Wendy Mulholland has owned the Kwik Kopy Tuggerah outlet on the NSW Central Coast for four years and at the recent Kwik Kopy annual conference she was pleasantly surprised to be announced as the winner of the 2022 Kwik Kopy Franchise of the Year Award.

Pre-COVID having a chance to win the Franchise of the Year Award required an outlet to be in the top quartile when it came to sales and profit. But a tweak in the rules this year shifted the focus to consistent performance, regardless of size, which Mulholland said was a key factor in helping her mid-sized branch across the line.

During the last 12 months, Kwik Kopy Tuggerah achieved double-digit growth, up 12.1 per cent YoY. This result meant her branch outperformed 90 other outlets to win the award.

Mulholland received the award at the annual Kwik Kopy Conference in Darling Harbour in April, during a presentation from Kwik Kopy board members Matt Penfold and Annalise Andrews.

“The win came as a bit of a surprise to me. I wasn’t really expecting to win. We have been going from strength to strength here and even through COVID we had growth,” Mulholland told Sprinter.

“It was different though and the work shifted as there was no events, but we did a lot of work for people who were working from home as there was nobody in the office to handle the distribution side of things – so we would package all of the materials up and distribute.

“Normally organisations have their own mailroom and their own people for that but we took on that role for the printing and the distribution which was really good and really helped us get through.

“We’ve maintained those clients so I think they have realised that it is a whole lot easier for us to do it than them so we have retained a lot of that work as well as get back a lot of our old work.”

Mulholland said she is flat out busy and is looking for at least two more staff members to work in the print production and finishing areas but she says finding staff is incredibly difficult.

That said she will find some time to promote her win locally.

“We will work hard on getting this out into our community but Kwik Kopy also do a great job of doing that for us as well,” she said.


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