David Bell

David Bell

As businesses around the world are feeling the pressure of an economic meltdown, franchises are continuing to prosper, according to David Bell, managing director of Kwik Kopy Australia.

“In the current climate all companies are looking at their cost structures and considering what changes they can make to reduce costs,” said Bell (pictured). “Looking for more cost-effective, innovative and rapidly-executed solutions for their design and print requirements is a large part of this. Customers are more receptive than ever to talking to new people about suppliers and solutions.”

Annual benchmarking across the 109 Kwik Kopy franchises in Australia has shown a consistent increase in sales and profits throughout the group. “In 2008 we recorded a seventh consecutive year of record sales and profit. The results of our benchmarking prove that the Kwik Kopy Franchisor’s commitment and focus on the sustained and increasing profitability of its franchisees is working and we are achieving great results,” said Bell.

In addition to Kwik Kopy print major print franchises include Snap Print, which is the largest with 140 print centres in Austraia, New Zealand and Ireland, and Worldwide Online, which was established in 1995, with 82 print centres in Australia.

The findings of the Franchise Council of Australia’s biennial survey of the sector, announced late 2008, provided hard evidence that franchising in Australia continues to expand and provide excellent opportunities for franchisors, franchisees and employees.

Currently there are 1100 business format franchisors operating in Australia, up from 960 systems two years ago representing a continued 14.6 per cent growth rate in franchises systems from 2006-2008.

Business format franchised units represent some 3.7 per cent of all small businesses in Australia and overall growth rate is 15.4 per cent (up from the 14.6 per cent from 2004-2006). Total sales turnover for the franchising sector was estimated to be $130 billion, a significant contribution to the Australian economy and the sector is stable with 93 per cent of franchising units remaining under the same ownership.

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