Kwik Kopy FranchisingKwik Kopy has emerged as the highest ranking B2B to make the Top 10 list of Australian franchises in the survey conducted by (an independent consumer franchise service). The Corporate Design and Print solutions specialist continues its climb to the top this time improving two more spots to secure fourth position in the latest results.

A strong franchise support system

The survey covers a franchisee’s satisfaction in their current franchise business, with a specific focus on franchise renewal, recommendation, lifestyle and business support. The 4th place result is testament to Kwik Kopy’s B2B business model which includes a strong franchise support system.

Above the industry average

Kwik Kopy scores 29% above the industry average for providing ongoing financial guidance to operate profitably. 14% above the industry average for offering mentoring and guidance through problems and 11% above the industry average for help setting up marketing plans for each individual’s specific customer segment and local area.

A B2B franchise often uses an individual’s previously learned skills and is particularly suited to those comfortable with sales and relationship building. Kwik Kopy’s franchise philosophy includes a careful selection process for its franchisees(Owners).

Careful selection process 

“Many of our Owners have a proven track record as successful business people with entrepreneurial flair,” said David Bell, Managing Director for Kwik Kopy Australia.

“They are best placed to understand the needs of business customers and the franchise system has been developed to provide each Owner with the tools necessary to make them successful.”

Key tools

At Kwik Kopy these key tools include the strong brand which scores 14% above the industry average for brand recognition. The Kwik Kopy brand remains one of the most recognised print brands in the country and at a time when the Australian retail sector faces its challenges, the advantages of owning a B2B franchise become even more apparent.

The chance to work 9am to 5pm compared to the round the clock hours of retail is of great appeal. Kwik Kopy Owners work the business hours of their clients and the Monday to Friday operation can be a great advantage, particularly to the franchisee balancing work and family. The survey results show Kwik Kopy to be 7% above the industry average for work / life balance and in capacity to draw larger salaries from their business than they could receive elsewhere.

Responding quickly to changing markets

The ability to respond quickly to ever-changing market demands is another significant benefit of owning a business within a successful national franchise company. Kwik Kopy has secured its leading position in the printing industry as a result of a comprehensive ‘online capability’ across the system to provide a cost effective print and design service for customers.

“There is currently an increase in the take up of Zenith Web2Print solution, and we are seeing some terrific examples of Owners developing integrated marketing and communications solutions for their clients,” said David Bell, Managing Director of Kwik Kopy Australia.

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