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Reconnecting With Valued Customers With Kwik Kopy

Reconnecting with existing rather than new customers can be key to efficient business growth. Here are the Top 3 ways to build your customer relationships.

While we all try and avoid it, losing touch with customers over time is common in a busy business environment. Whether it’s through lack of communication, innovation or simply an oversight, losing valuable customer relationships can be a costly process. This blog will highlight the Top 3 tips for reconnecting with your customers who, over time, may have fallen out of touch.


using printed materials to reconnect with customers

Newsletters are a cost effective way of conveying a lot of information to customers at varying stages of loyalty without seeming invasive or coming across as spam. Newsletters are also commonly used to promote new products or services and generate/enforce brand awareness. While email newsletters certainly have their place, many businesses still rely on traditional printed newsletters to connect with customers at a more personable level.

You can attribute newsletters to sales by including exclusive benefits or use them to promote seasonal/limited-time offers. It’s always a good idea to include broader industry information within your newsletter and not focus solely on your business. This can create a level of authority regarding your industry and also present information that may be more widely appealing.

# Our Top Tip – Create and include your personal company voice and language. Newsletters, in the most part, should be personal and relaxed in their design. We suggest including information about particular staff members, business growth and light-hearted news

Thankyou Cards

Whether it’s after a function, holiday period or even the end of financial year, thankyou cards can be a great way to maintain customer relationships and loyalty. We know you are busy but taking a little extra time to properly connect with your customer-base can be a great way to set your brand apart from your competitors.

Thankyou cards show you appreciate and acknowledge a customer’s loyalty and best of all they are very cost effective. Many companies rely on special discounts or clubs to ‘thank’ their customers and thankyou cards can fulfil the same purpose but at a much cheaper cost. Chat to Kwik Kopy about finish options to suit your business and portray your company’s personality.

# Our Top Tip – If possible, include some element of hand written text within the thankyou card. Even if it is just a signature, hand-written cards are a great way to reinforce a personal relationship.

Customer Database

database cleansingNever has an accurate, up-to-date customer database been so important in the business world. You can use your database to keep track of a large volume of customers over extended periods of time to increase efficiency and lower advertising costs. While an accurate database is invaluable an out-of-date database is useless, which is why at Kwik Kopy we offer a database cleansing service. This allows you to ensure your database is accurate, straightforward and will perform the role you need.

# Our Top Tip – A good database takes time and dedication. There are many questionable methods out there to build a database quickly like buying contacts and information and these should be avoided at all times. Nothing beats a comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate loyal customer database.


Reconnecting with existing customers can be a much more viable option to growing your business than trying to convert new or potential candidates. Talk to Kwik Kopy today about how your business can rebuild your customer relationships and grow.

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