Kwik Kopy Tuggerah

Centre Owner Greg Elsey opened his doors for business 19 April 2010

Kwik Kopy Australia has announced the opening of a brand new Kwik Kopy Centre at Tuggerah, on the NSW Central Coast. After a smooth process of acceptance into the Kwik Kopy Australia Franchise system and rigorous site selection, Centre Owner Greg Elsey opened his doors for business 19 April 2010.

Elsey, who was previously employed as Customer Service Manager for a large, multi-national packaging organisation began considering starting his own business two years ago. “I was looking for something different and I realised I had a choice,” said Elsey, “I could look for another job or do something for myself.” For Elsey, the possibility of a franchise offered him the option of owning his own business whilst also benefitting from the support and brand strength of a large organisation.

Elsey considered various types of franchise businesses. Through a process of elimination he arrived at the printing and design industry and decided that Kwik Kopy offered the best brand proposition, support network and services to clients.

Kwik Kopy Australia’s aim is to deliver practical print advice, graphic design and advanced online access to provide its clients with superior communication products to enhance their business. “The printing industry, and particularly the services that Kwik Kopy provides, is a solid growth area. Large or small, every business needs graphic design and printing services, so the sector has consistent and strong demand,” said Elsey. “Kwik Kopy’s differentiator is that it is innovative in the services it provides and agile in it’s ability to advise and service clients.”

“Kwik Kopy was by far the best fit,” he said. Elsey has a technical background and has been involved with graphics and pre-press before, so it was an area that he was familiar with. However, the real clincher was Kwik Kopy’s unerring focus on customer service. “I’ve spent most of my career in customer service,” he said. “This business is all about building and maintaining mutually-beneficial relationships with clients, helping them to understand what they need and delivering on those needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

Working with the Kwik Kopy Australia franchise team to get up and running has been a rigorous but smooth transition for Elsey. “It’s a comprehensive process but made really easy by Kwik Kopy Australia. They are thorough as they want the prospective franchisee to be successful, so I was hugely comforted in knowing that they had the confidence in me to be able to achieve this with my Centre.”

Elsey was also able to take advantage of Kwik Kopy Australia’s current New Owner Incentive Scheme whereby Kwik Kopy guarantees his income for a full year, as he has opened a brand new Kwik Kopy Centre. “The New Owner Incentive Scheme reduced the finance I needed to start up and allowed me to go ahead immediately, ” he said. “It’s invaluable to me – without it, I couldn’t have started now.”

His start-up marketing expenses were also matched dollar for dollar and bonus sales incentives are in place for his first year of operation. “The sales incentives certainly provide good motivation to get out there and promote and grow the business.”

Kwik Kopy Tuggerah offers a complete suite of services to its clients. “We have a graphic designer on site so we can provide the full range of design and marketing collateral and we are extremely agile in our delivery.”

Elsey is excited about the future of his Centre and the difference it has made to his life. “I am able to concentrate all my efforts in quality of service,” he said. “My lifestyle has vastly improved. Going my own way was the right way. I am master of my own destiny, I am challenged and I am much, much happier.”

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