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printed flyers in full colourVibrant colour printing adds interest, create a mood or can simply draw attention to your printed document

Colour Printing:  Offset & Digital

Full-colour flyers, brochures and business stationery attract attention and spell quality. And with onsite digital and offset technology, Kwik Kopy can offer colour printing for any print run size.

Research shows that by using colour in your printed communications you can create maximum impact, increasing recall and response. Our design and print specialists can help you use colour to make your message work across your brochures, reports and advertising material.

When to use Digital Printing

Digital printing is ideal for short runs that require a fast turnaround. Although this type of printing is fast, you can rest assured your job will be completed in high quality. When combined with variable data printing, digital colour printing is suitable for personalising items such as newsletters, calendars, catalogues and brochures.

Digital Printing is Perfect for Customisation

Digital colour printing is a fantastic tool for printing customised pieces, such as direct mail and short run stationery. A database can be merged with the digital print file to enable us to print a compelling marketing piece that is much more likely to get noticed.

Benefits of Digital Print Runs

Speed to market and customised results are just some of the fantastic benefits of digital printing services. Kwik Kopy are the experts in digital print. Our digital print product range includes:

When to use Offset Printing

When you require high quality prints over a long run, offset printing is the ideal method. Used for everything from colourful flyers to lengthy magazines, offset printing also keeps colours consistent. This can be vital, particularly for branded documents requiring consistent use of corporate colours. Offset printing is generally the most cost-effective printing method over long runs.

What Does Offset print Mean?

The term Offset printing takes its name from the ‘offset’ way in which the printing process works. The final image of the page requiring the duplication is put onto printing plates, which are then dampened with water and coated with ink.  The image is not applied directly from these printing plates to the chosen paper stock – instead it is transferred to a rubber blanket, and then stamped from the rubber to the paperstock (which is where the term offset comes from).

Why Choose An Offset Printer?

A printer specialising in offset services can assist you in producing quality print products such as:

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