TWITTERTwitter is a social networking website, where users post ‘micro-blogs’ known as ‘tweets’ which are short news updates of 140 characters or less. It’s no longer just for teens or celebrities who want to overshare every aspect of their lives. Twitter has in fact become a great way for businesses to communicate snippets of news and sales information to their buyers. 

Twitter is fast paced and figuring out what to tweet can definitely be tricky. However, its fast-paced nature means that your tweets and your business have the potential to go viral which means Twitter can be excellent for building your brand online.

Here are six top tips for anyone considering using Twitter as part of a social marketing strategy for their business.

You are what you tweet!

1. Business related Tweets

If you build a great relationship with your followers then you can definitely tweet about your business. But remember to maintain a ratio of 1:>10. This means whenever you tweet about your business you need to ensure you have sent out 10 other tweets that are purely about engagement with your followers.

2. Participation Tweets

If you want people to interact more or you’re hoping to gain recommendations for your business then you should try asking questions. Interaction is definitely a great tweet as it is about a two way conversation.

3. Personal Tweets  

Let people get to know you but don’t tweet about your whole day (very tedious!) Think of what inspires you and keeps you interested. Interesting facts about your line of work are good and quotes also work well because they are easy to connect your followers with.

4. Replies  

In today’s world, consumers do not like being ignored, particularly if it is a question or something else in relation to your company. ALWAYS reply as soon as you can.

5. Retweet

If you read something that interest you and you think it is something that is interesting to your followers or can benefit them then definitely make sure you retweet.

6. Something FUN can help people learn more about your business

Consider things that people will enjoy such as tweeting a twitpic of your business or consider a ‘daily pic’ of your business or customers. This is the type of thing people love to share.


So there you have it – six top TWEET recommendations for small business owners. If you have any other tips, why don’t you share them with our team at Kwik Kopy!