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eCommerce Payment Gateways

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eCommerce Payment Gateways

If you plan to sells goods and services via your website then you need an eCommerce solution that lets you take payments directly from customers online. This is known as a payment gateway.

Kwik Kopy eCommerce payment gateways let you enjoy the efficiency of direct online payments into your bank account with real-time, safe and secure credit card processing on your website.

A payment gateway is the link between your online store and your merchant account and Kwik Kopy’s eCommerce capabilities let you convert visitors into customers with an easy shopping experience. 

We have 25 secure built-in payment gateways, allowing your customers to shop safely within your website.  Sensitive information (such as credit card details) is encrypted with a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) page to ensure information is passed securely between you, your customer and the payment processor.

Kwik Kopy’s secure payment gateways support PayPal and all major sites.  We deliver the best e-commerce solutions for SMEs, hosted and built in Australia so your customers know exactly where their sensitive data is stored.

We can help you create an optimal online buying experience for each customer which includes the following must-have features:

  • Shopping cart and/or donations engine
  • Integrated ordering systems
  • Product browsing and catalogues
  • Sales-triggered messaging
  • 25 in-built payment gateways (PayPal, credit cards)
  • Promotions and loyalty programs
  • Integrated freight / distribution
  • Tell-a-friend and social media sharing

Kwik Kopy eCommerce payment gateways offer higher reliability and higher security for you and your customers.

If you want to readily accept secure credit card payments from customers online, speak to Kwik Kopy about a payment gateway suited to your business.

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