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Business Card Specialty Products

Specialty business cardsThinking Square Business Cards, Vertical Business Cards, Mini Business Cards, Magnet Business Cards, Appointment Cards or Plastic Business Cards? Kwik Kopy has your Speciality Business Card idea covered.

Business Card Specialty Products

Looking for a business card with a little more pizazz? Sometimes the simplest option isn’t always the best choice, and in these cases we offer a wide variety of specialty business cards

Walk into your next business meeting and see the smile on their face as you hand over a specialty business card that isn’t like all the rest. These are the cards designed to catch a customer’s attention and make sure they remember your business card from its special shape, size, or texture alone.

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At Kwik Kopy, our experienced printers have created all types of unique business cards. Check out the selection of specialty business cards below.

Square Business Cards

When the standard rectangular business card is a little too obvious for your taste, try square business cards. Square business cards are great when you want to feature a specific logo or photo. They can also be used as instruction cards, coupons, product tags, and more. Whoever said it was lame to be square?

Business Card Printing: Vertical Business CardVertical Business Cards

The vertical business card is a great way to stay traditional while standing out. These cards work perfectly with logos or brand names that are tall rather than wide. Surprise your customers with an unconventional approach to the business card while sticking to the reliable shape that fits in wallets or business card holders.

Mini Business Cards

The mini business card is the 21st century young and fresh alternative to the traditional business card world. These cards follow the modern trends of keeping it thin and minimal by slicing off precious space off the bottom. Mini business cards (also known as slim or skinny business cards) keep it simple yet sweet, thriving in their thin design. Designs often include only the most basic (and essential) information. If your website address is your main message, consider utilising a mini business card.

Unique business card ideas: Plastic Business CardPlastic Business Cards

Consider a plastic business card for when you want to combine smooth style with indestructibility. These cards are perfect when you need a card that has that perfect balance of durability and sleek design without an excessive cost attached. Don’t worry about business cards that get soggy in the rain or scuffed up in your wallet – with plastic business cards, your card’s expiration date is pushed back for years.

Magnetic Business Cards

Make your business card literally stick to your clients with your very own magnetic business cards. Magnetic business cards are an awesome way to keep your card in front of your potential clients’ eyes and are perfect for residential services like plumbers, electricians and real estate agents. Don’t let your business card get stuffed into a handbag or wallet only to become unseen and forgotten. With a magnet business card, you give your clients a way to easily keep your details on display when they stick it up on their kitchen fridge or any other metallic surface.

Appointment Cards

Give your customers an easy way to remember their appointment with your own branded appointment card. Appointment cards add that extra little zing to your business, while serving a real function that helps your clients remember their next meeting. Perfect for doctors surgeries, beauty therapists, hairdressers and any business that wants to book in that next sale. We can also produce printed loyalty cards for your business.

die cut business cardPrint your speciality business cards

Have something in mind that you don’t see on any of our offered services? If you have a unique business card idea, tell us all about it! We’ll create your custom business card ideas and make them real.

Whether you need help with design, style, or conceptualisation, Kwik Kopy are with you every step of the way. Call your local Kwik Kopy Centre for a quote today.

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