If you own or operate a retail business, then creating memorable signs and visual graphics is a must to sell your merchandise and create a great customer experience.

Good retail signage will let your customer know what they’re looking at or why they are looking at your merchandise display. But great retail signage will really capture your target market’s attention long enough for them to read it, generate interest and convince them to buy.

4 Tips for Creating Effective Retail Signage

1. Customer Experience

Your first step is working out what you want to accomplish with your signage. What visual graphics and messages will communicate the exact experience you want customers to have in your retail outlet? Less is always more – so be short and to the point with your sales pitch, make sure the fonts you use are easy to read and use great visuals.

2. Make an Investment

Make sure that you have a budget for your interior and exterior signs and graphics. Allocate a percentage of your marketing budget to produce quality interior advertising and make sure it will stretch to producing outdoor signs using quality materials and finishes that stand the test of time.  Use a design professional who can give you the right visual ideas and can create signage designs that effectively market your business.

3. Sell Benefits

Your target market is far more likely to buy if they are able to visualise themselves using your products. So make sure your signage answers the question – what’s in it for me. Use your signage to sell to the customer the reasons they need to buy your product or service and use words such as you or your to make your message stronger.

4. Measure Results

Testing your signage is always a good idea before you go live. If you have a sign displayed in a shop window get a friend to walk by and give you their opinion. Make sure you establish some metrics to monitor and measure your signage for each promotion. Consider sending out a short survey to customers after particular campaigns to gauge their reaction to your signs and visual graphics.

For retail signage that helps your business make an impact and deliver a great customer experience, speak to the design experts at your local Kwik Kopy today.