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Effective makeover tips for Business Cards

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Printed Business cards continue to be a valuable tool in your business tool kit. They let you quickly share your details and provide a lasting reminder of your business and brand. These days there are many elements that can be used to create a point of difference for you and your business card.

White Space and Business Card Design

Never underestimate the power of white space. Not only is it very effective from a design perspective, it’s also useful if someone wants to write something on the card you give them some additional information to remember you by.

Photo Business Cards

While you may initially shudder at the idea of putting your photo on your business card, think about the times when it could come in handy. If you’re someone who attends a lot of conferences, for example, you need something to help you stand out from the crowd. Your prospects will leave with an abundance of business cards and it’s difficult to remember who is who. A small head and shoulder shot will make you instantly recognisable when the pile of business cards is revisited and you could find yourself receiving a call before you know it.

Special Paper Stock

If you want to make a great first impression with your business card then it’s worth thinking about the paper stock your card is printed on. Think about how your business card will feel in someone’s hand and the image that portrays for your business. A quality paper stock can speak volumes about your business and brand.

Think about Business Card Sizing

If your goal is to get more attention for your business, you can’t go past the simple option of designing your business card to be a custom shape or size. Mini or micro business cards, square business cards and folded business cards will make your card stand out from the crowd. If your brand is a little on the creative or unique side – consider this design option for your next print run.

Magnetic Business Cards

If you need your message to be on display consider Magnetic Business Cards. Commonly used by Trades and Real Estate Agents, Magnet Business Card designs are an economical way to use your business card for a longer term marketing effort. Whether you are after a standard business card size, a calendar style magnet or a die cut custom shape, Kwik Kopy can produce your business card magnet according to your specifications.

Business Card Finishing Touches

Giving your business card that special finishing touch can really give your design (and business) a boost. Die-cutting can be used to add a unique edge, sport varnishing can create a special effect to make areas stand out or a high gloss laminate finish can project a polished and professional image.

If you’re looking for some help to create a business card design that can make a powerful impact speak to the team at Kwik Kopy.


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  1. I just loved these business card ideas. They are really unique and the one which attracts anyone at first attempt itself. This is completely different from the one which we daily in our day to day life. Let say they have became very boring when compared to these extra ordinary ones. Business card is to be something creative so that it will attract the clients and who ever else you meet.

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