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Business Card Sizes

Business Card sizesHow do you choose between a standard Business Card size or custom business card sizes for your organisation?

What size is a business card?

Creating the perfect business card to reflect your brand and products is no easy task. You need to consider the style, imagery, font, colours, layout and content. 

Australian business card standard size is 90 mm wide by 55 mm high.

So, is there a choice or should you always choose the industry standard business card size? Is there a reason why nearly every business card has the same size and shape, or is this just a design choice that designers sometimes over look?

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Business Card Size Specifications and Dimensions

While there is no concrete rule about business card sizes, in Australia, business cards are generally printed as 90 mm wide by 55 mm in height. This size allows important information to be easily read and means the card will conveniently fit in standard wallets and business card holders.

But what if you aren’t after a standard business card?

folded business cardBusiness Card Custom Size Requests

At Kwik Kopy, we are more than ready to accommodate whatever special request you may have when it comes to the size and shape of your business cards. We have produced square business cards, micro/small business cards, business cards with rounded corners or custom shapes. If you have an idea for a stellar business card, then shoot – we’re more than willing to provide what you need.

DIY Business Card Design and Set Up

If you are designing your business card yourself we have a few tips to make the job easier (and to ensure you get a professional print finish).

Optimise Your Business Card’s Space

With so little space to work with, designing your business card to fit all your content can be a daunting task. How do you include everything your company stands for on a card that you can slip into the palm of your hand?

The answer is that you don’t, and you don’t need to. The business card isn’t your company’s profile or business whitepaper. It’s your handshake, your smile; the professional (or mischievous wink) to get prospects interested enough to learn more about your business or product. Check out this fantastic article on white space and print design.

Remember Readability

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that an eclectic and flashy design is all you need to get eyes to stick on your card. While you may get points for creativity, if you have failed to properly introduce your business then it hasn’t really done its job.

Instead, keep it simple: make sure it’s readable. Prioritise important information. If one thing needs to be made clear, it’s what you and your business do.

Business Card sizes: die cut business card

Keep in Mind the Borders

Borders are always an important (but sometimes overlooked) subject when it comes to designing professional business cards. Some designers forget borders completely, which is problematic: the closer your content is to the border, the likelier that you might have issues with printing some of your cards. Important contact information getting cut off is the last thing you need!

When it comes to borders, stay smart and play by the numbers. Avoid placing any text on the 3.175mm margin around your business card. Or if in doubt contact our expert printers at Kwik Kopy – we know business cards!

Value the White Space

Many businesses fail to understand the value of the white space in your business card, and it’s understandable. Unless you work as a designer, you might be trained to see empty space and think of that as laziness or a missed opportunity. That’s how you end up with a business card that is overcrowded and confusing.

Always think about your white space. The white space or negative space is critical to the design of your card. White space is used to emphasise the portions of the card with design or text. Without enough white space, there is no emphasis.

Business cards size: design exampleNeed help with your business card design?

Designing an effective business card can be challenging but leaving the task to our Kwik Kopy Graphic Designers means your card will print beautifully every time. We will ensure your business cards match your branding and convey all the essential information you need to get across to your prospective customers. 

Picked your business card size and ready to print?

Kwik Kopy have been in the business of printing business cards of all sizes for the last 35 years. We know how to ensure your cards get noticed – get a business card quote today to start the process.

If you would like to discuss your business card project just give your local Kwik Kopy Centre a call or send us an email. At Kwik Kopy, we’re always ready to hear your ideas.

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