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Trends In Web Development

Weds_trendsWebsite development continues to develop at a rapid pace, so it’s important for a small business to keep up-to-date with online trends. Let’s take a look at exactly what websites need to ‘be’ in 2014 to get the best results.

4 Trends in Web Development

Be a hero

2014 has seen the hero image replace the popular sliders of the previous year. The hero area of your homepage (i.e. the top part) is where your most important content should appear and it’s felt that sliders take up too much room in this area for you to really get your message across. So a growing trend is to now use a full page or full width image on your homepage that engages your site visitor and reinforces your brand by telling a pictorial story. Another popular idea is to use your hero image as a canvas on which text can be overlaid with key messages about your business.

Be responsive

Moving forward we expect every new web design or redesign to be responsive. It’s not so much a trend but a necessity when it comes to online communications. Responsive designs mean that whether it’s a PC, smartphone or tablet your site visitors choose to use, they will get the same user-friendly experience whatever their screen size or device.

Be single

With the increasing number of visitors choosing mobile devices to access your website, another popular trend is to use single page sites i.e. long scrolling pages or progressive loading of content. This lets people simply swipe their screen to move down the page rather than having to click from page to page. To get the best results you need to make sure you include a good mix of content, images and even video (if right for your business). It’s also a good idea to break up blocks of text into smaller sections to improve your site readability and to really deliver a user-friendly experience.

Be the right type

The current trend is for simple hand written font styles and large easy to read fonts with clean lines. Remember that too many different fonts can look messy and unappealing to the eye, but with the right typography you can definitely portray your brand personality and originality.

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