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What are international paper sizes?

International Paper Sizes follow a standardised system of related sheet sizes, based on a series of three different sizes beginning with the letters A, B or C – all of the same proportions

A Series – The most commonly used series of sizes for general printed matter, stationery and posters.

4A01682 x 2378A4210 x 297
2A01189 x 1682A5148 x 210
A0841 x 1189A6105 x 148
A1594 x 841A774 x 105
A2420 x 594A852 x 74
A3297 x 420A937 x 52

B Series

B01000 x 1414B5176 x 250
B1707 x 1000B6125 x 177
B2500 x 707B788 x 125
B3353 x 500B862 x 88
B4250 x 353B944 x 62

C Series

C0917 x 1297C4229 x 324
C1648 x 917C5162 x 229
C2458 x 648C6114 x 162
C3324 x 458C781 x 114