TwitterholidaySocial media is a great way to reach a large number of people quickly and the holiday season is the perfect time to create a buzz around your brand.

Facebook posts, Instagram and YouTube can all be used to build anticipation, create excitement and add a sense of urgency around your holiday season promotions.

Facebook Holiday Season Marketing Ideas

  • Facebook is perfect for running competitions throughout the festive season. Giveaways create great brand exposure and generate buzz around your products and services.
  • Themed daily prize giveaways are always popular (e.g. 12 Days of Christmas) to encourage fans to visit your business Facebook page daily to enter.
  • Make sure you design your promotions to be shared by users so that you get the widest reach possible.
  • Encourage competition entrants to post or tweet as the more their involved and sharing, the more others will participate.

Twitter Holiday Season Marketing Ideas

  • Consider creating your own Twitter hashtag for bringing your target audience together (e.g. #businessnamechristmaspromotion).
  • Get people talking about their holiday purchases and activities or sharing festive tips. Start discussions with leading questions such as – “what do you prefer – cold lunch or a roast on Christmas day?”
  • Make sure you have a share on Twitter tab on your content and product pages so people can retweet about you and track mentions about your products or services.
  • Include a unique hashtag and retweet tips anyone else posts using this hashtag.

YouTube Holiday Season Marketing Ideas

  • Give your business YouTube audience great tips and hints for getting the best out of the holiday season. Film things that are relevant to your line of business (e.g. food and drink recipes are perfect if you’re in hospitality, or if you’re a technology company why not film a demo of all the hot tech gadgets on people’s Christmas wish list)
  • Get your audience to vote or create online polls to track how helpful your holiday tips were.
  • Invite your target market to film fun things e.g. their favourite holiday recipe, worst gift they’ve ever received etc. and have them link to your YouTube channel.
  • Create a fun YouTube campaign that includes hidden seasonal offer codes. Let your target audience know there’s a hidden discount code appearing in the video. This will not only make people want to view your YouTube clips but encourage them to share it too!

For help planning the perfect holiday season social media campaign, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.