s that time of the week when …
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Movie Review – The Book Thief


The Book Thief
Directed by Brian Percival131 minutesRated …
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Google Analytics for Small Business Owners


Google Analytics is a great tool for small …
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Powerful Presentation Tips


Need to give a presentation? You probably already …
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True Type, Safe Fonts, Serif and Sans Serif – Fonts Explained!


Choosing the right font for your small business …
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How Optical Character Recognition Can Benefit Your Business


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that …
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Connecting with your customers this Valentine's Day

Connecting With Your Customers This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is here again and this …
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Is it Time to Throw Out Your Fax Machine?


While the fax machine might not technically be …
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Email Etiquette for Your Small Business


These days it’s almost impossible to conduct …
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Top 10 Viral Videos


It’s that time of the week, when …
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Win a website

Enter now to win 1 of 5 $10K websites


We already have some fantastic entries but it …
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Why Choose Australian Made/Owned?


Australian consumers are some of the most discerning …
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Cloud technology for small business

Cloud Technology for Small Business

Cloud technology has become very popular among many …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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American Hustle

Movie Review – American Hustle


American Hustle
Directed by David O. Russell138 minutesRated …
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Tips for motivating staff

6 Tips for Motivating Awesome Staff & Business Success


Creating a team of happy, motivated and efficient …
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Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos


Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work …
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Keeping Organised with Sticky Notes


Most people have heard the story about how …
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Inkjet or Laser – Which Printer is Right for Your Business?


Deciding which type of printer is the right …
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Australian Viral Marketing


Social media has changed the face of online …
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Trademarking a logo

How to Trademark a Logo in Australia


How many businesses could you identify solely based …
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QR Codes for Your Business

Quick response (QR) codes were originally developed in …
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Print Trends 2014 – 3D Printers


By now you’ve no doubt heard of …
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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business


The New Year is a wonderful time to …
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Twitter and small business


Twitter is a social networking website, where users …
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Social Media Security – How to Protect Your Business Social Media Accounts


With online interactions becoming such a big part …
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Keeping Up With Designers

Designers are an elusive bunch aren’t they …
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Making your content go viral

6 tips to take your piece of the viral content pie

‘Going viral’ is all about ensuring that your …
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Print Promotions are Alive and Kicking!


Catalogues and flyers as well as personalised direct …
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Top 4 LinkedIn tips for small business


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network …
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Is Instagram Right For Your Small Business?


With over 130 million users and a mind …
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How Small Business Can Benefit from the Hashtag


Even if you’re relatively new to the …
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6 Rules for Choosing the Perfect Business Name


Choosing a business name can be daunting, and …
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The Difference between Rights Managed and Royalty Free Images


Selecting an appropriate stock image for your blog …
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Top Uses for Canvas other than Photos


Here are our top 10 innovative ideas on how to best use canvasses in your business.

3D Printing – What, How and What’s Next?


3D printing offers a lot of potential for business owners and entrepreneurs, promising a more cost effective method of manufacturing. For consumers, manufacturing a much needed end user product using a 3D printer may in fact be much quicker than having to order it from overseas.

Paper Art from Around the Globe


Paper art is multidimensional, flexible and intricate. We’re not just talking about origami or high school paper planes here… but marvelling at the cutting, carving folding and sculpting of paper to create incredible 3D paper sculptures. Check out 5 of the most astounding works of paper art from incredible artists around the globe.

Why a copywriter is good for business


Whether you’re writing content for your website …
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Is owning a small business right for you?


It’s a common misconception that the biggest …
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The pros and cons of a family run business


A family business, in the right circumstances, can …
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Why personalised business stationery matters


With so many companies making the move to online and focusing on social media marketing, it can be easy to forget to consider the impact of some of the most important means of communication with customers – your business stationery.

The big list of top lists


Each month there is a new top 10 …
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Business giving back to the community


You want your business to find a way …
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Introducing NFC


Here at Kwik Kopy, we’re excited about …
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Kwik Kopy announce 2013 Kwik Kopy Hands Classic charity bike ride


The 2013 Kwik Kopy Hands Classic will take …
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Offset Printing with Kwik Kopy

Offset printing: An overview


Although the first offset printing press for paper …
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History of printing

The history of printing


These days, most of us think nothing of …
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Working from home

Home is where the work is


Come on, admit it. Pretty much all of …
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Zenith Brochure

Zenith web2print: view our latest brochure


Ordering and editing your print online has never …
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Zenith web2print


Just like in the dating world, a business …
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Going green in the workplace

While many appreciate that going green in the …
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Listen, listen, listen to sell, sell, sell

Salespeople have not had the best reputation over …
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The Da Google Code

While it is not necessary to be a …
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