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Document Scanning

Marketing Campaign and StrategyDigital document scanning allows you to scan, save, send and store with convenience, quality and peace of mind

Document Scanning Services

When you need to create digital replicas of important hardcopy documents, look to our professional scanning service. The process runs at high speed enabling hundreds of pages to be scanned at top quality in minimal time.

Scanning Paper Sizes

We can provide scanning for documents from A6 paper size to A5, A4, A3 and custom scanning of files up to 1100mm.

How Digital Scanning works:

Step 1: Document Collection

Our team collect and store your documents while converting them into electronic files.

Step 2: Document Scans / Digitisation

We then scan all files in colour up to a DPI of 600, with searchable functionality. This means that you can not only find the file when you need it but also zero in on the relevant sections of large files.

Kwik Kopy has the capability to scan oversized files, such as plans, etc.

Step 3: Storage of your Documents

We then hold your original files for 6 months, allowing you the time to check them for completeness.

Step 4: Secure Destruction of Original Paperwork

If required, Kwik Kopy can organise the secure destruction of your original paperwork and print files.

We believe that digitisation of your critical paperwork minimises wasted time and increases productivity whilst ensuring the protection of your company’s information.

Document scanning for businessBenefits of Document Scanning

Document Security

Document and data security is paramount for businesses due to the privacy regulations and policies that need to be adhered to. Scan your documents and encrypt them for extra security before uploading to the cloud. This also ensures you have a record of important data in case of any disaster recovery efforts.

Less Filing Boxes and More Office Space

Reduce the clutter and minimise your wasted office space dedicated to document storage by scanning your important files in bulk. Digital scanning will make the locating important information easier for staff and ensure you aren’t paying commercial rental rates for rows of filing boxes.

Improve Customer Service

Scanning your files and uploading them online doesn’t just assist your staff, it can also be a helpful tool for your customers. If customers or suppliers require document records to be kept online for a period of time, talk to our team about how document scanning can assist.

Our Scanning Service Locations

Our scanning service is handy for HR records, legal files or financial documents – reducing physical storage issues and enhancing disaster recovery and data retrieval. Contact Kwik Kopy for a scanning quote today.

Kwik Kopy Scanning in Sydney
Kwik Kopy Scanning in Brisbane
Kwik Kopy Scanning in Melbourne
Kwik Kopy Scanning in Perth
Kwik Kopy Scanning in Adelaide
Kwik Kopy Scanning in Canberra

Whether your job involves text or images, we save your high resolution scans to disk, allowing you to email, embed or archive the file quickly and conveniently.

  • HR Record Scanning
  • Legal File Scanning
  • Financial Doc Scanning
  • Government Department Scanning

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