Winner of the 2014 Franchise of the Year Award

Paul Wischer Kwik Kopy Box Hill

Paul Wischer, KK Box Hill & Stephen Penfold, Executive Chairman

Kwik Kopy Box Hill has reached the pinnacle of success being named 2014 Franchise of the Year by Kwik Kopy Australia.  The presentation was made by Kwik Kopy Chairman, Stephen Penfold at the company’s marketing launch held in Melbourne in early June.

Owners Paul and Angelina Wischer accepted this national award which is judged by the senior management team at Kwik Kopy Australia.  The award criteria looks at Centres achieving a Top 20 position across a range of sales and profit benchmarks as well as a wide range of qualitative measures such as customer service, interaction with staff, suppliers and other stakeholders – plus participation in the franchise network.

Since purchasing their franchise almost 12 years ago, Paul and Angelina have held an almost permanent position in the Kwik Kopy Top 20 profit performers and this consistency of top level performance has placed them amongst the very best of our franchise Owners.

Kwik Kopy Box Hill Owner, Paul Wischer says he and wife Angelina were initially attracted to the idea of a franchise as they were keen to work for themselves but not by themselves.

“It was clear to us from the start that Kwik Kopy had a proven track record along with strong brand recognition that could give our business a fantastic kick start,” Paul said.

“Fast forward to 2014 and you find us successfully introducing a diverse range of products and services on top of our core business of print to ensure future growth.”

Paul says it took them five years of steady growth before managing a consistent seven figure turnover but they have managed to sustain this ever since. Being part of a franchise operation is a strong factor in the success of Kwik Kopy Box Hill.

“As well as being part of an extensive franchise support network, we benefit from Kwik Kopy’s clear vision for growing the brand as market leaders in print and digital by 2018. Not only does our franchisor focus on the big picture, but they also ensure that we as franchise Owners (and our teams) receive ongoing training and support so we are always up to speed with the latest developments” Paul said.

“Being part of a franchise operation allows us to offer a wider spectrum of services to our customers. This means we get to maintain a keen focus on print and design as well as offering websites and all things digital too. We also benefit from great prices from our suppliers as a result of the buying power we have being part of a bigger group.”

Whilst Kwik Kopy takes care of anticipating how the industry is moving and developing strategies to deal with that change, the team at Box Hill can devote their energies at a local level.

“These days we are so much more than just a print supplier.  Our focus is on developing relationships with businesses in our local community with the goal of making life easier for our customers and looking for ways to be relevant to their business,” Paul said.

Kwik Kopy Box Hill is thrilled to accept the 2014 Franchise of the Year award and Owners Paul and Angelina say the win is a testament to the relationships they have built with clients as well as fellow franchise Owners.

“In our business we get to build strong relationships with our customers and the opportunity to promote a wide range of products and services at a local level. Taking part in performance groups organised by our franchisor provides a valuable opportunity to compare business performances and share ideas with fellow franchisees,” Paul said.

“We are excited about what the future holds and will continue our commitment to personalised service and excellence in all things we do – in print, design and websites.”

Kwik Kopy Managing Director, David Bell says there is no shortage of drive and determination amongst Kwik Kopy franchise Owners with five serious Franchise of the Year contenders for this year’s award.

“Kwik Kopy Box Hill definitely stood out as worthy winners with their firm commitment to staff and customers at all times – not to mention always ensuring the highest standards when it comes to the quality of their work,” David said.

“Paul and Angelina really are a dynamic duo – always ready to embrace innovation which they see will work for their business and add value to their clients. They also invest in the technology they need to produce a quality product for their customers without over capitalising.”

The victorious Victorian team at Kwik Kopy Box Hill is in good company with this award being won by Melbourne-based franchises five times in the past ten years.