Kwik Kopy RingwoodKwik Kopy Ringwood, in Victoria has been named as the Kwik Kopy Australia Franchise of the Year 2009. A delighted Lou Pannunzio and his wife Silvana flew to the company’s annual conference on Hamilton Island to receive the award, on 4 April 2009.

The winner of the award, judged by senior management at Kwik Kopy Australia, is chosen on the basis of meeting or exceeding selected key performance indicators (KPIs).  Pannunzio, who has owned his business since March 2001, said he felt privileged to win the award.

“What I aspire to is running a successful business, to have fun and to earn the respect of my peers,” he said. “To even be nominated for this award is an incredible stamp of approval. We still can’t believe we actually won it!”

“A great deal of effort goes into selecting the winning Centre,” said David Bell, managing director of Kwik Kopy Australia. “To even be considered for the award the Centre’s performance figures must be at the cutting edge. After that we look for a franchisee’s contribution to the Kwik Kopy Franchise as a whole. Lou is an incredible support to our whole network, always on hand to offer advice and assistance to new and established owners alike.”

“With a franchise you are in it 100 per cent,” said Pannunzio. “You have to invest time – with your peers and new owners who are joining the system all the time. When they ask for help you share information, spur them on and motivate as much as possible. Although we are running an individual centre we are all part of one large group.”

A major factor in the success of Kwik Kopy Ringwood is the strength of Pannunzio’s relationships with customers and suppliers. “Even in these uncertain economic times the owners that I speak to that are actively engaged with their clients have felt no negative effects or impact on their centres,” he said.

“My business has grown consistently over the last eight years and the last three months in particular have been strong and robust. It’s about relationships – knowing your clients, always talking to your clients and always having a strategy in place to bring new business in.”

The Kwik Kopy Franchise business as a whole has continued to return excellent results despite the economic downturn, recording a seventh consecutive year of consistent growth through 2008. Pannunzio cited having the support of a large organisation whilst controlling his own destiny as a business owner to be the best of both worlds. “It’s incredibly comforting to know that you have a franchisor that you can turn to for any level of assistance whether it be training, financial guidance, general advice,” he said. “It’s peace of mind. They are your insurance policy for success.”

Since purchasing his Kwik Kopy franchise, Pannunzio has never looked back. “I love this franchise. It has been very, very good to me over the last eight years. I try to do my best and give back to the system as much as I take because they have been so good to me.”

Pannunzio has only one regret – that he didn’t buy his franchise 20 years ago. “Kwik Kopy has altered our lives. Not only has it freed us financially, but it has given us an identity,” he said. “It has been a really enriching experience, not just for the two of us but also for my children. It has given us an incredible purpose in life.”

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