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Franchising FAQ

Franchise buying frequently asked questions (FAQs,) franchise buying tips & advice about becoming a franchisee.

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions (FAQs) people ask when considering a Kwik Kopy franchise business.

Becoming a Kwik Kopy franchisee means you get to work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a flexible franchise model, where each Centre is fully-equipped to create high-quality services on-site. As part of the Kwik Kopy family, you get to tap into a highly established and recognised brand, giving you plenty of leverage in the market. What’s more, you’ll have an extensive support network all committed to your success.

What services do Kwik Kopy Centres provide to their customers?

Kwik Kopy centres deliver practical advice, print, graphic design and advanced online access to provide customers with superior communication products to enhance their business. As a Kwik Kopy Franchise Owner you could be delivering a wide range of print and online solutions including business cards, brochures, catalogues, training materials, graphic design services, marketing plans, websites, email newsletter and direct marketing campaigns. No two days are the same and the good news is that you don’t require any previous print, design or digital experience. We provide you with full training and support.

Are Kwik Kopy Centres open on Weekends?

As Kwik Kopy is a business- to-business (B2B)) franchise operation we are open business hours Monday to Friday.

What type of person becomes a Kwik Kopy franchisee?

An important step in your franchise buying journey is to consider if a business is the right fit for you. Here at Kwik Kopy, we are proud of our reputation for recruiting exceptional franchisees who share our vision and passion for the Kwik Kopy brand. We see a Kwik Kopy franchisee as self-motivated with business acumen, some entrepreneurial flair and an absolute passion for customer service.

What would my role involve as a Kwik Kopy franchisee?

Owning your own franchise is a hands-on job. We require all our franchisees to be highly committed and working within in their business from Monday to Friday. From the training of staff through to delivering the highest level of customer service. Kwik Kopy Franchise Owners find that part of running a successful business is to also take time to be involved in the local community through business development and marketing activities.

Will I have to go through a franchisee selection process with Kwik Kopy Australia?

YES. At Kwik Kopy we believe that a thorough recruitment and selection process ensures the right fit for all parties involved. We look for franchisees who not only share our passion for quality printing and customer service excellence, but who are also 100% committed to building and running their own successful business. Read more about the Kwik Kopy recruitment process.

How long does it take to become a Kwik Kopy franchise owner?

The time it takes to become a Kwik Kopy franchisee can be anywhere between two (2) to six (6) months. Timeframes vary on a case-by-case basis and largely depend on the type of opportunity you are interested in:
• Purchase of existing Centre (known as a Resale)
• Development of a brand-new Centre (known as a Greenfield)

What is a franchise PTA?

Each Kwik Kopy Centre is allocated a location and marketing territory, known as a Primary Trading Area (PTA). A defined PTA allows your Kwik Kopy Centre to focus on local marketing and sales activity to maximise the benefits.

What investment is required to open a Kwik Kopy franchise greenfield site?

The initial investment for a Greenfield site (new PTA territory rather than the resale of an existing Centre) depends on a range of factors, including the site location, the fit-out and specifications, and lease terms. The initial investment can start from $280,000 plus GST. Find out more about the capital required to invest in a Kwik Kopy Franchise opportunity.

Does Kwik Kopy charge a franchise royalty?

As a franchise system Kwik Kopy Australia collects an ongoing royalty fee from Franchise Owners.
• Ongoing royalties are 7% of sales.
• Marketing levies are 2.5% of sales
Note: Marketing Levies made up of 1.5% of sales for national marketing and 1% of sales for local marketing which is spent by the Franchise Owner in their own PTA. Read more about Kwik Kopy fees.

Is investing in a franchise risk free?

Investing in a business with an established franchise brand allows new business owners to reduce their risk when compared to starting a brand new business with no prior track record. With a franchise operation you also have access to the management experience, training, marketing, supplier relationships and other benefits that come with an established franchise system. However, no business is without risk and it is important that all new franchisees take steps to educate themselves and get independent advice before making the decision to invest.

Should I seek independent advice before purchasing a Kwik Kopy franchise business?

YES. Under the Franchising Code of Conduct all franchisors must advise a prospective franchisee that they should obtain independent legal, business, and accounting advice. Kwik Kopy believes that it is essential for all prospective franchisees to gain a full understanding of the conditions of their investment in a Kwik Kopy franchise. We insist on prospective franchisees obtaining independent advice before we enter into any franchise agreement with you.

I have no print experience. Can I still apply to become a Kwik Kopy franchisee?

YES. You’ll receive all the training and support you require before starting in your Kwik Kopy franchise, so no prior print or design experience is necessary.

Does Kwik Kopy have standardised procedures to help me run my new business?

YES. That is the big advantage a franchising business has to offer. Here at Kwik Kopy, you’ll have access to established, tried and tested standardised procedures that will help you set-up a business with little or no prior print experience. As well as our thorough training program, you’ll also be provided with comprehensive training and operations manuals which clearly set out all relevant procedures. You will also be supported by the support team at Kwik Kopy Head Office on all major aspects of your business for the duration of your franchise term plus access to a dedicated Area Sales Manager (ASM) who provides one-on-one local support to you on every aspect of your business.

How do I obtain financing to buy a franchise business?

Most franchisees require a loan to purchase their franchised business. Some banks view franchise lending differently to lending for an independent business and they may take into account the strengths and capabilities of the franchisor, particular for a large and well established brand like Kwik Kopy. Kwik Kopy Australia is also an approved franchise system with a number of major banks such as Westpac and ANZ. This means finance maybe easier to obtain for approved prospects. We have also helped people with limited capital to obtain funding for a franchise. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would require assistance with obtaining funding. Find out more about the capital required to invest in a Kwik Kopy franchise.

Can I own more than one Kwik Kopy printing franchise? (Multi site development)

YES. However you need to be an existing franchisee and must be approved by Kwik Kopy as a multi-site operator. Our support team works closely with franchisees expressing an interest in qualifying, and we have several very successful multi-site operators in our network.

How can I view Kwik Kopy Centres that are currently available to purchase?

Visit our Franchise opportunities section. All Kwik Kopy Resales and New Greenfield opportunities can be browsed by State. You can also keep in touch with our next available offers by simply signing-up to our Newsletter. We’ll notify you of our next Franchise resale or Greenfield opportunity close to you. Sign-up to our newsletter.

Can I sell my Kwik Kopy business in the future?

YES. A Kwik Kopy franchise business is yours to sell. Your franchise agreement sets out all the requirements for a sale. Any prospective buyer will need to go through our standard recruitment and selection process.

I am interested in a Kwik Kopy franchise opportunity. What should I do next?

We’re delighted that you are interested in joining Kwik Kopy. We have some great business opportunities available. Simply complete the form below to get in touch with us today.

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