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Turning Your Office Green With Kwik Kopy

Increasing efficiency & minimising waste is key for an environmentally friendly office. Find out how to turn your office green with our latest blog!

It just seems to be the way that it is. No matter how advanced technology gets, how efficient computing becomes or how hard we try, getting a business completely away from using paper and wasteful procedures is incredibly difficult. It’s even more difficult for businesses that have direct contact with customers and rely on printed communications to offer their service.

Turning Your Office Green With Kwik KopyWhile moving away from paper altogether may be verging on impossible, making smart choices when it comes to your business’s day-to-day activities is much more achievable. This blog will outline the types of options available at Kwik Kopy for businesses that want to be friendlier to the environment from paper choices to daily routines.

Recycled Paper

At Kwik Kopy we offer a range of environmentally friendly paper stock options to choose from. Did you know certain recycled paper is more suited to particular projects than others? Cyclus Offset Recycled paper, for example, is manufactured from 100% recycled fibres and even the waste made during the production process is recycled. This quality paper is perfect for brochures, catalogues and office stationery and all at a competitive price.

Onyx is another product in our environmentally friendly paper range, which is also Australian made and recycled. Onyx paper is great for printing that requires high image quality as it offers a sharp, vibrant appearance. Annual reports, brochures and certificates, to name just a few, are perfectly suited to Onyx paper. Chat to a Kwik Kopy professional today or check out our paper stock guide to find an environmentally friendly paper option to suit your business.

Smarter Procedures

Increasing efficiency is a great way to not only benefit the environment but also save money, especially in the long run. Often day-to-day activities that are done simply as routine can be adapted to be more ‘green’. Washing dishes by hand rather than cycling a half-empty dishwasher, having a recycling bin option in the office and printing both sides of paper are easy, yet effective, ways to ensure your office is doing all it can to minimise waste.

Another option that is often overlooked by office managers is outsourcing your photocopying and printing needs. The majority of mistakes, paper jams and paper wastages occur in the office environments by people who aren’t necessarily familiar with printing in large volumes. At Kwik Kopy we can ensure 100% accuracy, first-class finishes and efficiency when it comes to your office large volume printing needs.

Work With Professionals

Increasing Office Sustainability TipsBy simply working with industry professionals is a great way to again minimise waste and increase efficiency. Designing effective printed materials that convey your message effectively and also remain relevant can be achieved through proper planning and advice. All too often businesses commission expensive and wasteful print runs that they either don’t need or aren’t designed properly and don’t fulfil their purpose. By talking to a Kwik Kopy professional today you can ensure your valuable business budget is being spent wisely and achieving the results you are hoping for.

At Kwik Kopy we also offer a Data Cleansing service that is a great way to tidy up your customer database before running print campaigns. This can ensure you are not doubling up on customer data and any mistakes are identified meaning your printed materials are reaching their intended audience.

Turning your business green requires a multifaceted approach, one that increases efficiency and can also minimise and eliminate waste. Talk to Kwik Kopy today about boosting your business’s environmental awareness.

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