Kwik Kopy Exhibition Street, a Melbourne CBD design and print centre, has been named as the Kwik Kopy Australia Franchise of the Year 2010.

Delighted Owners Gordon and Robyn Clark accepted the award at the Kwik Kopy Australia annual Marketing Launch event held on 28 April 10 in Melbourne. The winner of the award, judged by senior management at Kwik Kopy Australia, is chosen on the basis of meeting or exceeding selected key performance indicators (KPIs) covering efficiency, profitability, sales, growth and production.

“A great deal of effort goes into selecting the winning Centre,” said David Bell, Managing Director of Kwik Kopy Australia. “To even be considered for the award the Centre’s performance figures must be at the cutting edge. After that we look for a franchisee’s contribution to the Kwik Kopy Franchise as a whole.”

“Gordon and Robyn have been active participants in our franchise system and truly understand the value of collaborating with other Centres throughout the country to improve both their own and other Centres’ overall performance.”

The Clarks, who opened the then greenfield site at Exhibition Street 14 years ago, said it was a great accolade to win the award. “We’re delighted to be formally recognised for our efforts and those of our team over the years,” said Robyn. “It gives us a lot of credibility within the Kwik Kopy network.”

Robyn Clark has been highly active in the Kwik Kopy Australia system as a both a member of Kwik Kopy Owners Association Board and the Victorian Owners Group. She is quick to point out the strength of the overall franchise system: “The backbone of this franchise is just solid. It has great corporate support, excellent marketing and a great name in the marketplace.”

“Kwik Kopy is a well recognised brand which is advantageous for our business. When interstate customers contact us they know they can expect a high standard of service and printing, so the brand promise carries through.”

Kwik Kopy Exhibition Street is also a member of one of Kwik Kopy Australia’s Performance Groups. Each Group has up to eight member franchisees that confer on a quarterly basis to benchmark financial performance against each other and the franchise network as a whole.

“In the benchmark group we are working on our business rather than in it, critiquing financials and setting goals. This facilities a mindset of continuous improvement,” said Robyn.

This drive for quality throughout Kwik Kopy Exhibition Street is recognised by loyal customers. Long term client Jenny Bastas of the Australian Universities Quality Agency said she finds Kwik Kopy Exhibition Street excellent to work with. “The whole team is great in terms of customer liaison. I’ve been using them since 2003 and have built a great understanding and rapport with both management and staff.”

“Their professionalism, fast turnaround time, and quality set them apart from others in the marketplace. They also provide sound advice when we need it, offering solutions for the best way to achieve our finished product.”

Robyn also highlighted the contribution Kwik Kopy Exhibition Street’s staff members have made to the award win. “Our staff members are an incredible support to us. This award is a team effort.” The Clarks have three full time staff members who have been with them for ten, six and three years respectively. “They are a great team,” she said. “Our efficiencies are due to the way our staff work – they are highly productive.”

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