As we just started the New Year, many businesses will be looking for innovative ways to capture the attention of customers and prospects. But what if we told you that one of the most powerful marketing tools is already at your finger tips – the humble business card! But gone are the days when the standard rectangular card was the only printing option available. These days there are all sorts of unique and creative business card printing options to showcase your business in both a professional and captivating way.

But never fear, your business card will still have your name and brand printed or engraved along with all your valuable contact information and company logo. It’s your business card’s job to let people know what you do and how people can get in touch with you. After all, your card is an important component of your overall business kit and important for creating a great first impression for your company and brand.

But in order for you to really pack a punch when it comes to promoting yourself and your business, it might just be time to think about a new and creative business card with that added creativity or special finishing touch.

Let’s take a closer look at some fantastic designs along with fresh takes on the business card that show you’re only ever limited by your imagination!

9 Business Cards to Inspire

1. Classic Rock Business Card

 business card design and printing

We begin our business card discovery in Italy with this groovy hair salon comb that uses the same principle as a musicbox comb and plays a classic rock theme when rubbed using your fingernail.

2. Techkeys


If you’re after a business card that lets you channel your inner geek, then check out this business card created by Techkeys that also doubles up as a computer keyboard. This PCB with on-board re-programmable ATMEGA16U2 allows for full flexibility for hackers, tinkerers, and makers. Definitely a business card aimed at impressing on a more innovative level.

3.Plumbing Business

print design of business cards

Your business card should immediately create a great first impression and let your customers and prospects know what you do. And that’s exactly what this plumbing firm manage to achieve. There is no doubting what this company does with their miniature plumber’s plunger complete with contact information.

4. Lego Business Card


Quite possibly the best business card idea ever! How cool would it be to go to work and present your own customised Lego mini figurine as your business card? This company tries to match each team member’s features to their Lego figure and name, contact number and email address are printed on each minifig’s clothes.

5. Cheese Grater Business Card

restaurant deli business card

Pure genius for Brazilian cheese store Bon Vivant to use a quirky business card design that doubles as a cheese grater to promote their business. The business card even comes complete with its own protective sleeve.

6. Picture Frame Business Card

unique business card designs

Keeping with the theme of ensuring your customers and prospects understand immediately what your business has to offer, this picture frame card is the perfect promotional tool for this picture framing and accessories business. Contact details are able to be clearly displayed on the edge of the cardboard frame and the business makes an impression with its innovative design.

7. Doodle Art

graphic design business printing

Business cards can be printed on a range of different materials to create the desired effect and promote the right image for your brand. Polish designer, Martyna Wędzicka opted for a clear canvas to enable her to add her own touches such as some clever doodle art and effectively convey her hands-on approach to projects and design.

8. Investment Company


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and nothing could be truer than this business card design for a Financial and Security Investment Representative. The double-sided card cleverly conveys expertise and effectively shows that you should buy stocks when prices are low and sell when prices are high.

9. Skateboard Business Card


These miniature skateboard business cards for American skateboard company Powell Peralta just can’t fail to make a great first impression. We are big fans of both the design and attention to detail in these business cards, where in true skateboard fashion the design is made of thin wood and features grip tape on one side surrounding a skull design. The only thing missing are the wheels – genius!


If your New Year’s resolution is to get your business noticed with a quality business card that stands out from the crowd, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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