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Large format mistakes

Why professional development is good for business


Professional development offers the perfect opportunity for business owners and their teams to expand their knowledge, skills and experience.

Time saving tips: clock

Business app – RescueTime review

These days people are more distracted than ever before, and the ability to focus on meaningful tasks is fast becoming a rare talent.

Social media people

The art of networking: Seven steps to successful networking


When the mechanics of operating a business consume our time and energy, it can be easy to forget the soft skills of networking.

Business plan

Simple steps to writing your company’s business plan


When you start a business, there are so many things on your to-do list that writing a business plan might not be your top priority. But having a business plan is an important step that helps you lay a solid foundation on which to grow your small business.

productive work colleagues with checklist

Tips to maximise your productivity


Ever wondered how some people always seem to …
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Small business finance

Small business financial assistance


Small businesses face an uphill battle to keep budgets under control. But there is help available.

new business: alarm clock

New year, new you: it’s time to start your business


If not now, when? 

While nature’s new beginnings always follow the chill of winter, the spring within each of us typically arrives in January.

Plants in the office

Increase your Office’s Productivity with Plants


Adding some plant life to your office is a great way to brighten up the workplace. But what you may not have realised until now is that it’s also really good for business. You see sprucing up the place with some much needed greenery is going to increase your team’s quality of life and their productivity.

starting a business: cafe

8 steps to starting a successful small business


Starting a successful small business is a bit like running a marathon, it takes a lot of preparation, can feel extremely daunting and requires a serious commitment if you want to make it to the finish-line.

new business: alarm clock

6 time-saving tips for running your business


Running a business is never straightforward. Even when you’ve got it down to a fine art, new problems appear and eat into your day. Jobs queue up and inevitably spill over into your personal time.

Social responsibility

How to be a small business with social purpose

Starting a business is never easy. It’s an uphill battle for sure. Accepted wisdom dictates that if you keep your head above water for two years ‒ by any means necessary ‒ you’re rewarded with tenure as a profitable venture. Only, that’s not true.

Tech startups

Launching a tech startup: What’s your gameplan?


Launching any kind of business is a test of character. Ultimately, entrepreneurs hope it will be rewarding – both personally and financially – and in many cases it is. But the road to market is littered with potential obstacles.

Team culture

Team culture: 4 steps to a healthy & happy culture


Running a business can be challenging. There are plenty of times when the workload can feel overwhelming and motivation runs thin.

Atune Banner

5 effective ways to build a brand for your small business


Branding is a key aspect of any business large or small, so if you’re setting up a small business then it’s important to know what this essential business term means and how you can effectively brand your new company.


The legal side of starting a small business


So you’re ready to start a new business, you’ve come up with the perfect business name, and you’ve written a great business plan.

Tech startups

Home office vs coworking: what’s right for me?


There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to working. Certain environments will always suit some industries or personality types more than others.

Qualities of a strong team

Qualities Needed for a Strong Team


As a small business owner, you rely on …
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Employee recruitment

How to Reduce Staff Turnover


Attracting and retaining the right people for any …
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2016 New Year resolutions

3 Top New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business


Whether you’re someone who makes or breaks New Year’s Resolutions, making a list of action items for the year ahead is a great way to kick-start 2016.

Are you ready to quit your job?

Your Guide to: Writing an eBook For Business


You don’t have to write like a Pulitzer Prize winning author to write a great eBook for your business. All you need is a little know-how – which is why we’ve put together this short guide of useful hints and tips to help you get started.

Leveraging customer experience

How to Leverage Customer Experience


As a small business you are well-positioned to provide a far more personal service than any larger competitors. In fact, customer experience can be a key differentiator and become a real competitive advantage. Remember, as a small business you have speed and flexibility on your side so here are some tips to help you exceed your customers’ expectations every time.

Business networking ideas

3 Tips For Networking Your Small Business


Business networking plays an important role in raising brand awareness and developing your small business.

End of financial year tips

Preparing for the End of Financial Year


The end of the financial year is approaching and for a small business owner, the countdown to the 30th June often means a busy time

Customer loyalty

Top Ways to Reward Your Loyal Customers


With competitors only a click away it’s more important than ever to take care of your customers. The key is in delivering a great customer experience..

Digital photography for print

Digital Photography For Print Explained


If you want great images for your business then a basic understanding of digital photography printing is a must.

New Year's Resolutions for small business

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business


It’s a new year and for many …
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Take good photos for business

10 Tips on How to Take Good Photos


Anyone can be a photographer these days. No …
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Office messages over the holiday season

Tips For Your Out Of Office Message Over The Holiday Season


Everybody is busy at this time of year …
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Print & Digital

Bridging The Gap Between Print & Digital: Innovative Ballpoint Pen


Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this …
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Secret santa mug

Secret Santa Ideas and Tips for the Office


The Christmas countdown has started and if you …
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Business christmas parties

Dos and Don’ts for Your Business Christmas Parties


The silly season is upon us and it …
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Why you need a designer

5 Reasons You Need A Professional Graphic Designer


It’s forgiveable for small businesses to want …
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Trending, Trending, Gone – When is it too late to post viral content?


Viral content can create an advantage for a …
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Unbelievable Intricate Paper Art


Paper cutting is an art that dates back …
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Google my business cartoon

What is ‘Google My Business?’ Australia


If you’re a small business owner, it …
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Google hangouts, office

Google Hangouts Explained


Google Hangouts is rapidly gaining popularity as an …
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Customer recommendations

Top 3 Ways To Be Remembered in Business


Whether you’re Richard Branson, Bill Gates or …
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Networking handshake

Networking 101


As a business owner it’s easy to …
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Happy business people

How To Be Liked In Business


There is no doubt that certain people seem …
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Facebook Tips That Don’t Really Work


When it comes to Facebook and your small …
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What is Inbound Marketing?


For years companies have spent time, energy and …
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Proof reading checklist

Proofreading Checklist for Printed Material


Proofreading is essential before any anything representing your …
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Top 10 Award Winning Product Packaging Designs


Product packaging – from the way it’s delivered …
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Project Management

Project Management – Tracking Projects with Microsoft Project


If you find yourself juggling a number of …
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Graphic design software

What to Look for When Selecting Graphic Design Software


In the artistic world of graphic design any …
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Movie Review – The Book Thief


The Book Thief
Directed by Brian Percival131 minutesRated …
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Powerful Presentation Tips


Need to give a presentation? You probably already …
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True Type, Safe Fonts, Serif and Sans Serif – Fonts Explained!


Choosing the right font for your small business …
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How Optical Character Recognition Can Benefit Your Business


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that …
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Is it Time to Throw Out Your Fax Machine?


While the fax machine might not technically be …
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Email Etiquette for Your Small Business


These days it’s almost impossible to conduct …
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Why Choose Australian Made/Owned?


Australian consumers are some of the most discerning …
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American Hustle

Movie Review – American Hustle


American Hustle
Directed by David O. Russell138 minutesRated …
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Tips for motivating staff

6 Tips for Motivating Awesome Staff & Business Success


Creating a team of happy, motivated and efficient …
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Australian Viral Marketing Examples


Social media has changed the face of online …
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Print Trends 2014 – 3D Printers


By now you’ve no doubt heard of …
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Top 4 LinkedIn tips for small business


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network …
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6 Rules for Choosing the Perfect Business Name


Choosing a business name can be daunting, and …
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The Difference between Rights Managed and Royalty Free Images


Selecting an appropriate stock image for your blog …
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Why a copywriter is good for business


Whether you’re writing content for your website …
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Is owning a small business right for you?


It’s a common misconception that the biggest …
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The pros and cons of a family run business


A family business, in the right circumstances, can …
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Why personalised business stationery matters


With so many companies making the move to online and focusing on social media marketing, it can be easy to forget to consider the impact of some of the most important means of communication with customers – your business stationery.

How business can give back to the community


You want your business to find a way …
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Kwik Kopy announce 2013 Kwik Kopy Hands Classic


The 2013 Kwik Kopy Hands Classic will take …
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Offset Printing with Kwik Kopy

Offset printing: An overview


Although the first offset printing press for paper …
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History of printing

The history of printing


These days, most of us think nothing of …
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Working from home

Home is where the work is – Working from home


Come on, admit it. Pretty much all of …
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Zenith web2print


Just like in the dating world, a business …
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Going green in the workplace

While many appreciate that going green in the …
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The Da Google Code

While it is not necessary to be a …
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