In-House Printing

Time is money. We can save you both.

Hidden costs.  They’re in every business.  Fortunately, there’s one area of hidden and unnecessary costs you can do something about: in-house printing.

Outsourcing your in-house printing to Kwik Kopy means you’ll pay far less in real terms than trying to do it yourself.  When we give you a price, it’s all included:  no hidden costs, time or expenses.

Use the online calculator and see how much your in-house printing is costing you.  Then call us to discuss the time and money you can save outsourcing to Kwik Kopy.  The clock is ticking.

Calculate your In-House Printing Costs
Device Cost Assumptions
Capital Cost Of DeviceTypical device cost based on quality & throughput to substitute for outsource
Finance Period (months)Lucky if device will last this long if you are pushing 15-20k per month!
Cost of Finance (%)Based on current commercial lending rates for equipment
Cost of supplies
A4 colour paper ($ per ream)Premium 100 gsm colour copy paper as supplied by outsource Print for Pay sector
Click cost per A4 side (cents)Conservative cost of maintenance with toner incl. Some devices can cost upto 12c
Copier Speed (A4 per min)This is rated speed not true speed and depends on weight of paper used.
Hidden on-costs
Labour cost(incl on cost)($/hr)Avg office personnel with Super, Sick Leave, Workers Comp etc. etc. (Conservative)
Floor space costs($/m2 per yr)Each device is 1m × 1m requires another 1m all around for service access plus storage space
Wasted floor space (m2) 
Wasted copies(%)How many times have you printed and found a typo/error or there are late edits??
Monthly Copy Volume(colour)20,00015,00010,00050002000
Copy Cost200001500010000500020000
Paper Cost200001500010000500020000
Labour Hrs200001500010000500020000
Labour Cost200001500010000500020000
Dead Floor Space200001500010000500020000
Copy Wasted Cost200001500010000500020000
Capital Cost200001500010000500020000
TOTAL COST200001500010000500020000
Cost per copy200001500010000500020000