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Lanyards provide corporate branding that stays with your customers 

Lanyards for identification or events can help capture new business

Walk into any corporate office, university, or events and you will find yourself surrounded by lanyards in just moments. From industry leading organisations to your local school, lanyards are a staple of everyday wear for everyone from the janitorial staff to top executives.

Retail stores, government agencies, hospitals, and countless other places that handle hundreds if not thousands of people in foot traffic everyday are filled with lanyards. And the truth is, you can never have enough lanyards. We all need to carry around our ID, often around our neck, and lanyards are just as easy to lose as they are to carry.

Custom Lanyards or Stock

  • Stock Lanyards – stock lanyards are an economical solution that uses standard colour selections or an unprinted bootstrap lanyard. They look great and can be printed and delivered quickly.
  • Custom Lanyards – Kwik Kopy can create a custom lanyard based on your style guide for a truly corporate look. The lead time for these lanyards will be longer that stock lanyards but the result is fantastic.

Fastener Options

Swivel Lanyard connectorSelect from our large range of lanyard fasteners, including:

  • Plastic alligator clip
  • Metal alligator clip
  • Metal or plastic J hook
  • Safety breakaway
  • Swivel J hook
  • Carabinger
  • Metal clamp
  • O ring
  • Retractable reels and clips

The lanyard is mandatory for many, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to a bland design. Print a lanyard with a bit of colour and design and you can convince people to place your lanyard over their neck in no time. A well-made lanyard is just a walking billboard for your company.

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Why lanyards are amazing marketing tools

Ribbed Lanyard printingThe lanyard is front and centre, just below the head and right around the neck. This gives people easy visibility for the wearer’s ID, which is crucial in most establishments. The lanyard allows its wearer to carry around their ID, verifying identification and opening ID-required doors in a hands-free manner, taking away the hassle of pulling out your wallet several times a day. If required, some safety lanyards can be designed with a safety breakaway attachment, keeping it safe as it can be detached with just a bit of force.

The corporate lanyard is stylish, simple, and convenient, and it is something that people wear every day. But like any other accessory or piece of clothing, people prefer lanyards that look good. A lanyard designed to advertise your company logo without clashing harshly with corporate attire can score hundreds of looks per day.

How To Design the Best Lanyards

Printed lanyards and clipsCorporate Style

Style is something we think about with everything that we wear, and the lanyard is no different. Make sure that your style fits — you don’t want something too loud or too flashy, but it also needs to be recognisable. It’s about finding that perfect balance of chic and subtle. You never want your lanyard to be the main focus of a person’s outfit, but it also shouldn’t disappear and vanish when worn over clothes.

Lanyard Sizing

Sizing choice will depend on both your style, intention, and design. A thinner width lanyard usually gives off a subtler design, and is better suited for styles that have softer features. Thicker width lanyards will stand out more, and works great for loud designs that need to capture the eye.

Standard sizes, with a 90cm loop include: 

  • 15mm wide
  • 20mm wide
  • 25mm wide

Design Tips

Your lanyard design may be simple, with just your corporate colour and a URL. Or your lanyard design may be composed of your brand colours, your logo, your company’s name, personal details, photos and URL or a combination of each element. You need to make sure that your company’s name and logo don’t clash with the colours surrounding them; white against black, not white against yellow, for example. Take some inspiration from Pinterest or get in contact with your local Kwik Kopy to see some fantastic design ideas.

Lanyard Materials

  • Nylon
  • Poly Rope
  • Cotton
  • Satin
  • Bamboo
  • PVC
  • Leather
  • Epoxy
  • And many more!

Get the Most Out of Your Corporate Lanyards

Events and Conferences

If you have an upcoming event or conference, your business will benefit if you have piles of lanyards ready to hand out to everyone who walks by your booth. Not only is it nearly impossible to turn down a well-designed event lanyard, but it also helps you stand out from your industry competitors.

Freebies and Giveaways

Lanyard printing: corporate expos and eventsWho doesn’t like a surprise freebie? Throw in a lanyard every time you have a customer interaction. Feel free to sneak in a lanyard on top of a shipped order, in your printed training material or hand out a free lanyard to every customer who comes in for a question. A freebie shows that you care about their patronage, and a lanyard gives you free advertising every time they go out.

Lanyard Printing Order: Get started today

If you’re ready to give your business that new marketing boost that no one can turn down, then give us a call and we’ll start talking about your new lanyard printing project today!

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