RememberedWhether you’re Richard Branson, Bill Gates or a small business owner in your local suburb – being memorable is essential to your success. After all, people aren’t going to buy from you or search for your business if they don’t remember anything about you.

But when you’re so busy in the day to day running of your business, what exactly do you have to do to make a lasting impression?

Follow these 3 simple steps to help you (and your business) be remembered…

Share a Common Bond

You’ll find that someone is far more likely to remember you if you have something in common. Make sure you look for this in your conversations – did you grow up in the same place, go to the same university, or have a significant event coming up? Don’t forget to make a note of this and reference it next time you see them.  People will remember someone who takes time to remember these facts and of course chances are they’ll like and trust you too!

Ask Plenty of Questions

Make sure you don’t spend all the time talking about yourself and how good you and/or your business are. People love to talk about themselves, so take the time to get to know all about someone and it will pay dividends in the future. Someone who shows consideration by asking thoughtful (preferably interesting!) questions is far more likely to create a memorable impression – and that has to be good for you and your business!

Find a Reason to Follow Up

People are never going to remember you if you don’t give them plenty of opportunities to do so. When you meet someone, make a point of getting their business card with their contact details and look for ways that you can follow up. Find out things they’re interested in so you can send an article you know they would enjoy – or it could be as simple as finding out which sporting team they follow and congratulating them when they have a win!

These three tips will help you become more memorable, and chances are people will be pleased to see you at your next networking event or hear from you when you make a call to that all important prospect.

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