Inhouse printingHow many pages does your business print per day? How often do you stock up on your consumable printing supplies? If you’re like most businesses, you might be surprised that common industry estimates place printing costs between 1% and 3% of a business’s total revenue. It’s for this reason that outsourced printing is becoming a growing norm.

There are many reasons why outsourced printing has become the preferred mode for many businesses. When all your printing is done in-house, it is often distributed across different departments and different individuals, and usually multiple devices from multiple vendors with incompatible software and consumables. Such an uncoordinated environment can be extremely unmanageable, ineffective and costly. Outsourced printing can help you take control of the printing processes, saving you time and money.

Uncontrolled printing can also cause security issues. There’s no sure way of tracking how many copies of a document gets printed throughout a business – of these, how many copies might get discarded, or leave the office? In-house printing is a common cause of data leakage, not only because documents might fall into unauthorised hands; but also because many devices also store information independently to memory or hard disk. Outsourced printing and print management means you have full control of how many documents get printed, and where those documents go.

With the help of an outsourced printing professional, you can streamline and better control your business’s paper document workflow, meaning less wastage of supplies and time. Outsourcing your printing means you only pay for what you need, and you will actually increase productivity in your workers who now no longer have to manage and troubleshoot printing by themselves.

Despite the trend towards a paperless office, the reality is that we all need to print. That’s why a growing number of businesses are turning to another trend: outsourced printing. For more information of how outsourced printing might save your business time and money, speak to your local Kwik Kopy Centre.

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