Peter Clarke, Kwik Kopy Gosford

Peter Clarke, Kwik Kopy Gosford

Interview with Peter Clarke, Kwik Kopy Gosford Owner. Franchising Magazine, October 2008

 How did you come to be a Kwik Kopy franchisee?

Initially I found an independent print shop for sale, this business was pretty average but it got me interested in the printing industry. From this I investigated the competition in printing, and was amazed by the number of printing business’s here, 40 plus. This gave me confidence in knowing there was a strong industry here on the coast. So I kept my eye out for printing businesses and franchising interested me. I checked out Snap, Worldwide, and Colour Copy Shop, all located in the CBD, but no Kwik Kopy. Snap was for sale, World wide had only just opened and the colour copy shop was run down. I enquired with all the head office’s and received the promotional packs. Graham was the only one who followed up on my enquiry.

What are you hoping to achieve in business, and personally, with this franchise?

Success of course! Success for me can be measured by having a business that is relatively self sufficient, has business systems in place that allow it to be profitable without too much reliance on one person, namely me!  Apart from the usual financial requirements, personally Lifestyle is important me, whilst I enjoy working I like to have some freedom to do other things and Kwik Kopy provides this opportunity.

Sell the brand to us?

Kwik Kopy is not just you in print, we are your brand partner. Yes we can print your business cards or your flyers. Did you know that we create! Yes we can provide you advice on your marketing… “are flyers the right choice for your business and if so what is your message and how is the response being measured, can we use variable data, improve your logo” …once the brief is finalised we can design your logos and flyers professionally ensuring that all the elements of good print design are used, and your message stands out from the crowd. We can then print your flyers and advise on the best stocks to use – all delivered to your door or advise and arrange mail distribution.

What has been the biggest challenge in the set-up process?

Managing production versus staff levels. Making sure that you have people at the right times to manage the workflow as it increases. And then changing the way we do things as each person comes on board so we take best advantage of the skills and efficiencies a new person can bring. Staffing is the biggest variable you have in this business and key to being able to deliver on our promises.

How much investment have you put into the business so far?

Financially our investment, including Asset purchases and cash flow to run the business to a breakeven point, which we have now achieved, we have invested approx $300k in cash and have about $150k in leasing commitments. Being a digital store only kept our capital and staffing requirements to a manageable level.

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