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Things to Consider When Designing Your Packaging

packaging mainAs more and more brands push the boundaries of great product design it becomes increasingly important for businesses – and their products – to stand out from the crowd.

You see – great product packaging can capture the hearts and minds of your audience – and do amazing things for brand awareness.

But it’s a tricky area and there are some important things to consider…

5 Rules for Designing Product Packaging

Aim for Clarity

It might be your aim to completely blow your audience away with an impressive new design, but it’s much more important to be communicating about your product effectively. If your product were to end up in the wrong aisle in the supermarket would your customers still be able to easily tell what you’re selling?

Be Honest

Of course you want to portray the best possible version of your product on the product packaging, but make sure you’re being sincere. Otherwise you might get that initial sale, but you’ll lose your customers trust as soon as they open the packaging.

Think About Placement

Your packaging might look amazing sitting all alone on your desk, but how is it going to look lined up on a shelf with hundreds of competitors’ products on either side? Remember to take the final staging environment into account.

Aim for Expansion

Great design is often about forward-thinking and a great packaging design will always allow you to maintain brand consistency, while leaving room for variable products to be introduced into the line down the track.

Be Practical

The best products have a design that is not only exciting, but practical too. A giant jar of peanut butter seems like a great idea until you realise that you can’t get the peanut butter from the bottom without getting gunk all over your hands!

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