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Trends in Web Development

flat designWhen it comes to web development – flat design is really creating a buzz at the moment. It’s all about websites offering simplicity and visual clarity. Once upon a time, we needed visual cues to help us make sense of things in the digital world, but computers have come a long way and flat design gets rid of all the complexities of graphical user interface (GUI) including shadows, bevelled edges and gradients, making way for a much cleaner approach.

But before you look to integrate flat design into your site’s design you really have to work out if it is something that’s right for your business.

Here are 3 areas to focus on…

1. Products and Services

When deciding whether to embrace flat design for your site it’s important to think about what you’re selling. Flat design is a minimal design and if you have a site that sells common products and services then it could be perfect for your business. But if you need more detail (such as a business in health care, for example) then it may not be the best approach.

2. Site Visitors

You need to think carefully about the visitors to your website and what exactly they are going to respond to. For example, if your audience is older in age, they may not be as familiar with digital interfaces or may be a bit slower to pick up elements of your flat design.

3. Mobile-Friendly

One of the most appealing things about flat design is how well it fits into responsive web design. Grids can help show visual order and present a consistent and organised site – perfect for a company that needs to be mobile-friendly for customers and prospects on the go.

When you switch to a flatter design you can lose a lot of your content, so if your site can survive with a more minimalist approach then flat design could be the answer. Similarly, if mobile is an important part of your online strategy then flat design could be just what you (and your site visitors) have been looking for.

There is no question that everyone will appreciate a well-designed site, but for help deciding if flat design is right for your website and target market, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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