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Top ways to reduce print waste in your workplace


By reducing print waste in your office or business you can save time and money! Here are our top ways to increase print efficiency and save your bottom line.

Consider your own office and business for a moment. What aspects would you identify as producing the most waste on a day-to-day basis. There are the obvious ones like the waste paper bin or the kitchen area but what about the waste that is less obvious and costs you time and money on a daily basis?

Here are our top ways to reduce paper waste within your business and to stop chipping away at your bottom line.

Outsource Your Printing

Ironically the majority of businesses move their printing in-house in the first place as an attempt to cut down on overall costs but end up doing the opposite. As we know mistakes cost time and time costs money. How often have you or your colleagues printed lengthy documents only to find the alignment was out for each of the pages or even worse your printer has a paper jam and stops working altogether. Outsourcing your printing to Kwik Kopy is a great way to ensure you maintain a professional finish and produce documents that fulfil their purpose from the first try.

Seek Professional Advice

Like anything, printing and design is a skill that takes time to perfect. By using a professional service to not only print your documents but also assist with design,

will help ensure you produce material that will remain relevant for longer periods. The last thing you want as a business, trying to reduce printing costs is to be reprinting large documents because you mistakenly omitted important and necessary information.

Shred Unwanted Paper

shred unwanted paperNo matter how hard you try every office will inevitably produce some unwanted pieces of paper or documents. The humble shredder can not only aid in privacy by shredding confidential documents but can also turn paper into packing material. This way all your paper avoids the rubbish bin and will instead keep your next outbound package safe and secure. Plus if that’s not enough, packing material can be expensive! Recycling your waste paper is a great way to benefit both the environment and your bottom line.

Environmentally Friendly Paper

In years gone by, environmentally friendly paper was very expensive and hard to find, this is no longer the case. Using recycled or chlorine-free paper is increasingly accessible for businesses from a range of industries. At Kwik Kopy we even offer an Environmental Paper Stock Guide where you can decipher what all the jargon on the labels mean. Different print jobs require different paper stocks so have a chat to your Kwik Kopy Account Manager today about what will suit your business needs.

Use Reputable Companies

It’s no secret that in any industry there are companies who try to cut corners, seemingly at any opportunity. It’s important to use the services of companies who share the same values from an environmental aspect as you. At Kwik Kopy we have integrated our environmental values into the daily activities of our business activity. Our Environmental Statement highlights the efforts we take as a business to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment.

If you would like to make your office printing start working as hard as you do then contact Kwik Kopy today!


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  1. You can also use shredded paper in compost bins its great, or if you are starting a new garden bed dig a little bit deeper and place in some shredded paper it will help with water retention and worms love it.

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