Kwik Kopy Top 10 FranchiseKwik Kopy has been announced as the only print company to make the Top 10 list of Australian franchises in the Top Franchise Awards released by – placing 2nd in the brand category and securing 5th place overall.

This follows a comprehensive independent survey of more than 1000 franchisees from franchise systems across the country, with each franchisee asked 37 questions covering a range of key areas, with the feedback used to benchmark performance in comparison to other franchise systems.

Kwik Kopy is also the only B2B to be recognised in the Top 10 Franchise Awards which exists to help potential franchise owners identify and connect with franchisors that excel in areas that are important to existing franchisees.

Between 2015 and 2016, desire for a Kwik Kopy franchisee to renew their current agreement jumped by 17% and willingness to recommend the franchise system to a friend or colleague jumped by 22%.

Kwik Kopy Managing Director, David Bell says the result highlights a bright future for the national franchise organisation with print still very much alive.

“One of the challenges Kwik Kopy faced over the past decade was a print industry in decline, but we have managed to swim against the tide,” he said.

“We have worked closely with our franchisees to successfully invigorate the organisation and find new ways to outperform the competition.”

The ability to respond quickly to ever-changing market demands has inspired confidence amongst Kwik Kopy franchisees with brand and marketing attributes scoring between a 20 and 30% increase as well as royalty fees seen as value for money up by 21%.

Kwik Kopy Managing Director, David Bell says Kwik Kopy has secured its leading position in the industry due to print, design and online solutions that meet the unique needs of corporate business today.

“We have a renewed focus on traditional print with robust marketing campaigns that have cut-through plus increased resources that have secured big wins for our franchisees with large format products,” he said.

“Kwik Kopy also invests in the very latest IT and innovation including our own customer relationship and information management technology tools to enable easy quote follow-up with customers and highlight customer spending patterns and opportunities to win back lapsed customers. We are seeing significant sales growth for franchisees as a direct result.”

Strategic research company 10 Thousand Feet and’s Head of Intelligence Ian Krawitz said the awards recognise franchises that perform well, as rated by their franchisees which in turn helps people find the best franchise opportunities in Australia.

“In some areas, Kwik Kopy franchisees are the most positive they have been since the national franchise operation first appeared in the Top 10 Awards in 2011. It is clear from them that there is a lot to like about the Kwik Kopy system,” he said.

“Some of the standout reasons for their current success include the guidance Kwik Kopy head office provides to their franchisees to be able to operate profitably and Kwik Kopy franchisees’ belief that they will be able to sell their business for a good return on investment in the future.”