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Going Green with Environmental Printing

Going GreenThese days, environmental sustainability is an integral part of the modern business strategy, not to mention a tough and challenging issue requiring ongoing review and development. There is no doubt that printing is a very resource intensive process using plenty of paper and ink.

But when it comes to producing print collateral, there are eco-friendly options for small business owners. Green printing options provide a chance to offset the energy used in the paper and print industry. It’s also an opportunity to produce the highest quality work but within a safe environment that takes into consideration the need to create a sustainable future.

There are four things to consider when it comes to green printing, including the ink, paper, energy use and carbon. When we say green ink, we don’t mean the colour but the material with which it’s prepared – is it made from non-toxic materials?

When it comes to ‘going green’ – the print industry has its own certification program. The Printing Industries Sustainable Green Print (SGP) program introduces high standards of management and control and helps printing companies meet their environmental responsibilities and go above and beyond compliance. 

We’ve met many small business owners who start out with the best intentions of making their print collateral as environmentally friendly as possible. But when it comes to understanding labels and paper standards, even the most green-conscious people can have second thoughts.

Deciding to commit to green printing is a great way to further enhance your business reputation, but with so much information out there about how to be environmentally friendly, learning about green printing options can (more often than not) be overwhelming.

To help you figure out what paper stock will work for your jobs and to help you go green without the headache, Kwik Kopy has an environmental paper stock guide that helps you make sense of green standards and labels.

For help developing a green printing action plan, speak to your local Kwik Kopy Centre today.

You can also read more about Kwik Kopy’s commitment to sustainable print practices at https://www.kwikkopy.com.au/printing-services/green-options/environment-statement

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