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The 5 Worst Cliché Blog Topics

There’s a point during every bloggers (shelf) life where a combination of factors come together to drag creative capacity down and nothing brings a faster death to that precious bond you’ve worked hard to cultivate with your readers than a post about TGIF or worse yet, Why I Hate Mondays.

So, given that posting a themed, recycled piece can be the quickest way to lobotomise your followers, should you be feeling nervous? Chances are, if you have to ask, you’re at least teetering on the brink of snore town in your posts – and if this is the case, we have to ask: why do you bother?

The web is a creative, productive and mysterious place. Don’t imagine that your readers won’t find something better to do if they feel the itch… great blogs need to be fresh, innovative, inspired and current to gain a great following. If it’s the effort and deliberation that make your page popular, then of course, a boring post is going to be amongst the worst things you can possibly do for it, right?


Just realised you’re culpable? Just in case you’re not sure what’s overdone like a burnt Christmas turkey, we’ve put together 5 of the least inspiring and underwhelming post options out there.

1. How was your weekend/I Hate Mondays

What’s worse than asking your readers to parrot back their boredom to you? Making them remember Garfield. For the most part, your readers don’t need to know where you had breakfast yesterday or sympathise with you over the dreaded inbox.  Unless a) you duelled with a cockroach for your hash-brown or b) there was a death-adder sleeping on top of your inbox when you arrived this morning.

The Fix: Don’t do it, especially if your blog has nothing to do with weekends or breakfasts. Save this question for people you really don’t want to engage and connect with…

2. It’s ‘X’ days until Christmas

Are you a sadist? Only kids (who don’t read your blog, for that matter) care about how many days remain until Christmas. The rest of us are trying to forget how long we’ve got until Uncle Ray falls asleep in the punchbowl and you need to invest in a belt extension.

The Fix: Know what your blog readers probably want – to be distracted! Go forth and find a reason your readers don’t need to worry about Christmas. (Unless of course your blog is all things festive, in which case, go ahead and install that flashing countdown animation).


For who? And where do we go with this? If you really want to discuss the fact that you like Wednesdays, you’re going to need to re-load.

The Fix: Dig a bit deeper. Not only are there 6 other days in the week, there are billions of better topics than the one you’re making your readers suffer through.

4. It’s been ages since I posted anything, so:

WARNING! WARNING! You haven’t posted anything in weeks because you didn’t say anything that interesting last time. If you had, you’d be compelled to return sooner, right? The worst thing about this kind of post is that it’s often just a snore-worthy recount of movements that the writer feels obliged to share because a hole that big in their blog-wall looks bad. Did you hear us? IT LOOKS BAD!

The Fix: Reinvent your sinning ways in a comeback! Be the Madonna of bloggers and find a way to WOWSERISE your readers. O BORING BLOGGER, BE BRAVE.


Oh dear. Not only is the lead standard TGIF post dead boring, (insert cat with sunglasses in here) it’s also an insult to people who, if they weren’t working on a weekend, would not be looking at pictures of cats to celebrate their approaching 48 hours of freedom.

The Fix: Realise it’s still Thursday for a lot of people so they won’t be partying with cats. Then go and find a way to include them in your next post. “Example: Why TGIF is the end of the world.”

If your posts have veered too closely to any more than two of these themes, it’s really time to take a look at your levels of enthusiasm for what you want to write about. Here’s the straight stuff: BORED PEOPLE ARE BORING.

Perhaps it’s time to ask some tough questions. Get creative with your existing resources, or develop a new line of action? Don’t forget, your readers love feeling involved and part of the picture.

Here are three great ideas for injecting some authentic readership values into your posts:

  1. Why not interview one of your most active followers on your shared favourite subject? This is a great way to get readers really involved and a great way to practise your journalism skills. Don’t forget, it’s likely your interviewee will invite their readers to your very worthwhile interview post as well. (Hello, new followers.)
  1. Look for a brand new news source. A recommended site or a news source that does things differently or anything that will mix up your current affairs stream.
  1. Stuck in Rome too long? How do they do what you love to do in other countries? What’s different, unusual, or challenging about that? Would your readers like to try/experience it? Remember, interesting people are INTERESTED. Ergo, ask questions, gain followers, and get popular.

There are plenty of ways you can refresh your posts to invigorate your readers and keep them hanging on. In the same way you wouldn’t use a cheap trick (would you?) to fox your reader into consuming a piece you knew wasn’t worth it. You wouldn’t expect them to bite down on a post that was inevitably and obviously boring we hope. So, before you hit the ‘Publish’ button, reconsider the damage a boring post can do. You’ve worked hard for your readers and they deserve something better from you. Don’t let the team down!

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