Kwik Kopy Ringwood

The team from Kwik Kopy Ringwood

Eight years ago, in March 2001, Lou Pannunzio made a decision that was to revolutionise not only his life, but also that of his wife Silvana and two children.

“I had always wanted to be in the customer service industry but one that offered me a good work and life balance with regular Monday to Friday working hours,” says Lou. “I also wanted something where I would sit down and build a rapport with my customers and control my own destiny by having my own business.”

A franchise system was an obvious fit – it would offer him the security and support of a large organisation, whilst allowing him the freedom of running his own business. Additionally every business, large or small, needs graphic design and printing services, so the sector has consistent and strong demand.

Kwik Kopy wins hands down

After doing some research, Lou decided that Kwik Kopy printing was the obvious choice. A Kwik Kopy printing franchise would be an exciting business that provided a wide range of design, print and marketing solutions in a dynamic industry. “I went to see a number of Kwik Kopy printing franchisees to ask them what it was like to own a centre,” he says. “My enthusiasm for the idea trebled. It’s a proven franchise system with a record of financial success and a great name in the marketplace.”

“You don’t have to have previous printing experience as Kwik Kopy offers an extensive new owners’ course, continuing on-site assistance and follow up training. So I made contact with them and began my application.”

“It’s a comprehensive process but made really easy by the Kwik Kopy Australia staff and the system. They are rigorous as they want the prospective franchisee to be successful, so I was hugely comforted in knowing that they had the confidence in me to be able to achieve this with my centre.”

Insurance policy for success

Kwik Kopy Ringwood, Victoria, was to be Lou’s future. “Purchasing my centre is the best decision I ever made,” he says. “It has made me a better and happier person. I enjoy building a business where I see the results of my energy coming straight back to me. For every dollar of additional profit we add to the bottom line, we are adding up to $2 to $3 to the capital value of our business.”

“I have the utmost respect for Kwik Kopy as a franchisor because they are genuinely dedicated to what they are doing and heartfelt about helping you to achieve great results. They are my insurance policy for success.”

“I have one-on-one local support from my own dedicated business development consultant and specialist assistance in all areas, from technical support right through to marketing strategy. Kwik Kopy also provides an annual financial benchmark profile to compare my progress against and effectively evaluate the performance of my centre.”

The success of Kwik Kopy Australia’s methods is clearly proven by its results: the company has just recorded its seventh consecutive year of record growth. Lou has also recorded consistent growth in the eight years he has owned his centre and whilst much of the business world has been reeling from the effects of the economic downturn, Kwik Kopy Ringwood has increased sales by over 5 per cent in the last quarter.

Award-winning franchise model

For Lou and Silvana, winning Kwik Kopy Australia’s Franchise of the Year Award 2009 is absolute validation of the wisdom of his decision to buy into an award-winning franchise model and his ensuing efforts to grow a successful Centre. “To even be nominated for this award is an incredible stamp of approval of what we have built. We still can’t believe we actually won it!”

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