Franchise of the yearKwik Kopy Moonee Ponds, a Melbourne design and print centre, has been named as the Kwik Kopy Australia Franchise of the Year 2010. Delighted Owner Mike Beuermann accepted the award at the Kwik Kopy Australia annual conference in the Barossa Valley on 2 April 2011.

The winner of the award, judged by senior management at Kwik Kopy Australia, is chosen on the basis of meeting or exceeding selected key performance indicators (KPIs) covering production efficiency, profitability, profit growth, sales and sales growth.

“A great deal of effort goes into selecting the winning Centre,” said David Bell, Managing Director of Kwik Kopy Australia. “To even be considered for the award the Centre’s performance figures must be at the cutting edge. After that we look for a franchisee’s contribution to the Kwik Kopy Franchise as a whole.”

Centres are also assessed using qualitative measures including: contribution to the system, relations with other Owners, charitable works and willingness to participate in Kwik Kopy events

“In a few short years Mike has created one of the most successful and admired businesses in the system,” said Bell. “He has a strong focus on his clients and has developed particularly strong relationships with them. As a result, in five years he has added $1million to his business.”

Beuermann, who bought his Centre nearly six years ago, said he was extremely humbled to win the award. “When I first bought Kwik Kopy Moonee Ponds I never expected to be here. It wouldn’t have been possible without my current team and the constant support of the Kwik Kopy Australia franchisor team. This is the highlight of my career so far.”

Prior to buying his Centre Beuermann held a number of senior roles with a transport company and most recently the role of CEO for Advanced Hair Studio. “I wanted to work for myself and considered various options,” he said. “The diversity of the work of a Kwik Kopy Centre was challenging, interesting and exciting – so I made the leap. I would have been happy to simply get close to what I had been earning previously as a CEO but I have actually doubled my personal income.”

Beuermann highlighted the strength and support of the Kwik Kopy system as crucial to his success. “The Kwik Kopy Australia franchisor is financially very stable, considered in its approach and strongly focused on profit. The constant support and advice I have received has been crucial to the success of my Centre.”

Kwik Kopy Moonee Ponds is also a member of one of Kwik Kopy Australia’s Performance Groups. Each Group has up to eight member franchisees that confer on a quarterly basis to benchmark financial performance against each other and the franchise network as a whole. “The Performance groups are a great support to Owners. In addition to formal meetings, we talk most days and share the same aspirations for our business.”

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